1 more Foreston pic...

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Me with my tent that was dubbed The Millineum Falcon.

Last Night...

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Me, my fiance Amber, and Jeff Hill rocking Harveys in Minneapolis.

Brothers in Arms....

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My roomate Ando and me tearing up Minneapolis.

My Homegirlz...

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My friends Amber, April and Jeff Hill once again in the background on the right.



I was hanging with Cody and Steve Miller last night, and Cody told me about this photography exhibit at the Minnesota Center Of Photography called "Musicapolis: Music in Minneapolis 1965-2005". Well I looked it up today and it looks pretty cool. It's photos taken in those years of bands that have played here. Not just local groups like Prince and The Replacements, but bands like The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello when they played Minneapolis. I definitely want to check it out. It runs untill September 3rd.

Got a call about a second interview for the job at McKesson!!!! I really want this job bad so hopefully I can impress them.

I had one of the strangest dreams I've ever had in my entire life last night. I dreamt that I was at my grandmother and grandfathers house and every woman i've ever known in my entire life was there. The weird thing was, they were all pregnant. Not by me, but just pregnant. Then when I actually woke up this morning, my head was at the opposite end of the bed. I went to bed facing the T.V. but woke up facing the wall. Maybe I levitated or something?


Brother brooks be around in a minute with a bucket filled in it..squirrel meat...

I cannot move my body at this moment. Last night we did two days worth of work at work and I was at the point where I was running so much, my boss bought me two waters. So I get home and decide to go on a bike ride which took me under the 694 bridge to Fridley/Minneapolis. I found a park over there with a huge dock that goes out onto the Mississippi river. So I take a nap and wake up and decide to go play some basketball. Needless to say, I can't really move any part of my body right now. At least i'm staying healthy I guess. My roomate Natzel is trying to get everybody to go see Ted Nugent at Ribfest on Friday. It sucks that The Time isn't playing this year, but I actually wouldn't mine seeing the "Nudge". He kind of cracks me up anyways and I'm always down for some Wango Tango.


Lookin' at the front door...

Forgot to mention we had one heck of a pool party last Friday. Lots of people came including my homie Scott from highschool/college. Sat in the sun from about Noon untill 10:00 pm. Listened to jams all day and drank 1 million Pabst blue Ribbons. That's all I really remember from the day. I know I took a lot of pictures so when I take these last 5 shots on my film, I will post a bunch.


First Foreston Fun Days Pictures!!!....

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This is my roomate Ando's dad, Me, and the Mayor of foreston on Saturday morning.

Gettin' Dirty in Foreston...

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My roomate Ando gets lucky at the bar while Afroman looks on with a smile.

Foreston fun days pictures...

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Our new friend Chris, Me and my roomate Jewett making the annual 9 am bar run for brandy 7's on Saturday morning.

Even More Foreston Fun....

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Me mingling with some locals at the street dance.


Style don't get drunk on Saturday night.....

Worked outside for the whole day at the Farm today and it was a rough one. Worked with my homie Todd aka Fresh from the breakdance crew FreshElectric. Pulled bricks out of the ground and replaced them in the blistering heat. Get to do it all over again tommorow. Got to go to the all city employee picknik though with T-Bone, Dave, and Fresh. Came home and did a gigantic cannonball in the pool.

Word has it that Jesse "Red" Lind applied for the open part-time crew chief job. I guess he wants a crew spot if he doesn't get it. Guess who's back. I mean sh*t, everybody comes back right?

Had a job interview this evening with a company called McKesson in Little Canada Minnesota. Supposedly they are a great company according to my roomate Natz. Interview went extremely well. They even let me try out the computer I'd be using if I get hired. He told me that I'd have to go through a second interview if they select me, but he told me that i'd probably be getting a call about that in a couple days. I think he was pretty impressed with my software knowledge/computer experience. Best part about the job is that I'd get Fridays and Saturdays as my days off, plus the pay is much, much nicer then what I make now. Also, it only takes me 15 minutes to get there from our house.

I'm not a big fan of some of Trent Reznor's lyrics or some of his beliefs but I have to admit I am really digging his new single "Only". What a damn funky groove! Heard it on XM Radio last night and I might have to pick this up off of Itunes. The bassline is just crazy.


The Return of the Spaced Cowboy....

