Last Wednesday..

Last Wednesday after the smoke from Jams cleared, I went and hung out with Christopher Torrola. At his sisters place I ran into and talked to a former member of the Mulleteers who says he knows all the farm crew. His name was Ben Swanson. Pretty nice guy.

New and Sort of Improved..

Made some changes to my blog to make it a little better. I added a new way of commenting so you don't have to log in everytime. It's similar to the commenting style on Peets page. I also added links in the sidebar to Blogs that I visit often and are approved by myself. Also, if you look below I've added the First Annual Future Rhythm Music Awards, and a couple pictures from when I went Deer Hunting for the first time. Hope you enjoy!

The First Annual Future Rhythm 2004 Music Awards...

I was bored tonight so I decided to put together my websites first annual music awards. All winners reflect the opinion of me, myself and I so don't get mad if you don't agree..

Album of the Year
-"Musicology" by Prince

This album was a total smash. Was in the top 10 forever, and created controversy with the new video "Cinnamon Girl".

Best Rock Album
"Rubber Factory" by The Black Keys

This album is a bluesy, rock, funk opus that I can play from start to finish.

Best R&B/Soul Album
"Comfort Woman" by Meshell N'Degeocello

I think Meshell is one of the most underrated musicians and songwriters ever. This album had a spaced out reggae funk vibe that had me grooving all last February. Her show at the Quest even blew my mind with a funked out cover of "Pimpers Paradise" by Bob Marley.

Best album re-issue of the year
"Critical Beatdown" Ultramagnetic MC's

I was leaning towards "The Kings of Disco" but this reissue contains 5 bonus tracks from the 12 inch singles, it's digitally remastered and sounds excellent! Also has great linear notes with interviews and photos of all the original members.

Best Box Set of the year
"Five Guys Walk Into A Bar" Faces

Unreleased live, studio cuts and bsides included on this four disc collection of the most underrated rock band ever!

Best Hip Hop Album
"The Grind Date" De La Soul

This was a hard one. I thought about "The New Danger" by Mos Def but this last week i've been playing "The Grind Date" non-stop! I don't think De La Soul has ever dissapointed me with any of their releases. "Church" is on constant repeat.

Best Live Show
TIE! Prince "The Musicology 2004ever Tour/Paisley Park aftershows" & Paul Westerberg live at the Pantages Theatre.

I had to make this one a tie! The Prince show at the Xcel center was fantastic. 5th row seats, songs I haven't heard him play live like "D.M.S.R.", "Call My Name", a cover of Zepplins "Whole Lotta Love". The acoustic portion of the show was unbelievable with just Prince on a stool with his guitar playing "Little Red Corvette", "Sweet Thing", and "I could never take the place of your man". The aftershows at Paisley Park were even more exciting with Prince playing another three hour set there! The final night at Paisley Park he did an encore of "Purple Rain" and "Adore"!

I just got into Paul Westerberg and The Replacements last year thanks to my roomate Natzel. Paul has one of the most distinct voices in rock n' roll and I didnt' know what to expect since they said he hadn't toured with a band for 8 years. He blew the roof of of the Pantages. Playing my favorites like "Alex Chilton", "On The Bus", "Crackle and Drag", "Can't Hardly Wait" and an encore of "MPLS" singing his vocals through his harmonica mic. He sounded like he didn't lose a thing in those 8 years.

Honorable mention goes to Chris Robinson and The New Earth Mud at the Quest.

Best Music DVD Release
The Diary of Prince Paul

This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life. Prince Paul was responsible for production on the first three De La Soul albums, he was a member of Stetsasonic, and is currently part of Handsome Boy Modeling School to name a few of his accomplishments. This diary was supposed to air on MTV but they decided to shelve it. Just one watch will tell you why.

Worst Thing About Music in 2004

I don't think a day went by this year where I would be at work, at a club, or just turning the radio on in my car and I would hear an Usher song at least 4 or 5 times. Sometimes at work I would hear the same song on the same station twice within an hour. In my opinion there is not anything exciting or groundbreaking about Ushers music and hopefully it will fade away soon! Kudos to KMOJ here in Minneapolis for using the advertising slogan "YOUR USHER AND R.KELLY FREE R&B STATION!"

