New Joints...

Prince put two new songs up on his website for people to check out. The first one is called "San Jose Jam". It's a very funky instrumental which I hope he releases. The second song is called "Glass Cutter". I am really digging this one! Lots of guitar with a funky ass bassline. I have no idea what the songs about, but like I've always said, my favorite songs are the ones where Prince sounds like that. Check em out...www.npgmusicclub.com

Party over oops out of time...

Well the Halloween party was a success. Great time had by all. Memerable moments were.....

-Peets "Don't hate on the Beard" costume.

-Graham and Amy as a Monk and Nun.

-Donnie Brasco!

-Everyone dancing to P.Control by 0(+> in the living room.

-Lots of pictures.

-Talking about vegan caterer with Darth Vader and his girlfriend in my room.

-Wondering where Mike Truesdale was?

Top 10 best costumes in no particular order...

1)Flavor Flav
2)Donnie Brasco
3)The Rookie from the Beastie Boys Sabotage Video
4)Macho Man
5)Meatloaf (The singer)
6)Richard Simmons
7)Godfathers farm girl costume
8)Both girls that were Dirty Cops
10) A Beer (Had to get mine on the list)

Honorable Mention... The G Unit.



Wonder Woman
Originally uploaded by funkymf.

1 More day! Thanks to Casey for sending me this.


Lions Pub Summer 2004....

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

As everyone knows, The Lions Pub in downtown MPLS is one of our favorite spots. This summer picture is Me and my roomate Natzel when we went to the lions pub with a record 30 people! This was taken on the dancefloor and for some reason I'm making a strained face.

Prince...The Rainbow Children


I have been listening to "The Rainbow Children" by Prince lately. As I am not a Jehovah's Witness or never will be. I guarantee listening to this record will make you think about your spirituality and question your beliefs. The title makes you wonder what the hell Prince was trying to do with this album but I guarantee if you give it a try, it will challenge you.

Like I said above, I AM NOT NOR EVER WILL BE A JEHOVAHS WITNESS, but listening to this album made me look into their beliefs. As I do not agree with the Bible they use, they do make some interesting points. I urge you to look up blood transfusions and alternatives to it. Did you know using transfused blood kills interferons in the body which can make your immune system horrible? Look it up.

I grew up a Lutheran in my early life, but I do not consider myself any religion now. I still go to church, but I do not and will not consider myself lutheran. One of the great hip hop groups I love, De La Soul, once had a lyric..."My daughter watches killings on TV and asks Daddy why are all these people dead..I tell her because they were looking for God and found religion instead."

Everyone can believe what they want to belief and I will always respect that about people, but I believe in God and I believe it is a loving God who will always be there for people who believe in it and I will continue to believe and show my love.

Sorry if I offended anybody. This was just on my mind.

Jams of the year....

The farm shift was hell tonight. Ended up working almost an hour later then supposed to because the high school guys had to leave at 11pm. Me, Hill and Kramer decided we needed a beer after the mess so we headed to none other then JAMS in Brooklyn Center. We shot the S**t, had a few and told some Farm stories, the people we dislike most at work, and how Kramer asked his lady out after drinking a 40. The dj surprisingly played Earth, Wind, and Fire, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Warrant (Cherry Pie), and Tone Loc. Good times, Good times!

Upcomming TV Special devoted to PFUNK......

This was on MTV News online today....I can't believe Prince is going to be a part of it.....

On October 30 and 31, a galaxy of P-Funk alums — including Clinton, Collins, Worrell, Hampton, horn player Maceo Parker and others who have beamed in and out of the ranks over the years — will gather in Los Angeles to record a two-hour TV special called "P-Funk Nation Celebration: History of Parliament/ Funkadelic and Influences."

For the show, the funkmasters will again be surrounded by stars. Outkast, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg and Raphael Saadiq have already signed on to join the band for Parliament/ Funkadelic classics like "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker"), "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" and "Dr. Funkenstein." Other artists who agreed verbally but haven't yet signed contracts include Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Smokey Robinson, and Rolling Stones guitarists Ron Wood and Keith Richards, Clinton said. Clinton's management is currently in negotiations with several networks to air the program, which will be directed by Reggie Hudlin, who wrote and directed "House Party." "He said he went to Harvard just to learn how to do movies so he could actually film the P-Funk story," Clinton said. "We met him in the '80s, and we've been working on getting something like this together with him ever since."



