I'm so fresh my expiration date is February 31st...

Just to let everybody know, this blog will continue to be updated, but there seems to be a lot more love and action going on at my myspace site.


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Into another dimension...

Totally digging the new Wolfmother album. Rock N' Roll Mothertruckers! Can't wait to see them with Deadboy and the Elephant Men at the Fine Line this month.

Won some gift cards at work for quality awards. Picked up a load of new albums with them.

What I picked up

"Pick A Bigger Weapon" The coup
"Beat Konducta" Madlib
"Babies Makin' Babies Part II Misery Strikes Back" ?uestlove
"Tommy Boy Hip Hop Essentials Vol. 11"
"Tommy Boy Hip Hop Essentials Vol. 9"
"Tales From America dvd/livecd" Lucero
"Black On Both Sides" Mos Def (cuz I lost my original copy"
"Wolfmother" Wolfmother

Got tickets to see Eagles of Death Metal in June and Wolfmother this month. Finally getting a chance to see some good shows again. Both shows were 15 bucks and under, excluding the ticketbastard fees, which was nice!

Plug Tunnin'