Hey Pally...How bout another scotch and a sing..

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Well, it's Tuesday and I have one more day of work untill an interesting weekend starts. So I thought I'd have a long post of stuff going on in the next few days and on the first of the year for that matter...

I'm going to Island Lake, MN to meet my father and uncle who are deer hunting at the moment. Since I am a city kid through and through I didn't get a deer license, but I will probably shoot the rifles at targets up there.

It's Steve Miller's anniversary of his birthday on Friday and I am curious to see what he has planned. Last year was pretty fun, but I have no idea what he has planned for this year. Should be fun.

I have come to a desicison recently. I have decided to become a vegetarian again...AND NO IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF VEGAN CATERER. I will still eat fish, but I am going to stop eating cheese and milk products. Back to Soy cheese and milk. I will start this on January 2nd 2005. I am doing this for the same reason I had done it before. For discipline and to eat healthier. I am sick of eating fast food every f'n day. Also, I went to the handsomeboy modeling school official site..www.handsomeboymodelingschool.com and they have a section where you can post a picture and sign up for a makeover. I did. the picture above is the one I used.. check me out at handsomeboymodelingschool.com

that is all for now. See you Friday.