Ashlee Simpson = Mili Vanilli

It is great that this happened to show parents what kind of garbage their kids listen to.

With this said, I was thinking about my guilty pleasures in music. I know I'll probably get laughed at, but I think my three guilty pleasure in music are....

1)Bryan Adams "Cuts Like a Knife"...This song gets me amped.

2)Tesla........."What You Give"...Great up north jubebox song.

3)House Music.....Yep, I love it. Mark Farrina to St. Germain. It's got a Jazzy/funky feel to it. Usually only played in my car on my way to work or if I drive by myself downtown. Also, it's another reason why I used to like the Minneapolis club The Lounge so much. And no I have never done and don't do Ectascy.

I regret to inform you all...

I regret to say that I am no longer going to be the Kool-Aid Man for Halloween. While this had been a dream of mine for the past year and I will probably get many questions as to why I have decided this. All I can say is that it was too hard of a project for the amount of time I have left to prepare. Believe me, I really tried this last weekend, but it was just not meant to be this year. I am undecided over two things to replace it, but I can't decide. See you all this weekend.


Mos definitely....

Sounds like they are pulling the Mos Def album off of shelves and releasing a new reprint without the song "the rape over". It was too offensive to people or something. People are allready talking about how much the early copies are going to go for on ebay.


The Life Aquatic...

I saw a preview for a new movie starring Bill Murray called "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". This looks like it could be the funniest movie ever. Said it's coming out this Christmas. You can watch the preview at www.apple.com/quicktime.


The Get Fresh Crew...

Picture 013
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Today's summer picture is from the barbecue my dad threw for my friends and I. This was taken after a few cocktails. The person on the left is my parents old neighbor and my adopted brother Shyheim. I'm in the middle looking funky. The person in front is Shyheims friend Kenny and the person on the right is my roomate Jeff. Some people have said that this barbecue was the most fun party of the summer. I'd have to agree.

Friday night..

Friday night was absuloutely crazy! Went to Nye's with Rhiannon and her friends. Some I had met before and some I haven't. All very nice and fun people. Then about 12 of us rode in the back of my roomates truck to the Lyon's Pub. Great time! Everybody danced all night. Didn't get to bed untill about 5 in the morning but it was worth it.


Me and my roomates went to Leann Chin's today for lunch and I noticed a weird advertisment they had. It was a poster that read.."If Prince can make a comeback.....Shrip Lomain back again for a limited time." Damn.


Just got paid...Friday night...

Going to meet my friend Rhiannon and her friends at Nye's Pollinayse room at 7pm then probably heading to the Lyons Pub 30 people deep again. Should be a great night. Show up if you want. Call me.


Musicology 2004ever Tour

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

Found this great picture from this last summers Musicology Tour with Prince and the NPG. One of the greatest performances I have ever seen!

Oh Sh*t!!! It's Devastatin' Dave in the HOUSE!!

Devastatin' Dave
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Thanks to Travis for letting me know about Devastatin' Dave the Turntable Slave. Voted number 2 on the 10 Worst Album covers of all time list.

Three is the magic number..yes it is...

Originally uploaded by funkymf.
The Three Times Dope tribute band. This is me Natz, and Ando before going to see Morris Day & The Time last August. Natzel burned me a cd of a bunch of pictures he's taken over the last summer so for the next couple weeks I'll have the Future Rhythm summer picture series with a couple new pictures each week from this last summer. Hope you dig it!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I found some hidden treasure...

Yesterday I mentioned how I love the record label BBE. Well, through a person on the site I was hooked up with a link that contained the following MP3's...

2 Mr. Magic Rap Attack radio shows from WBLS in New York from 1988!

2 Marley Marl and Pete Rock Radio shows from the same station in 1989!

Right now I am playing the first Mr. Magic show. So far I've heard Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, Doug E. Fresh, etc. mixed together. I have also heard commercials from some liquor store in NYC and a Colt 45 commercial featuring Billy Dee Williams!!! It even has the station identifications in there.

So far the Pete Rock/Marley Marl shows seem better.

After listening to these I wish I would have grown up in New York during the 80's and early 90's.