What I"m Looking Foreward To In 2005
"Mmm Food" by MF Doom and "Cantneverdidnothin'" by Nikka Costa

"Mmm Food" is MF Dooms follow up to "Operation Doomsday". MF Doom is one of the most underrated hip hop producers and lyricists out right now and this should be a great album. MF Doom used to be Zev Luv X of KMD (Third rapper on "The Gas Face" by 3rd Bass.)

I've heard the new Nikka Costa single and it is totally funky! She said she's going for a more rock/funk sound on this album and it totally does sound like that.

More deerhunting party fun...

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

This is me on the porch of my uncle and fathers cabin having way to much fun.


Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


Live From Thanksgiving...

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

My father and I are having beers and we have bumped nothing but Paul Westerberg, Rolling Stones, and the Alfie soundtrack!!!! Good times. The picture above is from one of the deerhunting parties my dad and my uncle threw! Wooooooooo!



Does anybody work tommorow? Might be a good night to grab a beer?
Call me.

Attack of The Clones,,,,

Well I thought there would never be another sequal, but it sounds like it's going to happen. The Farm Crew is going to make a St. Clone trip for the second straight year. Why do I call St.Cloud St. Clone? Well it all started after I left St. Cloud State and started going to school down here, I'd make a trip up every year to see a couple friends of mine who still went there. Everytime I would return, we'd go to a bar and no lie every dood in the bar had on a Ambercrombie turtleneck sweater, a shell necklace, white khaki's, and a flipped upside down visor. One time we saw a group of friends who had that same outfit on but different color sweaters! NO LIE! So it became St. clone and that is why we must invade it and show those suckers how it's done. That and roadtrips and hotel stays are always the jam. Plus the Red Carpet dancefloor has been known to hop.



Another weird thanksgiving coming up. Last year due to my work schedule I had to stay home while my parents went to my grandparents. This year, due to mine and my fathers work schedule we are both staying home and my mother is going to my grandparents. Have no idea what me and my pop are going to do. He mentioned Barnacle Bills for beers.


Like a Rolling Stone....

I've come to hate Rolling Stone magazine in the last couple years. I think they should add the word TEEN to the title, but somehow I still pick it up at the bookstore and look through it to see what reviews I can get pissed off about. The new issue has the supposed 500 greatest Rock N' Roll songs of all time. Prince ended up with 6 (Seven if you coun't "Nothing Compares 2 U") More then M.J. or Madonna which he should have.

52 When Doves Cry
108 Little Red Corvette
143 Purple Rain
212 1999
299 Sign O’ the Times
461 Kiss


My only weapon is my pen and the frame of mind i'm in..what I bang my flesh on everyday..all relfects in what I say..I"m a songwriter..a poet..

The picture on the left that used to be me is now a picture of one of the greatest musicians, songwriters, and performers of all time..SLY (Sylvester Stewart) STONE. I found this picture and thought to myself, Sly was one of the coolest mf's on the planet and still is. Many people think he's dead but he's not. I think a movie should be made about his life it is so interesting and bizzare. He made some of the most uplifting and powerful songs in his early career. "Everyday People", "Stand", "Everybody Is a Star", "You can Make it if you try". Then after making one of the greatest albums of all time "Stand", he hit his fans with something that would blow their minds.."There's a Riot Goin' On". The album was slow with murky drum beats with Sly mumbling most of the words and a totally revamped thank you retitled "Thank You For Talking To Me Africa". Larry Graham and others have commented that nobody really knows who played on that album. There's a rumor Miles Davis is on it. Larry said that the family stone is barley on it and it's mostly Sly and anybody who stopped by his house when he recorded it. During this time Sly supposedly got heavy into drugs and got notorious for not showing up for concerts. Sly then released a series of similar style albums mostly done by himself and then was never heard from for years. He dissapeared only showing up to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame induction where he said about two words. A couple years ago, a Sly superfan named Jonathan Dakass who ran the unofficial Sly website got a call at like 3 in the morning from Sly himself who said he dug that somebody made a website about him and invited him to come hang at his house. Mr. Dakass wrote an article on the experience for Rolling Stone a couple years ago that you can find on the Rolling Stone website. The article talks about how Sly has thousands of songs that he has recorded at his home but he's too afraid to relase them because he's afraid the public will reject them. And he never leaves his house. Whats even more bizzare then that is a few months after the article was printed, Jonathan Dakass's Sly Stone site dissapeared and nobody heard from him again. I hope one day that Sly releases the music he has been recording because he is truely one of the greatest songwriters of all time.



