The Lampshade is in the house...

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This is me telling you all that me and peet are the number one chief rockers. This was during the dance off.

The Groove...

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This is me doing the Neutron Dance with my friends April and Amber.

Fly Ray....

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The man in the background on this photo is Fly Ray. We saw him doing this same dance out of the window and my roomate Jewett invited him in for a drink. He was a homeless man who definitly had that dance down. I am doing the b-boy pose with hardly a rough look on my face.


The Greatest Waitress Of All Time...

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I met this waitress the night before but saw her again on Saturday night. She is my favorite waitress of all time. She has to be to hang out with a dood in all polyester.

The Abstract...

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Hill and my pop. More coming later today.


Words cannot describe...

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Words can't describe how much fun I had on Saturday afternoon and evening. Lawndart tourney, Beers and Pizza, Harvey's for Ando's Bday. I will post more pictures later. Here is one of me and my father during the preparty at the house.


Jealous Again...

Prince got his NAACP image award last night and threw another late night party for celeberties at his L.A. mansion. Turns out Prince, ?uestlove of the Roots, Sheila E., Stevie Wonder, and the rest of Prince's new band jammed on "Housequake", "Lady Cab Driver", "Cloreen Baconskin", "Superstition", and "I Wish" together. F*ck the A-List celebs Prince! What about us!!! ?uestlove reported on okayplayer.com that it was the best night of his life.



Rambling and Such..

Well this weekend should be off the hook. Have Friday off and my boss told to not bother showing up for work Saturday night because we'd be leaving early anyways. So I got a free Saturday off. That just happens to be the night of my roomate Ando's birthday so that should be pretty interesting. It also means I have a four day weekend coming up.

What's the deal with playing poker? I've never played poker and I don't partake in much gambling. Sh*t, the three times I've been to Vegas, I think i've spent a combined 1 hour gambling. Although, I thought roulette was pretty fun. I mean is playing poker as fun as drinking a few Pabst Blue Ribbons and listening to "Revolution Of The Mind" by James Brown? If I see another celeberty poker tournament I think I might cut off my eyelids and feed myself sleeping pills as Raekwan would say. I keep getting invited to all these poker nights from some peoples from high school. Maybe I'll show up to the next one and see what all this fuss is about?

I made a funky ass mix a couple days ago that i've been playing non-stop. I can't decide if I like Al Green's or Graham Central Station's version of "Ain't No Fun To Me" better? Al Green did the original, but Graham Central Station does such a radically different version of it they almost make it there own. Depends on if you like it slow or fast I guess.

If you're into hip hop like I am, I suggest you check out the new link I posted for a site entitled "Cocaine, blunts and hip hop tapes". That site and "The Low End Theory", which I also have a link to, are becomming daily look ups for myself.

As I was making my mix the other day, I re-read some articles in one of my old Grand Slam Magazines. Grandslam Mag is a magazine out of england that focuses on old funk and hip hop. It is the greatest magazine I have ever read. I re-read an article on when funk met punk in the late 70's early 80's which is extremely interesting and I'll post more on later. But one article I really liked was on a photographer named Ricky Powell. He toured with Def Jam back in the day and took some great photos of Run-DmC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, etc. He tells some stories about a bunch of photos they printed in the magazine and they are great. You can check a link to grandslammag on the left.

One last thing...Found it interesting that I got an email from the guy who runs the Minneapolis/St.Paul record show and said he was looking online for anybody who had written articles on the show and he came across this webpage. Guess I got another reader.

currently playing:

"Reel To Reel" Grand Puba
"Surviving Elements" Pete Rock
"Kings of Funk" Rza and Keb Darge
"Dimitri In The House" Dimitri From Paris
"Virgin Ubiquity" Roy Ayers


St. Patricks Day Massacre.....

What a crazy night. It was the crew of me, ando, april, kristy and her boyfriend sean. Started off at O'donnovans pub in Minneapolis. That place was a dissaster and was soooooo packed it was uncomfortable. Ran into Bobby. You'd think they'd have deals on beer for St.patricks day but they charged 6 bucks a glass! After waiting about an hour to use the restroom, me and ando decided it was time to leave. Went to a bar I will leave nameless and ando and I did 2 Irish Car Bombs which probably wasn't a good idea. Then went to Harvey's and kicked it with Travis and Lori for awhile. After that is kind of a blur. Ended up at Old Chicago??? for some reason. Was kind of wack and got a call from Ando, who was back at the nameless bar. I walked over there and kicked it with him and some people for awhile. Then got a ride home and fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Somehow I managed to wake up at 6 am and decided that I needed to listen to my Cure cd all morning. "just like heaven" is an underrated classic. Seems too short of a song though, but moments of euphoria never seem to last long enough.

