The Show...

Doors open at 8 show starts at 10, don't stop dancin' till I say when..

Going to be so spectacula....more legend than a new acura......


The Grandmaster cuts faster...

Because I filled over 10,000 orders in a week with no errors at work, which is really hard to do, I won a frigging cd boombox! I love my new job.

Countdown is 3. My costume will be pretty goofy I think.


Like Frankie Beverley without Maze..baby I count the days...


Could be the final throwndown ever.

old school sessions in the sugar shack.

might be take it easy friday.


Daylight comes and exposes, saturdays, bruises and cold roses...

Totally digging the new Ryan Adams and The Cardinals album "Jacksonville City Nights"! "Games" is my cut. While listening to this album, I can almost smell empty whiskey glasses and ashtrays. Definitely my kind of album. If you dig The Flying Burrito Brothers, you'd definitely dig this!

I emailed a Star Tribune writer today about a blurb he wrote in todays paper about The Lounge having a 70's funk night on Mondays. Told him that it will probably be the same old Wild Cherry and disco era Kool and The Gang songs (yawn) that have been played over and over. I then went into a rant about about deep funk, soul, and underground disco and how in england they have nights where they spin that sh*t constantly. Maybe they'll print my letter and some small bar or club will read it and let me bring my records to play. I'd definitely bump "Liquid Liquid" by Cavern every night.


Automator on the fader....

I purchased the new issue of FADER magazine because it has one of the best articles i've ever read on hip hop. It's an article called "Hip Hop's untold stories". It is accompanied by stunning black and white photos from New York's hip hop scene in the 80's and has some great stories. Two that I found interesting were Mase from De La Soul telling how the whole Native Toungues crew formed and one about how Old Dirty Bastard did a cover of "Suspicious Minds" for an Elvis tribute album, but Elvis's estate thought it was distasteful and dreadful so they didn't use it. Great article!


Who rock the house like rock and roll..got more soul than a sock with a hole...

Week has been pretty busy thus far. I've worked over 5 hours of overtime in two days which is pretty on the paycheck but sore on the wheels. Last weekend was pretty fun with another doods night out on Friday and Northeast crawling with two of my crews. Looking foreward to hanging out at Peets and eating chips this weekend. I wonder how many people will fit in that space?

I am totally spinning and digging this week..

Diamond Nights (thanks hill)
Danger Doom
The Kings of Hip Hop - DJ Premier and Mr. Thing
Main Source "Breaking Atoms"
Black Moon "Enta The Stage"
Ryan Adams "Love is Hell Pt. 2"


Like an embryo don't abort this dire need for you..all my emotional ejaculate all on the floor..

Checked out the paper this morning and saw that it's supposed to be sunny and high 60's all weekend! Sounds like this could be the last warm weekend we have. I might just hang all day Saturday on the stoop and drink Tom Collinsis and listen to the whole Smokey Robinson and the miracles box set!

I don't know why but I really want to go rollerskating.

Going to purchase Danger Doom tommorow. Heard the snippets and dug what I heard.

Hope to see everyone this weekend sometime if you can find me.


Feel like I wanna put you in my data bank....

Not much news to report for me this week. I got the keys to the room that holds all the Viagra at work, that's about as exciting as my week has been. Had a pretty darn good weekend last weekend. Dudes night out with Jeff was a blast and Saturday night was quite fantastic and fun.

I find this pretty interesting about LEGO"S next move...


Kids are going to be lucky with this one. I might create a Paisley Park set.

Danger Doom comes out today so go buy it. If you go to the official site, you can preview the whole album.



Ok I know this is my third post in a matter of minutes but I"ve been reading music news sites and music blogs and I read something really strange. IF I read this correctly, DANGER DOOM has a infomercial with Matthew Lesko hosting it?! That guy who says you can get millions from the government, looks kind of like Andy Dick, and wears question marks all over his green suit. If you want to check out the commercial, go to my blog links, click on Cocaine, Blunts and Hip Hop tapes and they have a link posted. crazy.

The Funky Drummer...

Check out the new website by the former drummer of the NPG and who Prince once said was the "best drummer in the world". www.michaelbland.org

Michael B. kicked the Sh*t out of The Gold Experience album and was amazing to watch on that tour. Just listen to the beginning of "SHHH" and tell me that's not one of the best drum intros of all time. Michael B. plays in a lot of local mpls bands like Sons of Allmighty, Dr. Mambo's Combo, Soul Asylum and Paul Westerbergs touring band. I reccomend checking out Sons Of Allmighty to anyone who digs The Gold Experience being that it consists of not only Michael, but Sonny T. and Tommy Barberella of that era NPG. The album has that same sound with Julius Collins on vocals and Jeff Lee Johnson (Soulquarians) on guitar.

I love your friends..they're all so arty oh yeah.....

I purchased the new Franz Ferdinand album on Tuesday due to the fact that I really like the single and I heard snippets of a few other songs. I must say that I really dig it! I didn't know they were so funky. "this boy" makes my foot heavy on my cars gas pedal for some reason. I actually like the whole album. Maybe I'll have to check out the first. I am also really digging The Cars lately for some reason. Maybe it's the lack of funk coming out lately and my mind is wandering. I have been spinning all of the RUN DMC reissues as of lately also. Mostly "Tougher Than Leather though. "They Call Us RUN DMC" is my cut. That beat is fire. Really, really, really looking forward to DANGER DOOM next week! The cut I heard with Talib Kweli and MF DOOM rapping about Saturday morning cartoons back in the day is fantastic. I love MF DOOM.



Nights like this I wish..that raindrops would fall...

Had one of the most laid back weekends ever last weekend. Friday night consisted of me and my roomates Natz and Ando going to the Godfathers going away party. The plan was to go to Ghastoffs for Oktoberfest after that, but for some reason, Ando and his car decided to bring us to Time Out in Blaine. Kind of a wack bar in my opinion. Around 3pm on Saturday, I decided to just lay down and watch some Hellavision but that turned into me sleeping untill about 9pm and then sleeping again untill 8:30 am the next morning. I guess it's good because I probably needed the sleep. Watched the Vikings look even more horrible Sunday afternoon. What an embarassment they are. I can't even stand hardly watching them anymore. I wonder why when Culpeps plays that horrible, that they don't throw Brad in? Oh well, I'll still probably watch every game anyways.

Work has been kind of hellish this week so far. It usually is the first of the month around there, but this is kind of crazy. A bunch of overtime though which is nice. Hopefully this weekend will be nicer.