Props and Respect

I hqve to dedicate this post to props and respect......

Much love and props to the following...

Alex Steele..for throwing a jam and cooking us chicken and pasta.....meal was amazing.

Steve Miller and Cody..for driving me to steels and hanging out with torrola afterwards.

Mad dog 20/20...the best 3 bucks i've ever spent on a bottle of wine. anytime you can find kiwi lemon wine it's hot.

Dan Miller..for staying up untill 3am with me and saying he was going to make it the whole night.

Prince..for the whole last week.

Jewett..for the leak on the info.

April cuz she's gonna be working at my work.

my mom's cuz we're going to ferienheit 911 tomorrow.

Jenny Ulmer for being such a star and I accidently called her last week. Sorry sugar.

Everybody cuz everybody's a star it's just your shine is a little different then mine!!!!!!!!!!!!