son of a bush

Saw ferienheit 911 yesterday. Most interesting part of the movie for me was the relationship between our president and the bin ladin family. I don't want to say anymore to ruin it for others who haven't seen it. Great movie though..I give it 4 stars.


Joss Stone and the gigantic mess...

Listened to the new Joss Stone record today and I was amazed by it. This girl has so much soul it's unbelievable. "Your love is choking", and "Your a dirty man" are crazy. I can't wait untill she puts out a record with her own songs instead of covers.

I got home this morning and saw the biggest mess this house has ever had. I usually don't mind cleaning up from parties and me and Natzel are usually the two that do, but I ain't touching this one with a ten foot pole. Sorry doods.

Found out my homie from the St.Clone years, Matt, is leaving the state of Minnesota come end of July. If it's to the virgin islands to start a rib shack like he talked in college, i'm frigging coming.

Moments of Euphoria never seem to last long enough.



There was an afterparty at the house tonight..attendees...Jewett, myself, dan miller, april, amber, mary b., john juan, slatty, tripp, miller, codeman, c. torrola. funky jam....

records played...

-Prince "musicology"
-One Way "Cutie Pie"
-the Time "777-9311"
-George Clinton "Atomic Dog"
-Bob Sinclar "Disco Selector 4000" (becomming the jam!) and "Your Love"
-Otis Redding "Tramp"
-prince "Illusion, Coma, Pimp and Circumstance"
-Faces "Bad N Ruin"
-Jesse Johnson "Free World"

Highlight...cody bringing the lifesize darth vader cut out..can't wait to see the pics.

Props and Respect

I hqve to dedicate this post to props and respect......

Much love and props to the following...

Alex Steele..for throwing a jam and cooking us chicken and pasta.....meal was amazing.

Steve Miller and Cody..for driving me to steels and hanging out with torrola afterwards.

Mad dog 20/20...the best 3 bucks i've ever spent on a bottle of wine. anytime you can find kiwi lemon wine it's hot.

Dan Miller..for staying up untill 3am with me and saying he was going to make it the whole night.

Prince..for the whole last week.

Jewett..for the leak on the info.

April cuz she's gonna be working at my work.

my mom's cuz we're going to ferienheit 911 tomorrow.

Jenny Ulmer for being such a star and I accidently called her last week. Sorry sugar.

Everybody cuz everybody's a star it's just your shine is a little different then mine!!!!!!!!!!!!


white mansion

Went to a small party at a big white mansion last night with miller, hill, n8, jake, and cody. Pretty fun. Couldn't get enough of the bus.


the king of wishful thinking

"If Elvis was king..James Brown is god." -Meshell N'Degeocello

Pool Fool!

After the worst project of all time (putting a new pool liner in with the roomies), the pool is up and running and i'm going to jump in tomorrow.

Never drinking again...

Thanks to Cornelious for hanging out and having a couple Pabst Blue Ribbons last night. For some reason we threw some old school on the stereo.

Records played...

-James Brown "Talking Loud and Saying Nothing"
-Dimond and the Psychotic Neurotics "Sally got a one track mind"
-Black Sheep "Strobelight Honey"
-De La Soul "Saturdays"
-Gangstarr "Nice Girl, Wrong Place"
-Prince "Call My Name"
-Bob Sinclar "Disco Selector 4000" and "New York City"

while you stand alone..an army stands behind me

Did you know that the 10 commandments that your church and charleton heston told you about aren't really the 10 commandments... more on this later.

Paisley Park

Hello all...last week was one hell of a purple ride. It all started off seeing Prince and the NPG tear the roof off of the Xcell center for over two hours. My homie Rhiannon was lucky enough to give Prince a high five on his way down to the stage. The next two days I attended the two Paisley park concerts. It is unbelievable that Prince can play a 3 hour show at Xcel and then play for two more hours the same night at the park! The Paisley shows were fantastic and it was great to hear songs I haven't seen him play like "Sexy Dancer", "Peach", "DMSR", "Something in the Water does not compute", etc. The highlight had to be friday night at paisley when he did the encore of 'Purple Rain" and "Adore". Another series of great shows for the books.