Thank you's...
HUGE THANK YOU to Travis for hooking us up at Harveys!
Thank you to Kristy and Sean for driving us there and back!
Thank you to my mom for cab money that we used to buy shots! (sorry)
thank you for lettin' me be mice elf again.
Thank you for everything.


"Partytime is anytime and anytime is partytime so unnnhh"

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Well tommorrow is St.Patricks Day. One of the greatest holidays created by man. You throw on whatever green gear you have and go to a bar and get two for 1's and start rhyming House of Pain songs. Well, the crew you see above will be hitting either Gluek's, O'Gara's, or whatever place is having a throwdown for the evening and completely tearing that particular joint completely upside down. The picture above was from over a year ago so that explains my fat face.

If anybody is interested, I have two cd's I'm going to be selling so comment if you're interested...

Har Mar Superstar (yep, allready)
Bargrooves:Mimosa 2 disc (House compilation)


Uptown Is Dead and Monday is Funking Me Hard...

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Went to Uptown this morning after work to hang out untill Electric Fetus opened and all I can say is that it is dead. Uptown is so wack now it is unbelievable. It is nothing close to the Uptown Prince sang about on the "Dirty Mind" album and not the same as it was when I used to venture there back a few years ago. Uptown is infested by couples that drive Mercedes, name their dog "Java",and think Van Morrison's "Moondance" is a hip album to play to get the night going. Plus they all wear emo glasses. F*ck Uptown and their Miami style clubs too!

In other news I picked up "The Kings of Funk" today! Rza's selections are kind of bland but Keb Darge comes through with some heavy funk! Man, his disc is crazy.

Also picked up Roy Ayers "Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings". Very smooth/funky album. The checkout guy at Electric Fetus gave me props for buying it and told me to check out the new "Midwest Funk" collection and I told him.."Allready got it at home man" to which he replied..."Sweet."

The final album I picked up was a gamble and I picked it up because I heard him on XM Radios college station. I picked up Har Mar Superstars new album. I didn't know this guy was this funky! Some crazy synth funk on this disk. "Cut You Up" is crazy and sounds like something off of Beck's "Midnight Vultures".

Read a review of the upcomming Nine Inch Nails album and it sounds interesting. They described one song as a "Billy Jean beat with Prince esqe spoken word lyrics." I wouldn't doubt it since Reznor sampled Prince on "Head Like A Hole". I really dig Reznors music but I hate about 3/4 of his lyrics. Oh well..I"m interested to hear it anyways.

St. Patricks Day is awaiting me.


New Stevie Wonder...

Below is a link for the new Stevie Wonder song "So What The Fuss". I was surprised at how funky this track is. The rumor is that Prince plays guitar on the song. I'm pretty sure it is true because at the beginning of the track Stevie yells "Prince, pop it!" and some funky chickengreaseesqe guitar starts playing. You can check it out if you want to at the link below...


Every Single Weekend....

Tommorow will be the day that Graham Johnson finally shows me how to build my own picture frame. I can finally frame my Prince "Hit and Run Tour" poster thats been rolled up in my closet for 4 years.

KINGS OF FUNK with selections by RZA and KEB DARGE is out now on the Barley Breaking Even label. I recommend picking it up to anyone who is interested in getting into deep funk.

Not much else going on except a 4:30 am farm shift on Friday.

Good Night.


Battle of The Beef (Round Two)...

Travis, I challenge you (if your feeling allright) to round 2 of Battle Of The Beef this Friday! This time it's in my squared circle called Mayslacks!!! Call me if interested to set up a time! BRING IT!!!!!

Downtown Money Waster...

Well holy crap The Black Crowes are back together! They just sold out 7 straight nights in NYC and are doing a club tour! They released the band line up on their website a couple days ago and MARC FORD is back!!! For those that don't know, he played on "Southern Harmony" through "Three Snakes and One Charm". They have a new drummer though which I find kind of weird. If you go to www.blackcrowes.com, you can check the press releases and see the tour dates so far. They also have a pretty kickin' messege board. Hopefully they will hit moneyapolis.

By the way, if anybody is interested in seeing Handsome Boy Modeling School, I'm buying a ticket this weekend.


Future Rhythm at 7200 Friday night so far....

Big up to N8 (the natrix) and Codeman for stopping by for a taste...

