First Ave.

VIP Room



7 or 3 dollars

Supposed to be a lot of rare remixes played.


I know you got soul.....if you didn't you wouldn't be in here...

I don't know how we did it, but me and JBird (Jason Christian) turned the biggest dump faux club in Brooklyn Center (Jams Nightclub) into the biggest party of the weekend. We tore the frigging dancefloor up so hard from "Jungle Love" by The Time to "Joy and Pain" by Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock. There was a point where we got 10 women to form a circle with us and took turns calling a new person into the middle to show everybody what they got for moves. We even pulled a Kid N Play foot dance out at once point and a couple of chilli sauces! I have decided that we are the charter members of the S.T.D.'s (Super Terrific Dancers Crew).

Looking foreward to next Friday for the second NPGMUSICCLUB party.

Looking foreward to The Barstool Open Feb. 11th now that Lady and The Tramps have registered. (that's our team)

I have been bumping "Make Up" by Vanity 6 since 6pm last night. Way to funky/dirty song. Why this album ain't popular on the electro-funk circuit is beyond me.

If any DJ's or Bar Owners read this page, why can't you just have one night where you play 80's and 90's electro funk? Just one funkin' night man? I know you have your watered down funk nights where you play "Celebration" by Kool and The Gang , "Flashlight" by Parliament, and funky stuff everybody and there mamma has heard at whatever meat market crap hole bar every mediocre trendy bitch has been to? But come on! Experiment a little! In England BBE records throws deep funk nights all the time at clubs. Maybe I'll have to look into what it would cost to throw something like this and promote it?

A quote to go with this..
"Nobody 's into your music but yourself kid." - Bill Sparks to Prince in "Purple Rain"

A question...

Would you sell your soul or contradict yourself to get into a V.I.P. room?


Drive Me Wild..Come On Baby Drive Me Wild...

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Holy crap! I found the out of print Vanity 6 album on cd for 22 bucks! Just bought it! This cd usually goes for about 80 bucks used wherever you look! What a find!


1. Nasty Girl
2. Wet Dream
3. Drive Me Wild
4. He's So Dull
5. If a Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
6. Make-Up
7. Bite the Beat
8. 3 X 2 = 6

Let's Pretend We're Married And Do It All Night...

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PRINCE and The New Power Generation will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live February 4th 2006! The host is Steve Martin.

It will be interesting to see if he shows up in any skits especially with that new Prince show skit they always do. Get your TIVO's ready!


She's Like The Wind.....

This may be the anti-christ of hip hop. After I read this story, I kept waiting to see that it was a complete joke at the end, but I didn't.



My feelings off ya made me untouchable for life and you wasn't polite...

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Our DSL modem croaked and we needed to wait for a new one in the mail.

Last weekend was pretty cool and laid back. Just went to dinner on Friday night with a friend. Saturday, my friends April, Kate, and Aprils brother came over to the house to hang out. April's brother brought his turntables, mixer and records and I pulled out my boxes of vinyl. We cut and scratched to the early dawn. My favorite jam was "Fishnet (LA Glam Mix)" by Morris Day.

I am on a 3 man/1 lady team for the Barstool Open Mini Golf Tourney on February 11th! Signing up this weekend! Will be a crazy time with 10 holes of Golf at 10 different bars and a giant afterparty to follow! Starts at 11:30am and goes till bar close. I might need to be stuck in a cab with a 20 dollar bill in my shirt by the sounds of it. All this shannanagins benefits local charities too.



See you at First Ave. on Jan. 27th. In the words of Alex Steel....."Ill BE THEREEEE!!"


Mr.Pibb & Red Vines Equals Crazy Delicious...


The link above could be one of the funniest things I"ve seen in awhile. It's Chris Parnell and some other dood doing The Chronicles of Narnia Rap. When I first saw the title I thought it was going to be stupid but I actually laughed out loud while watching it this morning. I think the fact that they looked so pissed rapping about The Chronicles of Narnia made it much more hillarious.

In other news...

Digital Underground will be live at Escape Ultra Lounge Feb. 18th. I'll be there.


Want You To Burn Me Baby and Cover Your Eyes With My Ashes...

What's been going down......

-My grandfather died on Saturday R.I.P. Rudie Baack

-I've been banned from ever staying in a Grandstay Suites Hotel in the Continental United States. Now I feel like a rock star.

-I've been staying by myself in a different location for the last 3 days so don't think I died or something.

-I lost 5 lbs. in a week.

-I can't wait for the weekend.

-I've been reading the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth lately and I found a passage that says to judge others is totally wrong, but three pages later I found a passage that says if you see someone sinning, you should put them down for it? What's the deal with that? The Church Of The Final Judgement makes some interesting points like this in the early Funkadelic linear notes. Mostly about loving your enemies.


Say no if you want a drug other than the God above...

2006 is out the door. New Years weekend started fantastically with a party thrown by some Prince friends in the VIP room at First Ave. ! Attended it with my friend April. After finding a table and a couple drinks, I asked my friend April if she had seen who was buying a drink next to her at the bar? It was Jellybean Johnson, the drummer for The Time! I went up and asked him if he'd have a problem if my friend April came up and said hello since she had become a huge fan in the last few years. He said that was no problem at all and was very friendly to us. He talked with us for a few minutes saying he had to be on a flight to Atlantic City at 5 am the next day to play with The Time. Everybody there was dancing which was also cool. Heard songs by Prince, The Time, Vanity 6, The Family and Sheila E. Had a very good time.

New Years Eve was probably one of the most least fun and average that I've had in awhile. We all went and saw Hookers and Blow at Lee's Liquor Lounge. For some reason they didn't make me pay a cover but made the two friends I showed up with. I did a little dancing on the dancefloor. Met some people I haven't met before and got dissed by a lady, but oh well.

New Years Day for some reason I woke up at 8am and me and The Bird hopped in my friend Aprils car and went bowling with her mom in Andover. Had a real good time!

Spent the next day thinking about a lot of things in my life. I think 2006 will be a very great year for me! I ended the year 2005 probably the most angry I've ever been in my life since Junior High School. I thought about that for most of the day January 2nd and came to the conclusion that there are things and people that probably need to be cut out of the blueprint of my life for me to be happy and view my role in eternity clearly. It will probably not be an easy thing to do, but it must be done.

Hope everybody has a great 2006!