On a magical rope of silicon
You can bet that they'll be chillin' in Babylon
Thinking about a way that they can split the proton
While you eating all the bloody chicken and dead prawn
Mickey D. shake and a filet mignon
Swearing up and down your the picture of health, now come on!
Just a rope of silicon
Just a rope of silicon
Rope of silicon
You're just a rope of silicon
Welcome to the slaughterhouse
Leave that blood alone
Don't U know that dead blood kills interferons
Making the immune system victim 2 whereupon
Any known virus can boot up and log on

For Jeff A. Hill...

Did you know this just came out.....

Lateef of Latyrx and Chief Excel of Blackalicious team up for the long-awaited Maroons set! Quaanum is well known for being an album-oriented label, and Ambush is another winner. The rhymes are well slung, the beats meld tightened 70s jazz with dubby elements and tried-and-true block rockin' bass!  Hip Hop


A couple years ago, I got into a music genere known as "Underground Disco". Unerground Disco is music that was mostly played in the underground clubs of new york back in discos hayday but it was a much more raw and soulful sound then the radio disco tunes. Well one of my favorite music labels Barely Breaking Even BBE is putting out this new relase which has me very excited...

The Kings Of Disco - Compiled by:Dimitri From Paris and Joey Negro
2xCD Tracks:  
Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys - Derrick Harriott
It Looks Like Love (Dim's Compiled Edit) - Vincent Montana Jr. feat. Goody Goody
Nuclear Night (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Crystal Disco Band
Agent 406 (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Lime
Not Tonight (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Macho
Pumping Iron (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Larry Wood
Take Me I'm Yours (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Mary Clark
El Bailara Conmigo/He´ll Dance With Me (Dim's DJ Friendly Edit) - Cappuccino
Music Land - Clymax
I'm Caught Up - Risco Connections
Roll The Joint (Joey Negro´s Re-Edit) - Master Boogie Song & Dance
I’m In Love (Joey Negro Edit) - Cela
Chant No.1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (US Remix) - Spandau Ballet
Love Fantasy - Mighty Fire
Skate Dancer - Vinzerrelli
That Friday Pay (Part 1) - Sonny Jenkins and the New York Potpourri Strings
Situation (Joey Negro Re-Edit) - Yazoo
Get Down With The Jam Band (Joey Negro Re-Edit) - John Gibbs
Just Like A Door Knob (Joey Negro Edit) - Touche
I’ve Been Searching (Walter Gibbons Mix) - Art & Crafts
This new BBE-series brings together the globe’s supreme exponents of a particular musical genre and asks them to reach deep into their vaults for lesser-known gems. First up is Disco, and two world-renown DJ’s who are as much at home in the club as in the studio. Both have been busy between dj-dates with a prolific list of production & remix credits. Both have spent the last twenty years mining the record stores, basements and warehouses of the world in a boundless search for ‘the golden eggs’ of disco music.

Hopefully this series will contain a Funk version and a HipHop version. If you don't know about this label you should check it out at www.bbemusic.com. They specialize in putting out out of print soul,funk,disco,hiphop releases. They also put out new releases from Pete Rock and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few.

The Real Black Album...

I went to Half.com today thanks to N8 mentioning it to see if I could find some old cd's i've been looking for cheap. I decided to type in Prince to see what they had and I was amazed to find that the 1994 official release of The Black Album by Prince is going for $40 to $50 new. It was a limited edition release and Warner Brothers stated that it would only be on the shelves for two months at the time. I bought a second copy back then and it remains unopened to this day. Anybody want to buy it? Let me know.


Currently Spinning...

The songs I am spinning non stop that last week...

"The Good Life" Hank Mobley
"The Grind Date" (The Queen Mash Up Mix) De La Soul
"Don't Steal Our Sun" The Thrills
"Muse 2 The Pharoah" Prince
"Two Doors Down" Meshell N'Degeocello
"Crackle & Drag (Part 2)" Paul Westerberg
"Lightweight" (remix) J-Zone
"Verbal Milk" X-Clan
"Welcome To The Terrordome" Public Enemy
"Licking Stick" (Live In Dallas) James Brown
"Remember Who You Are" Sly Stone
"Haven't We Met Before" Nikka Costa
"I Found Loving" The Fatback Band
"I'm Still #1" Boogie Down Productions
"Jodie" Faces
"Chameleon" Headhunters

Jazz (We've Got..)