Last Night a DJ Saved my Life...

Last night was interesting. We showed up at the Triple Rock an hour before the show to be greeted by a sign on the door that said "SOLD OUT: DONT EVEN ASK!". So we got a tip from the G Unit that everybody was going to Lyon's Pub! Had a pretty good time. Got the usuall don't even show your i.d. welcome at the door. Our waitress was the one Jeff Hill talked to awhile back and she saw me and said.."Uh Oh..I know you!" Somehow I talked the dj into playing a Time song and he played "The Stick" from the first one. That was a surprise. And when Amber asked for Prince for me he played "Delirious"? The only two people on the dancefloor were me and jbird. Speaking of Jbird he puked on his pants. After the Lyon's Pub everybody hopped into Ambers car and we had a late night dance party at the house. I think the weirdest thing that happened here was when Natzel was dancing with a Midevil Times crown on and when they made a hat out of a empty 24 pack and put it on a passed out JBird.

An interesting story I heard this morning......Ando and his new lady met us at the Lyon's Pub and I noticed she had quite a few drinks. Found out this morning that she puked in his Jaguar and on his sheets. Heh Heh.


Musicology 101...

I have found it funny as I look back on my journey through the funk. Anyone who knows me knows that FUNK music is my passion and a giant chunk of my life. I think back to when I first got into funk music was when I was in Junior High and I was really digging the song "You Gots To Chill" by EPMD and I always wondered where the beat came from. After doing a little asking around and research I found out that it was "More Bounce To The Ounce" by Zapp. I then did that for a lot of my favorite songs at the time and found "Dazz" by Brick and "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton. I find it funny that since that time I have studied a new direction in funk music every couple of years. I kind of made a map of my journey through funk...

1990-92: The Basics. Discovered Parliament/Funkadelic, James Brown, Sly Stone, Ohio Players, Zapp, Average White Band, Brick/Dazz Band.

1993-96: Deeper. Discovered Slave, Jesse Johnson solo albums, Headhunters, Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame..all i can remember.

96-99: Got into Deep Funk. Eddie Bo, The Meters, Sugar Bill Garner, peoples like that. Deep funk is more raw. They say they used to plug in a wah wah pedal and not use it to give their guitar a raw type of sound.

2000-2003: Got into the Barley Breaking Even label. Discovered 70's and 80's funk I never knew existed and was out of print. People like Keb Darge

2004-?: Got into Underground Disco. Underground Disco is so different from popular disco. Underground Disco was played in the underground disco clubs of NYC and was more funky and more soulful then the poppy disco like Donna Summer and the BEE GEES. Some great Underground Disco songs are "Cirgi" by Material, "liquid liquid" by Cavern (white lines sample), and a guilty pleasure "Macho City" by the Steve Miller Band.

There are so many limbs on the tree of funk. One could argue that there could be a hiphop/funk genere that I would put in The Coup and The roots (Live). All I know is I love the funk.

Disclaimer: Prince was not mentioned above cuz everybody knows why.

I know what people say...they say i'm a starstruck little fool...

I have a new hip hop alias. I have gone by Professor Showstopper, PSizzle, ChristianK.(to go waaaaay back)..but now.......

My new hip hop alias is...

Creeqo Vallencio

Pronounced Creek O

thank you.


I got into Bunkers to see G.B. Leighton for free and you didn't...

