Money Vibrations

Party Down - Little Beaver
***1/2 out of 5

This is a record that I discovered out of my nerd like interest in hip hop samples.  A friend of mine put together a mix of songs that have been sampled by hip hop artists and one of those songs was "Get Into The Party Life" by Little Beaver.  I'm not really a big Jay-Z fan, but I found out that "Get Into The Party Life" was sampled by him for a song off the American Gangster Soundtrack.  The song has some great guitar and the lyrics telling you that "when you're blue and got nothing to do..get into the party life."  The song constantly stuck in my head for a week and I kept singing it to myself everywhere that I went.  It leaves a lasting impression especially during a hard day at work when the weekend and a cold drink is the only thing on your mind.  Awhile later in my favorite magazine Waxpoetics, an artist I can't remember right now talked about how he had "Get Into The Party Life" played at his wedding because it reminded him and his new bride of going out and partying when they first started dating.  After reading this and having the song in my head again, I was intrigued to find this record and hear the rest of it.  I eventually found the vinyl and I discovered that it's actually a pretty funky album. The cover has Little Beaver (Willie Hale) standing in front of what looks like a basement bar with his guitar.  The bar on the cover reminds me of the downstairs bar in the house I lived in with a three friends a few years ago. A song called "Money Vibrations" has a really funky bass line and has Little Beaver putting a great vocal on the track, even doing a falsetto scream.  The guitar work is funky and great on this album and always has me grooving.  I've never seen the cd anywhere, but I found a new copy on vinyl at Cheapo Records in Minneapolis.  I've also noticed that Itunes has the album if you're interested. 


Clubber Lang

Hilary and I joined Snap Fitness.  So far so good.  I've been hitting up the machines the last two days trying to get back into the shape I was in back when I lived at Natzel's house.

I saw Brett Favre is going to be on Jay Leno next week.  Kevin Seifert at ESPN blogged about how his appearance is the day before free agency starts in the NFL which makes it kind of interesting.  I wonder if he'll give an answer?

New Vinyl i've found crate digging around the last two weeks..."On Fire" Stetsasonic,"Lotusflow3r/MPLSound" Prince, "Upstairs at Erics" Yaz.  I can't get enough of "Situation" by Yaz.


Computer Love

I'm beginning to think EBAY is actually a form of crack.  I went through a period where I bid on a lot of records, a period where I took a break and now i'm back on the stuff.  I won Handsome Boy Modeling School's first vinyl lp for 4 bucks.  I won "A Children's Story" 12inch vinyl single by Slick Rick for 3 bucks. But dammit I lost the Lenchmob tshirt!!!!  Damn you ebay!

Have a glass of moet..listen to the poet.

JVC FORCE - Doin' Damage 1988
**** out of 5

Man, I love this record.  The crew is JVC Force (Justified by Virtue of Creativity For Obvious Reasons Concerning Entertainment). Anybody looking at the cover today might think Curt Cazal, B.Luv and AJ Rok ain't that fresh, but they'd be wrong.  JVC Force has a unique rhyme style that a lot of rappers today can't even compare to.  Of course "Strong Island" and "Strong Island" (blue mix) are classics, but the title track "Doin' Damage" contains the first ever sample of "Louie Louie" by a hip hop group.  This might sound like a joke, but they actually make it work pretty well!  "Take It Away" contains the classic Vaugn Mason sample "bounce, rock, skate" and is another great track.  These cats had not only unique rhyme styles, but production skills on top of it.  Lots of scratching which I love.  Of course "the force is buggin' is kind of wack, but I can pretty much spin this record straight through.  I believe it was rereleased on cd and vinyl recently and you can probably find it on amazon.  If you're interested in more JVC Force, you can check their story at the link below...



Skol Vikes

Is anybody interested in going in on season tickets for the Minnesota Vikings 2010 season?  Let me know!

Hello...Hello Again

I'm back.  I've decided to bring back my old blog.  It's hard to believe that my first post was 6 years ago and the last post I made on it was 4 years ago!  I decided to bring back my blog to not only let my friends and family know what i'm up to as of lately, but as a way to keep a record for myself of what i've been up to and thinking about.

Being that I love music and am always checking out new artists and albums, I want to use my blog as an outlet to share bands and albums that I discover and love.  Besides this I will try to share any random thoughts or happenings in my life.

So here we go again..