My favorite jazz song of all time used to be "The Creator Has A Masterplan" by saxophonist Pharoah Sanders. A 35 minute opus that will make you feel like your are on top of a mountain.

That has changed..

My new favorite jazz song of all time is "The Good Life" by Hank Mobley. I guarantee if you throw this record on no matter what mood you are in, you will be in heaven for about 7 minutes. It has that vibe that somehow makes you reminisce about the good times in your life.

Horrorscope (Ego Trip part 3)

I read my horrorscope yesterday at work and it was very strange. To paraphrase it said "If you are reading this right now you are lucky. Many people in other places aren't even fortunate enough to read a newspaper everyday. Be thankful for what you have." It was the strangest one I have ever read, but it really made me think. I know I bitch about how I work two jobs that kind of stink, and I wish I had hella more money, but I really am lucky. I have the greatest parents in the universe. I have the greatest friends in the universe. I have shelter and a motherlode of records to spin. And i've met my favorite musician of all time. I am a lucky motherfuk*er.

Nader needs to start smaller??

Who ever commented that Nader needs to start smaller and voting for him is like voting for a kid out of high school..

Ralph Nader has founded or organized more than 100 civic organizations, authored countless books and publications, and perhaps more than any other person has defined our modern understanding of the American ideals of democracy, civic duty, and participation for the public good, rather than dominance by the corporate powers. Known for his ethics, integrity and independence, Ralph Nader is recognized world-wide for putting democracy to work.

The reason Nader doesn't get as much attention or you don't see tons of commercials for his campaign is because the Independence party and The Green party as part of their platform do not accept Special Interest Money from corporations like democrats and republicans do. Nader only has a tiny fraction of their money. Obviously this special interest money has a weight on which way a candidate is going to lean towards corporate interests. Such as Bush with the NRA and Kerry with the ACLU.

How come people who post annonymous on political topics never post their name at the end?


Deleted Post...

Was not written by me so I deleted it.

Plus, because I also don't agree with homosexuality doesn't mean I wouldn't respect a person who is a homosexual. Another blogger who I check out often talks about his dislike of people that believe in God on his site but nobody calls his posts Christianphobic. I have tons of friends who are atheists, but my belief in God doesn't seem to affect our friendship, or the respect they give me or the respect that I give them. I worked in an office with two lesbians two years ago and we got along great.

Oh you goofy bleeding hearts and your facist whinning. You are all so right and we are all so wrong. Just go eat some popcorn and watch ferienheit 911 again. You'll be ok.


Somebody said....

Somebody eye know said they saw a bumper sticker that said.."When Clinton lied, nobody died." Well that's weird cuz somehow I remember he bombed Bosnia and more then a couple people died and that is the TRUTH! God bless the deceased from there cuz I wasted my vote. INDEPENDENCE & GREEN PARTY 4 LIFE CUZ THOSE ARE THE ONLY 2 I'M LISTENING 2!

THE TRUTH.....www.votenader.org

Church yall'...

After going to church by myself for a couple weeks, I"m going to try a new chuurch with my new friend Angela (the bartender from Brothers). Me and Ando are going to try it out. I guaranttee Ando doesn't make it, but I will! Thank God eye know people that love GOD! C U Sunday!


The picture on the left and in my profile...

The picture on the left and in my profile is of me and Vikings runniing back Moe Williams. I met him at Club Escape last year and he was a cool mf. He let me get a picture with him.

Cinnamon Girl...

It is interesting to see how much controversy the new Prince video is causing and it doesn't start airing untill this week. CNN, FOX News, and the Today show are really mad about it. The video depicts an arab girl getting harrassed after the 9/11 attacks and she has dream sequences that she is a suicide bomber. It sounds kind of bad to some but if you actually watch it you can see it is showing some of the racism that innocent arab people take because of the attacks. I read a news story today that MTV is only going to show it on MTVU, their college only channel. VH1 and BET haven't decided whether they are going to show it. Interesting since everyday I turn on BET and see videos like the Cash Money Crew flashing pistols and treating women like garbage and videos like Jay-Z's where he gets shot in the end. I guess a video with a messege about racism is too risque for them.

Now that we found love what are we gonna do..with it??