Well I finally recieved my copy of Handsome Boy Modeling School and I am impressed. I am digging the whole album but my favorite song has to be "If It Wasn't For You" w/ De La Soul and Starchild Xcaliber. As a bounus for preordering, they sent me a dvd of the Diary of Prince Paul that was supposed to air on MTV but never did. After watching I can see why. It is basically a middle finger to today's hiphop. Kind of what his last album "Politics of Business" was. I think most MTV viewers that listen to Eminem, Jessica Simpson and all that garbage would be wondering what the hell was going on if they ever saw this. You can tell most of it is acting, but not bad acting. Highlights include:

-Paul deciding weather to take his PT Crusier, Dodge Neon, or Benz out for the day.

-Pauls album instore where the whole time only one kid comes up to the table and asks who he is and doesn't want an autograph cuz he's never heard of Prince Paul.

-Prince Paul's friend Buster Bust claiming Busta Rhymes is a bitch who doesn't know how to spell and thats why his name is better.

-Prince Paul and MC Paul Barman taking choreography lessons for the tour from a gigantic warewolf looking man named Creeqo Valincio.

-Since theres spots inbetween for commercials Prince Paul made his own for the dvd to play between the Diary. One for a PT Crusier where a man who owns it dreams of making love to it while it's going through the Carwash and a commercial for Miller Lite (Pauls friend Busters drink of choice) where tons of ladies surround Buster. He asks for a straw from the bartender and at the end of the commerical it says: "Miller Lite...Drink it with a straw bitch!"

On another note, went with Travis to Bunker's and Mel's Beauty Bar last night. I can't believe I had never been to Mel's before. That place has a very cool and dark atmosphere sort of like The Lounge. They had a DJ on the ones and twos who spun Common, Mos Def, old school M.J. etc. I will be back.

Puff Daddy did not invent the remix...

I don't know how this no talent came up with that idea but some of you may be too young to remember but there was a group called De La Soul back in 89 who had about 10 remix's of their songs on vinyl. They released a remastered version of "3 feet high and rising" with a bonus disc of remix's that came out back then. Puff daddy only did one good remix and it was of Craig Macks "Flavor in Your Ear" which included B.I.G.'s verse that said "Aggin's get mad I get more butt's then ashtrays".

bill clinton was a wasted vote....

Since I've had a few....Here is a sample from my book of poetry.....

Women. by christian r. abrahamson...

Like an oracle
She despensed many usefull qualifications..
that deemed a male worthy..
But yet she only settles for plastic
While the one, is just a kiss away.


Do The Steve Milla.....

Thanks to a link on a friends page, I found out the older lady that miller danced with on his bday has her own webpage. check it out.....


Handsome Boy Modeling School....

Well, everybody keeps telling me how good the new Handsome Boy Modeling School album is, but I still don't have it. hiphopsite.com told me that they shipped it today. Exactly one week after it came out! It's kind of a good/bad feeling at the same time. When you pre order from them, they send you a bunch of extra stuff, but at the same time I want to hear it now. That prince paul dvd that comes with it better be good.

Little Silver Heart.....

Another weekend coming up, another concert. This weekend I'm going to go see Lucero at the Triple Rock. For those that don't know, Lucero is a band that me and Natz saw open for the Mississippi All Stars a couple years ago. Rolling Stone called their lastest album "The Country album The Replacements never made". They have a really raw alt-country type of sound. If that sounds like something you would like, check out www.lucerofamily.net for some mp3 samples and such.



Went to Mayslacks to see Hookers and Blow for Millers bday last night. Great Great time! Ended up going around mingling and met a lot of people. I danced with a lady who introduced me to her husband who I apologized to, but he said he lets cool people dance with his wife. Met a girl who knows Graham Johnson from High school. Met a couple friends of Millers that I hadn't met before. One of them had some weird pigtail type of thing going on so I lightly grabbed one from the back and she gave me the nastiest purple nurple I have ever had in my life. She then said if I do it again she's going lower. Then I met her friend and when I asked her what she does for a living she wouldn't tell me. So after agging her on for about 5 minutes she told me she was a dominatrix and had a dungeon in her basement with chains and things. That was the last I talked to her the whole night. Band was fantastic. They did my favorite cover that they do which is "Soft and Wet" by Prince. The cover of the Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" was totally unexpected and cool. Ended up hitting Denny's up after and then went to Millers to listen to some 45's on his jubebox. Great time!