"Call My Name" Prince
"Sexy Dancer" Prince
"Girls and Boys" Prince
"No More Wordz" InI
"Know the Ledge" Eric B and Rakim
"Lovesick" Gangstarr
"Pump It Up" P Funk All Stars featuring Sly Stone
"Hot" Rahsaan Paterson
"Dr. Feelgood" Aretha Franklin
"The Remix Experience" Prince mixed by Brother Jules
"Barley Breaking Even" The Universal Robot Band
"Lots of Lovin'(12 inch remix)" Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
"Come On (Doug E. Fresh Remix) The New Power Generation
"17 Days" Prince
"I know I got ya opin (remix)" Black Moon

many more to come......


Future Rhythm at 7200 Thursday Night...


"Ain't No Fun To Me" Al Green
"I Know Who, You Been Sockin' It To" Isley Brothers
"I Can't Stand Myself(when you touch me)" James Brown
"Rock Steady" Aretha Franklin
"Baby I Love You" Aretha Franklin
"Don't Sweat The Technique" Eric B. and Rakim
"Swazzee" Freddie Fox aka Bumpy Knuckles
"I Got Some" Sugar Billy Gardner
"Memphis Soul Stew" King Curtis
"Razz" Kings Of Leon
"Tell Me What It Is" Graham Central Station
"Strobelight Honey" Black Sheep
"In The Meantime" Black Sheep
"Which Way Is Up" Stargard
"I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (acoustic from musicology tour)" Prince
"Remember Who You Are" Sly Stone
"Crossword Puzzle" Sly Stone

Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin'.....

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"You know I'm clean....and on the scene..excuse me cat while I rap.."

I don't know what it is lately but I've been in a total soul mode with my wrekord spinning. Maybe it was news that Prince put a new band together and has been playing nothing but soul covers and one new song every night for celebrities at his new hollywood home or maybe it's after stopping by my parents yesterday I grabbed a couple of my Al Green discs? Or maybe it was that I randomly played "I Got Some" by Sugar Billy Garner the other day after not playing it for about a year? Whatever the case, listening to some old deep soul cuts like Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me" puts me in a greasy mood that makes me feel like i'm "Standing On The Top" like the Super 3 said back in the day. It makes me feel like the jankiest m.f. in the club and makes me feel like every woman I've ever had a thing for is standing in front of me and the songs are interpeting my thoughts of how they did me wrong. Whatever it is..I can dig it.

By the way, I picked up the new Kings Of Leon cd thanks to recomendation from Jake and I read a great review about it in People magazine. I am digging it so far. I know the lead singers voice will take a minute to grow on me, but some of the songs are fire anyways. More on this later and more news about future rhythm at 7200.


Future Rhythm At 7200...


"Hip City (Parts 1 & 2)" Junior Walker and The All Stars
"Mashed Potato Popcorn" James Brown
"Ain't It Funky Now" James Brown
"When She Made Me Promise" The Beginning Of The End
"The Watts Breakaway" The Johnny Otis Show
"Lookin' At The Front Door" Main Source
"Words I Manifest" Gangstarr
"Dig it" The Coup
"One To Grow On" UMC's
"Fakin' The Funk" Main Source
"Got To Get Your Own" Doug Willis
"Hectic Funk" Dirty Harry
"Shaheed" Soulive
"Down Here On The Ground" Grant Green


We know what is up when they don't know what is what we just strut..what the f*ck..

First, my apologies to anybody who called my voicemail this past weekend. The messege was supposed to be a joke since at the house we've been making fun of that Super Sweet Sixteen show on eMpTyV constantly.

In my links section, I posted a link to old school rapper D-Nice's (TR808) blog. "Call Me D-Nice" by D-Nice was the first cd I ever owned and was purchased in 1990. I was checking out his blog today and he posted a picture of The Large Professor from Main Source. If you don't know the Large Professor, you should hit the library and look up hip-hop classic. He was in the fantastic group Main Source which put out "Live at the BBQ", "Fakin' The Funk", "A Friendly Game of Baseball" and "Lookin' At The Front Door" to name a few! The Large Professor is one of the dopest producers in hip hop also. He produced some tracks on, in my opinion, the only good Nas album "Illmatic". I definitely reccomend checking Main Source and Large Professor out. Good luck finding their album "Breaking Atoms" though. It's out of print and is going for 50 dollars on ebay. Somebody told me the website www.sandboxautomatic.com sells bootleg versions of it for 12 bucks though.

Well, my roomate Ando got his halloween pictures developed yesterday. Some pretty good pics of Elvis getting sleazy, me sleeping in a chair, and the wack pack striking again. I'll maybe post some of them later if I get motivated enough and I'll write about my Saturday off which was quite a fun one.

Funk joint of the day....."Standing Ovation" by GQ