Got back from Foreston Fun Days at 5 am this morning. Another year of absolute craziness and mischeif. Me and Jewett went up by ourselves on Friday night and started off the evening with a Brandy Seven. Went to the street dance and tore it up. Ended up waking up at 6 am Saturday morning for some reason. Welcomed the sun with an ice cold pabst blue ribbon. Woke up one of the doods from the night before that was staying at the same house we were at. We caught a ride from a random guy on a four wheeler who drove us to the softball games. Got squirted with a firehose from the fire truck during the parade! Ended up going swimming in the afternoon and got yelled at for doing a gigantic belly flop for the kids that were swimming. Went to the second street dance last night and had a blast. Met a lot of people including one girls dad who told me he had his eye on me after he saw me talk to his daughter. After the dance I followed some people I met to a crazy house party. Some 17 year old kid tried to tell me that the band Dream Theatre is the savior of music and if I listen to one of their guitar solos I'll be hooked. There was a scary moment when whoever's house it was came up to me and asked what the hell I was doing there. I politely said thanks and left. On my walk home I noticed that the people a couple houses down from where we were staying were having a party so I stopped in. Met some really cool people and paid two dollars for a keg glass. Ended up getting back to my lodging at 4 am where I ran into my roomate Ando who was trying to sleep in the back of his car but couldn't. He asked if I wanted to go home so we hit the road at 4 am this morning. Took a lot of pictures that I'm getting developed as soon as I use the last 7 shots so I should have pictures soon.

When I got home today I found out my roomate Natzel found this thing online and now he has like 50 old school Nintendo games on his playstation 2. Me and Jewett tore up Contra, played Baseball Stars, Mike Tyson's Punch Out and i'm about to play some Super Mario All Stars. Good stuff.


It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.....

This made me very sad today. A group that started back when I was in Jr. High School and is still one of my favorites today. Well, the main producer/M.C. of the group had this to say...


Good luck and thanks for the memories Shock G.


Youth and Truth are makin' love, dig it for a starter, dying young is hard to take, selling out is harder..

Listened to the new Sly and The Family Stone Tribute/Remix album and I give it two gigantic thumbs down. If you dig Sly then go buy his original albums and the Graham Central Station albums. I've never rolled my eyes so many times then listening to Maroon 5 and The Black Eyed Peas trying to do Sly's stuff. Why not make it interesting like having a Playgroup/Trevor Jackson remix, or an MF Doom/Madlib remix? I guess it probably wouldn't sell then, but that's life.

In other news, I got my old bike out of my parents garage today! Drove it to work at the farm! Then went for a bike ride all the way up to Pixie Liquor. Good times!

Foreston Fun Days start tommorow. Hopefully I'll come back alive.


Don't worry bout my name it's too long to remember..i could tell you now but we'd be here till next september....

I read an article in the paper last weekend about a site called www.postsecret.com. People email him postcards annonymously with secrets they have. It's a pretty weird site. Interesting to see that some people share the same exact problems you do and some people are just completly twisted. Supposedly that all american rejects band is using a bunch in their new video. Check the site out.

She broke it off like a Toblerone, like an overgrown child with no home but a mobile phone...

Warning...this post may contain a boring rant.....

I was thinking about the camping trip I went on this weekend and one of the conversations I had with one of the ladies kind of irks me in a way. Granted, I think the whole police thing ruined the mood with them that we had going the first night. I started talking to her about music. One of the reasons I love the movie "High Fidelity" so much is that I feel I can relate to John Cusaks character in the way that he judges people based on their interests in music. I tend to do that a lot, which is wrong, but being a person who appreciates the art in things I tend to look for that in other people. At one point I asked her what her favorite musician was and she said she likes a lot of things. I asked her if she liked Prince and she said "Hell No". I told her my favorite things about him and she asked why I would like him and that it's wrong to like people that make that kind of money. I told her I didn't worship him and explained that I felt he is one of the greatest musicians in history and a true artist. I also tried to say that if you make a great record that 1 million people want to buy and you sell it for a dollar, you probably deserve that 1 million dollars. She told me I was wrong and made some comment about how I should become a fan of other people and walked away. Granted she was a lot crabbier then the day before, but still it made me angry.

I just can't understand why people put up with such mediocrity today? You have artists that are fantastic and end up only making one or two albums because they get swept under the carpet of all this ambercrombie punk and popcorn label music. Rhasaan Paterson made one of the best R'N'B' albums of the year but I think me and Travis are the only two people that will ever hear it. And I probably would have never heard it unless Travis played it for me.

I think the people that listen to true music are a dying breed and I guess that's a double edge sword. Granted, it's kind of cool to have an underground crew that digs the sh*t and it kind of irked me that all the sudden everybody wanted to go check out Prince during the Musicology tour even though I was checking out late night rehearsals at Paisley Park back in 98-2000 when no one gave a sh*t about the music he was making. Oh well, whatever.

I forgot to mention that one of us who went on the camping trip, who will remain nameless, got arrested that night. (no it was not me) but he got out of jail yesterday and kicked it at our place for a bit. He gave me a hello by jumping on me and biting me on the back which was kind of awkward. Nice to see he's back and hope everything goes ok for him.

After I got off of work today I bumped "Since I Left You" by The Avalances. I really dig this record and I think a lot of people would dig it too. One review said it was similar to to "Pauls Boutique" by The Beastie Boys because of all the weird samples they use and how they use them. The sample everything from "Holiday" by Madonna to "Tell Me If You Need It Again" by the Isley Brothers to a De La Soul song. The sample list takes up a whole sleeve of the cd jacket. I reccomend it to anyone.

A few things....