The Steve Miller Band sang "Macho City"..

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

The picture above is of my friend Steve Miller. Today is the anniversary of his birthday. I was reading on other blogs of interest Steve Miller stories about how people grew up with him or met him, etc. The truth is, I don't really remember how I started hanging out with Steve Miller. He worked at the Farm like I did and that is where I met him. This year for Steve's Birthday we are going to see Hookers & Blow play at Mayslacks in N.E. All I know is that it will be a great time. Steve...today is your day.

p.s. Just got back from the hunting trip. I got some pretty good stories but i'm waiting for my pop to email me the pictures he took of me and everybody. I'll post about it as soon as I get those.


Hey Pally...How bout another scotch and a sing..

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

Well, it's Tuesday and I have one more day of work untill an interesting weekend starts. So I thought I'd have a long post of stuff going on in the next few days and on the first of the year for that matter...

I'm going to Island Lake, MN to meet my father and uncle who are deer hunting at the moment. Since I am a city kid through and through I didn't get a deer license, but I will probably shoot the rifles at targets up there.

It's Steve Miller's anniversary of his birthday on Friday and I am curious to see what he has planned. Last year was pretty fun, but I have no idea what he has planned for this year. Should be fun.

I have come to a desicison recently. I have decided to become a vegetarian again...AND NO IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF VEGAN CATERER. I will still eat fish, but I am going to stop eating cheese and milk products. Back to Soy cheese and milk. I will start this on January 2nd 2005. I am doing this for the same reason I had done it before. For discipline and to eat healthier. I am sick of eating fast food every f'n day. Also, I went to the handsomeboy modeling school official site..www.handsomeboymodelingschool.com and they have a section where you can post a picture and sign up for a makeover. I did. the picture above is the one I used.. check me out at handsomeboymodelingschool.com

that is all for now. See you Friday.


Oh my God I might have just seen a preview for what could be my favorite movie ever. The Star Wars Episode III trailor is up for viewing at starwars.com. This movie looks like it could be the darkest of all 6 of them. Thats kind of what I liked about Empire Strikes Back was how it ended on a sad note. The part in the preview when the screen turns to black and you hear the Sith master say Lord Vader....Vader: Yes Master....Sith Master: RISE! Then it pans to Annkin Skywalker in the Darth Vader garb strapped to a operating table and he starts doing the breathing! The it pans to Obi-Won getting choked by Vader! Preview also shows Chewbacca and all his wookie people and Yoda pulling out the saber again! I love me some Star Wars.

I know I'm going to get so much sh*t for this post, but I don't care.


Talking about a Roadhouse Garden..

I was making a Prince mix for a couple friends of mine and I came across this disc I haven't heard for awhile which is a Prince show at First Ave. from 84 after Purple Rain came out. Two of the songs he plays are unreleased songs called "Our Destiny" and "Roadhouse Garden". In 1999 Prince teased his fans by saying he was going to release an album called "Roadhouse Garden" that was supposed to come out after "Purple Rain" but Warner Brothers wouldn't let him put it out. Then a few months later he told Kurt Warner it was on the backburner because he wants Wendy & Lisa to be a part of it. So far I've heard 5 songs from it and it will be a great album if it ever sees the light of day. "Roadhouse Garden" would be a straight up classic in my opinion. The songs kind of sound like a mix of "Around The World in a Day" and "Purple Rain". So you can tell it's from that period.


Professor....Whats another word for pirate treasure?

