Ashlee Simpson = Mili Vanilli

It is great that this happened to show parents what kind of garbage their kids listen to.

With this said, I was thinking about my guilty pleasures in music. I know I'll probably get laughed at, but I think my three guilty pleasure in music are....

1)Bryan Adams "Cuts Like a Knife"...This song gets me amped.

2)Tesla........."What You Give"...Great up north jubebox song.

3)House Music.....Yep, I love it. Mark Farrina to St. Germain. It's got a Jazzy/funky feel to it. Usually only played in my car on my way to work or if I drive by myself downtown. Also, it's another reason why I used to like the Minneapolis club The Lounge so much. And no I have never done and don't do Ectascy.