Tonight was magical. I met a new friend courtesy of my roomate. My roomate met a girl who is quite possibly one of the funnest people to hang out with. She is a bartender at Brothers bar in Minneapolis and a hair stylist. She came over tonight and kicked it with me and my roomate. We played pool untill 3 in the morning and played Morris Day records. She went bartender style on us and made us some rootbeer barrels. I think my roomate is interested in her and I told him that she is a keeper! He better not screw this one up cuz she is cool as the other side of the pillow!

There's a rumor that I was on a WWF Sunday Night Heat episode back in the day and the answer is YES I WAS! They interviewed my homie Travis at Sumerslam and I was standing next to him. Travis said Jesse Ventura was going to hold court in the squared circle and I stood next to him and nodded. Somewhere at my parents house there is a tape of it, but it's probably stashed away with the hard to find out of print graduation party tape that everybody wants and only a select few have seen with the freestyle battle with my dad and the Stiffen performance.

Got the next three saturdays off paid due to Personal Holiday Time!!!! Halloween will be dope! It will go down in the history books. Call me for info!

By the way, I have watched the Carl Lewis music video exactly 17 times now because every time I do I end up laughing untill I'm rolling on the ground! If you haven't seen this yet, please check a couple posts down and go to the link!

I rock therefore I am.


Vh1 Hip-Hop Honors...

Overall I thought the show was great except for a few things. Being the old school head that I am, I would have definitley picked a different host then Vivica A. Fox. Her "bling bling" comment at the begining made me turn my head in embarassment. They should have had Fab 5 Freddy host it. Also, why did they waste 5 minutes on that piece of garbage Fat Joe song "Lean Back". At least Nas had his father come out and play trumpet which was great. He also gave a nod to Prince and mpls. And the Beastie Boys had Mixmaster Mike mixing. Best part of the show had to be Public Enemy, Anthrax, and the Beastie Boys doing a medley of "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos", "Fight The Power" and "Bring The Noise". Public Enemy had the band Confrontation Camp back them up when Anthrax didn't and it made it interesting. The dj tribute was also great with Doug E. Fresh doing all the party calls. Overall a great show. Where was Kool Keith????!!!??


We all have to work together...

I would like to thank Travis for sending me this link and I urge everybody to go to this link and watch Carl Lewis's fantastic music video. Trust me, you'll never forget it.

Also, apprently Carl likes to go out with 77 year old women.



Have you seen this boy?


Name: Graham Johnson

Last seen: Week 3 of the NFL season.

Rumors speculate that he was hanging out with his brother.

Graham was supposed to go out on Friday night, but no one could find where he was.

Call 1-800-PEARL-JAM with any info.

De La...

Recieved De La Souls new album in the mail today. It is everything I expected and more! Production is great with tracks produced by Jay-Dee and Madlib. The bonus disc is even better with remix's and some unreleased stuff. Pick up "The Grind Date". Instant classic **** stars out of 5.

Gabby's house party...

Me, Jeff Hill, and the Natrix went to Gabby's house party last night and it was the most fun I've had at a bar in awhile. The deal was 2 for 1's on anything! They had a dj spinning some good tracks like "Sex Machine" by James Brown and "September" by Earth Wind & Fire. It's amazing how many 40 year old women are willing to hit on younger guys. Big Ups to Jake for driving us home and I hope Nates feeling better.


Doods night out...

Sounds like it's Doods night out in N.E. Moneyapolis tonight. Ran into Steve Miller at the Gas Station. Says he's going on a couples only cabin trip. Have fun playing cards while we destroy the town.

The Thrills..

I picked up the new album by The Thrills today. I was really digging their song on Drive 105 called "One Horse Town" and I thought I'd give it a try. I was surprised to see that the cd was only 8.99! What a great find! They have kind of an alt-country kind of sound. Sort of like a mix of Wilco, Sun Volt, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Right now I am digging about 3/4 of the album, but we'll see how the rest grows on me. I reccomend it if your into that type of sound.


Dream Team...

Well it's finally happened. Me and my roomates formed a dodgeball team! We're joining some league in Minneapolis. We sent for information on it yesterday. Me and my roomate Jewett are so confident in our team, we thought about driving to the stadium last night to see if we could get in on a pick up game or something.

As for the team name..we were watching this show on Travel Channel where they had three people gamble at different games in Vegas trying to win the most money. This huge guy in a purple suit that looked like Grimace from Mcdonalds kept yelling "DOUBLE BOO-YAA!" when he'd win at roulette. So as of right now our team name will be DOUBLE BOO-YAA. Hopefully it's in the same leauge as Peet Quists team so we can school them.