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

Well, last night could have been in the top 5 most fun nights of my life. Started out by going to see Paul Westerberg at the Pantages with Natz. Unbelievable show! Michael Bland was the drummer and the whole band was great. Played cuts like "Can't Hardly Wait", "Crackle and Drag", and "You're Making me Go". The hightlight for me was "Alex Chilton". He sounded like he never stopped touring. One of the funny moments was when Paul said he couldn't call his band the Painkillers anymore because somebody from bumfu*k Minnesota said they allready had a band with that name. He then called his band Paul Westerberg and his only friends.

From there we went to Gasthoffs in N.E. Minneapolis which was one of the best times i've ever had at a bar. Almost everybody I knew was there and I met a new friend. Ordered a drink called a "Tied To The Bedpost" which was quite intoxicating.

The picture above was from our Halloween party. I got my pictures developed today and they turned out great! I will try to post more this week.

Lastly, please check out Travis's new site........http://ilaughwhenicrap.blogspot.com



ME NATZEL The G Unit, and a cast of others will be at Gastoffs bar in N.E. MPLS at 11pm...come if your interested...


Musicology wins it's first award...

Prince will be getting his first award of many at the Billboard Music Awards....

From Billboard.com

Prince gets Top Draw Award at Backstage Pass Awards

Prince's Musicology tour will be named as the top draw, in the award for attendance. Prince's total of 1.47 million tickets sold topped that of all other artists. The tour was routed, produced and promoted by AEG Live subsidiary Concerts West.

Birthdays and such...

I noticed a commment that asked why I said "Anniversary of my Birthday" on my last post and NO It is not a Prince inspired Jehovah's Witness thing. If you go to watchtower.org you will see that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Birthdays because they believe the early Christians didn't and in their Bible the only Birthday celebrated is the Birth of Jesus.

I say Anniversary of Birthday because of some research I've done and because of a couple other things. First, we only have one DAY OF BIRTH in life which is our BIRTHDAY. Second, in times that took place thousands of years ago, they did not use the same calendar we use today. If you look at the months you will notice that Julius Ceaser added July for himself and other philosiphors and so called kings added months to celebrate themselves. So if I lived in those times I could be maybe 60 years old right now. And back in the times of the Bible being 100 years old could have been like being 17. Knowing this, it makes no sense to celebrate a "Birthday" because again we only have one in life. Instead I have decided to just celebrate my appearance on earth as of the anniversary of my day of birth. And as a disclaimer, I don't believe everyone should think the way I do and if you want to call it a birthday or whatever, right on. That's just what I think.

I probably sound like a wacko now, but it's not any of us haven't before.

South Park...

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

Inspired by my friend Kat from Sweden I went to a thingy online that lets you create a South Park character of yourself. This is me if I ever guest star.


Originally uploaded by funkymf.

This is another summer picture from the summer that just past. This was taken at my homeboy Steve Millers cabin when all of us from work went up to Garrison, MN. The three in the back from left are Natrix, Me, Jeff Hill. The man on the couch is Jake. Notice the Grain Belt Premium can on the counter. This was taken after a long day of sitting on the dock, swimming, shooting the sh*t in lawnchairs, and drinking a cool 6. I think "Lets Groove" by Earth Wind & Fire was on the stereo. God, I want it to be summer again!

Also, Me, Jeff Hill, Steve Miller and our crew chief Taylor went to Jams in Brooklyn Center after work again. Another night of drinking some beers and jive talking. All was good untill the boss bought us a round of a shot called a "Red Headed Slut" which consists of Jagermeister, Cranberry juice, and peach Schnops! They were playing some good jams until some uneducated music people requested every top 40 hip hop hit ever.

Also, Everybody who knows me take Dec. 18th and 19th off because for the anniversary of my birthday we are going to see Hookers & Blow (70's and 80's funk/rock cover band) at the Fine Line in Minnapolis. Will indeed be the best time ever!



Fun With Hypnotic....

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

If you don't know, Hypnotic is supposedly the new Crystal in Hip Hop. In a lot of horrible hip hop videos you can see people holding bottles of it, pouring it on groupies, or spitting it at their rivals. My roomate bought a bottle of it awhile back and we thought we'd take some Hypnotic pictures ourselves. The picture above is my roomate Natzel pouring Hypnotic on my other roomates head to wake him up from his 19 hour nap and also to show him that he is straight hip hop.