Thanks to erik for calling my life "Defining Fun" on his site www.crapfullyyours.com...I'm still leaving your son all of my Prince albums when I die.

where the hell is Travis and Cornelious?

"The Night My Girlfriend Left Me" by Prince Paul f/MC Paul Barman is one of the most haunting songs i've ever heard and I love it even though the low end theory blog hated on MC Paul Barmans verse.

I can't decide if "just like heaven" or "Mint Car" is my favorite Cure song. I know both will be played at my wedding during the part where everybodys waiting for the wedding party if I ever get married which I probaby won't. The last time I was in a wedding they played jazzy type stuff during that moment. I'm going to have a mix of nothing but funky type stuff during that moment. It will probably be topped off with me telling the dj to turn the houselights down and playing funky music cuz I just want everybody to dance and there ain't nothing to look at on stage.

This blog is getting boring with no pictures. We had a camera camping so hopefully I will have some pictures to share soon. If not, Foreston Fun Days is this weekend and you know I'll have a camera in hand. Plus, Scotties bachelor party, "the Return of drunk scotty", will definitely have some kodak moments.

That is all for now.


Battlestar Galactica.........

Went camping in Taylors Falls for my roomate Jewett's birthday this weekend and it was an adventure that made me laugh, made me cry, made me tan and left me with some battle scars. It started off with us pulling into our campground seeing families and kids everywhere. There was also a sign that said "Quiet time 10:30pm. This scared us since it was half of the wack pack and the extended wack pack family. The night was crazy fun sitting around the fire playing some drinking games. Over the course of the night we ended up getting four warnings from campground security. When the guard came to our site to give us the fourth warning, we were in a circle having a freestyle battle which must have impressed the guard pretty good. About a half hour after hitting the sack, I woke up to a flashlight in my face and of course it was two police officers. They made us all get out of our tents and checked our licenses. They told us we were not welcome there anymore and they were escorting us off the property. So I get into the back of the squad car with the jbird and slatty and since I had just woke up, I had one sock on and one bare foot. The two girls who were with us were allowed to get their bags out of their tents and all of there belongings. I asked the cop since I was wearing one dirty sock could I get out and get my shoes. He replied..NO! They dropped us off at a motel in taylors falls and made us stay there.

After that fiasco, we found a new campsite which was much better and more our style. Went swimming all day on Saturday and played some hardcore bocce ball. Stopped into a saloon in St.Croix Falls and had a pretty good time. I somehow acquired another new nickname which is Zoltar. I have no idea why, but apparently besides the moonman, I am Zoltar. Besides the cop thing, it was a great time.

Much respect to Joey Bobo.


Forget Tony Danza I"m the Boss...

Well today ends my weekend home alone. I was home alone in the house since Thursday since my roomates went to Summerfest in Milwaukee. I got a phone messege from them yesterday that has Diamond David Lee Roth singing "running with the devil" live. Made me a little jealous, but I know there are many more moments of euphoria coming this summer.

I must say, I think I held down the house down pretty well. Nothing got broken, kept it clean, had some pretty good nights and afternoons. Friday had to be the topper with the pool/hot tub party. I think i'd rather kick it by the pool on a nice summer afternoon/evening with friends and funky music then go to a bar. Got to see some people I haven't seen for awhile like Alex Steel and the Codeman and also met some new people. Jeff made me one of the best mixes I've ever heard. I'm definitely going to have to dig into the Quannum artists. Also, watch for me and Jeff's comedy routine coming to Acme Comedy Club Amatuer night very soon. We just have to write some more material (The following comment is serious).

Got an email from my homie Scott from High School and found out that he just moved into a house that is 3 minutes away from me, so hopefully we can kick it soon.

Katie Hemp is banned.

Everybody go buy Jamie Lidell's new album.

Foreston Fun Days countdown is 2 weeks! Year number 4!

I am feeling "Being Bobby Brown". He actually seems like a guy I'd like to hang with.

The Coup is going to be at first ave. in October.

That is all 4 now.


I rock peas on my head, but don't call me a pea head..bruce lees on my head, but don't call me a lee head..

I just looked up the new Kool Keith DVD Global Enlightenment and it sounds pretty interesting and funny. This is what amazon has as a description...

Description:Kool Keith AKA Rhythm X, AKA Dr. Octagon, AKA Dr. Dooom, AKA Mr. Gerbik, AKA Black Elvis is one of Hip-hop's most intriguing and diverse talents. This DVD includes multiple interviews with Kool Keith and Keith's trip through Manhattan discussing all his favorite restaurants, clubs, clothing stores, consumer products and more. An interview portion called "98 Year Old Fridgerator", where Keith discusses why he now drinks Seltzer water instead of tang and why pumperknickle bread is his bread of choice. Soundtrack includes the tracks Baby Baby, Freaks, Robert Perry, Shit Expands and Trying to Talk to You.

Yesterday was quite the day. Kicked it by the pool and hot tub all afternoon and evening and topped it off by going to live band kareoke at Glueks. Good times.