Vh-1 Hip hop specials..

Everyday this week, Vh-1 has been airing one hour documentrys about various years and movements of hip hop. When I first heard about these I was like great it's going to be about the usual horrible rappers like Nelly and all that, but these are actually great! They've covered almost everything for each year they've covered so far. Lots of interviews with people inside the early years like Def Jam employees, Rick Rubin, Russel Simmons, etc. I'll be taping these if they repeat again.

Also, after seeing the episodes so far, I still don't understand why Tupac is looked at like the greatest rapper ever? Sure he had his handfull of political songs and decent songs, but after the first two albums he pretty much made songs of dissing people and getting with women. Plus there are way better lyricists then he was like Rakim and Kool G. Rap. I don't care I think tupac was weak.


This will be a fantastic Halloween even though I have no idea how i'm going to pull off my costume. If I do pull of the costume I want, I have no idea how i'm going to be able to fit through doors or not bump into people spilling drinks everywhere. We'll see.

"Halloween is the only holiday I like." - Jeff Jewett (my roomate)


Sounds like there is a rumor going around that since the farm shift is long friday night, we might be starting it up locally and heading to Gastoffs Oktoberfest thingy. Make a call if your interested.


Alex Chilton.....

Me and my roomate Natzel got tickets to see Paul Westerberg at the Pantages Theatre in November today! Can't wait!

Last response...

Somebody posted that me deleting political posts is censorship. It's actually because I'm sick of comments like Nader is racist, or Nader is getting a payday from Bush without any type of explination. Except for Jake, he explained his post.

As for Nader is running only for a payday from republicans. It is completely made up by liberals. The constitution says nothing about only two parties running for President and no party or person is entitled to votes, they must be earned. If Nader was getting paid by republicans to run, why would he have to get over 2,000 signatures in each state to be on the ballot? And why would they sell "Impeach Bush" buttons and shirts on their website and at the Independence party headquarters?

Thats all.


Hopefully the last political post...

I have some things I want to get off my chest...

First of all, whoever posted "Bush supports censorship" as a comment on my last post. I do not support Bush and I will not be voting for him. Also, posting a comment like that without even explaining why makes no sense at all. I could say "Kerry throws like a girl" but if I don't have the facts to prove it, it's nonsense. Since you made this statement, I will show you how Kerry supports censorship as well...

The Book John Kerry doesn't want you to see..

The book he doesn’t want you to see: When Kerry ran for election to the U.S. House of Representative in 1972, “he found it necessary to suppress reproduction of the cover picture appearing on his own book, The New Soldier. His political opponent pointed out that it depicted several unkempt youths crudely handling an American flag to mock the famous photo of the U.S. Marines at Iwo Jima,” according to Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry.

“Suddenly, copies of the book became unavailable and even disappeared from libraries. But the Lowell (Mass.) Sun said of the type of person shown on its cover: ‘These people spit on the flag, they burn the flag, they carry the flag upside down, [and] they all but wipe their noses with it in their efforts to show their contempt for everything it still stands for,’” the New American reported.

Even today it is hard to find this infamous photo and book.

But, if you still don't believe this article..you can go to this link and see the cover of this now out of print book...


Second, To call Bush voters or anybody who doesn't vote for Kerry so called "religious freaks" is a total bleeding heart cop-out. I don't see anybody forcing religion down peoples throats. I tend to see the opposite. I also challenge the person who made this comment to tell me the last time a doctor was killed in an abortion clinic in Minnesota since this was your example of these so called "religious freaks". To that same person, you mentioned how Muhammed Ali was never deported for being a Muslim. In a link I will later post from after Sept. 11th, Mr. Ali said that true Muslims would never kill in the name of God. It is a sad thing that it had come to that for Mr. Stevens, but his record shows that he followed organizations like that.

If you want to do what MTV, the millionaire democrat who claims he can relate to you, the millionaire republican who seems out of touch, or all the movie stars that live in their asses and make you think the candidates are cool because they snowboard or smiled on Choose or Lose, go right ahead. That's your thing, but I'm just saying with those two all your voting for is which corporations get contracts and how much money you're not going to have next year. I'm done and all political comments from others and myself will be deleted untill the week of the election.