More Hypnotic Fun....

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

This is me doing my pose with the Hypnotic bottle. Nothing makes you more hip hop then a bottle of Hypnotic.


Went to Cheapo Records in Fridley last night and sold some cd's that I haven't played in awhile. Ended up making some doe and picked up "Thickfreakness" by The Black Keys. I can't get enough of them lately. I'm hooked on the lead singers voice. Very soulful! Also, I can play the two albums I have of theirs straight through.

Future Rhythm Reviews
The Black Keys

Thickfreakness ****
Rubber Factory ***1/2

based on a 5 star rating system


Prince is concerned about your wallet...

This was posted on the npgmusicclub today, thought it was kind of interesting.....

The in4mation below was compiled by an independent research firm and published in an article about CD prices.

on a $15.99 CD:

$0.17 Musicians' unions
$0.80 Packaging/manufacturing
$0.82 Publishing royalties
$0.80 Retail profit
$0.90 Distribution
$1.60 Artists' royalties
$1.70 Label profit
$2.40 Marketing/promotion
$2.91 Label overhead
$3.89 Retail overhead

seem unbalanced?

It is pretty interesting that the artist only gets 1.60.

Sad news about a purple landmark...

First Avenue nightclub closes
Famed Minneapolis rock club First Avenue closed suddenly Tuesday.

The club has been the subject of a management dispute for some time, but the message on the club phone appears to show the staff were caught unawares.

"Hi. Thanks for calling First Avenue and the 7th Street Entry. As of right now, we are closed due to bankruptcy. Hopefully, we will be up and running soonish. There will be ticket refunds, I believe. So we are very sorry to anyone who bought tickets who were coming to the club for any reason," the message said.

Staff members say owner Alan Fingerhut declared bankruptcy. All staff were handed pink slips and the building padlocked. Last week, a court settlement seemed set to transfer control of the club to former manager Steve McClellan, who Fingerhut fired earlier this year.

Handsome boy....

I preordered my copy of Handsome Boy Modeling Schools "White People" from hiphopsite.com! I urge all fans of the group to pre-order it from them because you get a free Prince Paul dvd with every pre-order. I'm really curious as to how this one is going to sound with guest stars like Hall & Oates. I'm looking foreward to "Rock N' Roll Could Never Hip Hop Like This Pt. 2" featuring some older dj's. Nice to see De La Soul is on it too. I think that's what I love about Prince Paul and the Automator though is that they're always expanding the realms of hip hop music.

Nov. 4th.

It's time for new direction
It's time for jazz to die
4th day of November
We need a purple high.

Come on man throw a party like you did in 98. I know you said that for a reason.

Ain't No Future In Your Frontin'...

Well, the election is over and America spoke. I know I'm going to have a lot of angry friends when I see them again and also a very very angry mother. I think the things I don't like about Bush outweigh the things I do like about him, but I'm still going to support the fact that he is my President. See you in 2008 mf's.


U can dance if you want to...All the critics love u in New York

Well, hope to see all of you that are voting at the polls tommrow. I know we've all head some heated discussions on this site and at various places, but that's probably a good thing. I for one will be voting at my old elementry school, Evergreen Park. Everytime I vote I go back to that place and some teacher comes up and says I look familar. It's also the only place I think I can go now and feel tall.

I watched the newest South Park where everybody in town had to vote for the new school mascot. The choices were "A Giant Douche" or "A Turd Sandwich". Stan doesn't really want to vote because everyone keeps pressuring him to and P.Diddy threatens to shoot him if he doesn't. What I thought was kind of funny and true at the same time is that at the end Stan realizes that the only choices we'll ever have for President is "A giant douche" and "A Turd Sandwich", and you know what, that's probably true.

Oh Well. I'll be at Evergreen Park at 7am tommorow and don't forget to vote for Lance everybody!

I'm going to see Paul Westerberg this Friday and Michael Bland from the old New Power Generation is his drummer and it's going to be a fantastic show.

That's about it for now.