Trevor Jackson and Playgroup...

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I've never met Trevor Jackson, but I bet he's a cool motherfu*ker. Judging by the two mix cd's I have of his, he has the same taste in funk that I do. He got his start by designing record sleeves in the 80's. He designed the cover of Eric B. and Rakim's "Paid In Full". The first Playgroup album is one of my favorites. Today I purchased the Playgroup remix album called "Reproduction". Another classic. His remix of the Chicks on Speed song where they cover the Tom Tom Club is just too funky. I've just played disc 1 three times in a row. Maybe if some of the clubs in mpls played sh*t like this, i'd actually enjoy myself there.

Recommended Trevor Jackson..

Playgroup DJ Kicks
Playgroupmix (if you can find it)
Playgroup "Reproduction"


U F'n 2...

Go to the link below and find out what that Bono dood thinks of my favorite musician of all time...


He talks about meeting Prince in the 90's and asking him why he wrote "Slave" on his face. I find that interesting since I have a aftershow on cd where Prince and Bono duet on the Prince track "the cross" at a Prince aftershow in Ireland. good stuff.

I hail from Compton New York, home of the infamous "Booty Clap"...

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I don't know why but I can't stop playing The Dix album "The Art of Picking Up Women". The cover, which is posted above, is one of the best album covers I've ever seen. Does Prince Paul ever have a bad project? Nope.

Celebrated Wild Wednesday with my friend April. We went to the Lyon's Pub for happy hour at 7pm. Place was pretty busy for a hump day. The dj came down and talked to us since we were the only ones requesting songs. I got him to play "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" by Jermain Stewart. Met some guy from New York who followed us to our next bar. That was a good thing though since he bought us our drinks?!! I told him I knew Shyheim from the Bronx and for some reason he got pumped. Good times.


Can you feel it?

The following list is of songs and albums I am currently spinning non stop latley in no particular order..........

-LCD Soundsystem/Gang of Four...punk funk like Material used to make.

-"Blue Orchid" White Stripes....I read an article about how their new album "Satan get in the back of me" that comes out in June is supposed to be more laid back? I guess that might have been a lie after hearing this. My roomate hooked me up with it and I love it. Jack White sings in a falsetto that is kind of funky in a way.

-"The Art Of Picking Up Women" The Dix....Another Prince Paul project that doesn't dissapoint. Somebody described this album as if Old Dirty Bastard would have started out with De La Soul instead of Wu Tang.

-"Let It Ride" Ryan Adams....Another track my roomate hooked me up with. In the same vein as "Love Is Hell". Alt-Country at it's finest.

-New York Dolls....After hearing bits and pieces before, I am really into them now.

-"The Body Rock" Treacherous Three..classic old school track that diddy stole the beat from for Mariah's "Honey".

-"the Get Down" Z-Trip feat. Lyrics Born....Jeff got me into lyrics born and I dig him. Z-Trip makes some good sh*t.

I see the natrix and It's a handsome thing are dead blogs now. I guess I'll never know what N8 is doing now?

Wild Wednesday part II starts tonight.



My girlfriend, Nikka Costa has relaunced her website for her new album "Cantneverdidnothin'" I urge everyone to go there and check out her new song "Till I Get You" and try to tell me it's not one of the funkiest songs they heard in years.


Go to the audio page to check it out when you get there......

p.s. I am really digging the LCD Soundsystem album.


You know you're getting old....

Yesterday afternoon I turned on BET and I was shocked! I saw videos for "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton, "Knockin' The Boots" by H-Town, "Don't Walk Away Boy" by Jade and a few others I rememebered from back when I was in Junior High/High School. Then I noticed the name of the show was "Grown Folks Music". What the hell? I guess I'm a grown folk now.


Break down..this is a bust...

Thanks to Travis..The greatest video of all time...http://americawestandasone.com/video.html

Me and April have planned Wild Wednesday. It will be the grease no doubt. See you there if you're not square.

I wish the weather here would be exactly the same every day as it was yesterday.

I took a gamble and bought Ready For The World's greatest hits at Cheapo on Friday. Even though almost every song is a Prince rip off. It's actually not that bad. They use the sh*t out of the Linn drum and the lead singer always sounds like he's impersonating Prince or Morris. Although "Ceramic Girl" and "Love You Down" are definitely slamming.


Old Friends 4 Sale....Get em' while the gettin' is hot..

I was looking around online for some out of print funk cd's and I came across amazon.com which had some top 10 funk records lists selected by people that were supposed to be these great well known dj's. What caught my eye was that in the dj's introduction he wrote that people need to know there's more to funk then James, Parliament/funkadelic, etc. even though they are fantastic. So I checked out his list only to find a bunch of compilations that I allready have or have had. Not to egotrip or anything, and I know there are a lot of people that know more then me, but I actually think i'm kind of an expert on funk music.

Interesting to see that the Queens of The Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal concert got cancelled/postponed. Maybe I can actually go if it ever comes back now.

Read a review on the Handsome Boy Modeling School tour and it sounds kind of lukewarm to me. Prince Paul and The Automator on the turntables with a live band with cartoon carictures on a screen doing the vocalists parts. The review said it was excting for about 10 minutes and that's about it.

The latest fashion....

My Thursday ramblings...

As a tribute to the Pope, I played "Pope" by Prince today.

I was at club Spin last weekend for a friends bday and all I can say is that it is the extremely worst place I have ever been to in my entire life. Worst dj I have ever heard. Worst crowd I have ever been around. They should either change the name to Spindry or Minnesotas sexiest cattle correl because it's one giant circle of people squished together having their friends lead them through circles of arrogant aholes to use the restrooms. And by the way I heard the same techno song for an entire hour! Spin is a sign of the apocolypse so burn it down now!

Congratulations to my cousin and his bride in New York on their upcomming child.

My favorite magazine ever, GrandSlam, went out of business so I guess I'll have to start reading waxpoetics which ain't a bad thing.

The new Beck album is fantastic! "Scarecrow" is my favorite jam at the moment.

Download the new smokin' Prince song "Glass Cutter" at www.npgmusicclub.com for 99 cents! Trust me, it's worth it! One of the best guitar cuts he's done in a long time!


The Coup...

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The Coup, one of my favorite hip hop groups ever is set to release a new album this year!

Found this on google.....

Riley's reach could still grow with help from his newest label, Epitaph, which figures to be more sensitive to his politics and seems well situated to connect the Coup with audiences beyond the hip-hop domain. On his fifth album, tentatively titled Fuck You, Pay Me and due later this year, Riley promises a grittier, rawer sound -- "more Funkadelic than Parliament, more Dirty Mind than Purple Rain" -- shaped with help from former members of Sly and the Family Stone (the first single, "Show Your Ass," is out this summer). More promising still, Riley is working on a boatload of other projects, including the funk-rap group Defiant and the live funk band Baby Daddy. He's also hatching plans for a label he says will be a "revolutionary Motown."

One of the greatest nights ever....

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Wow! Last night my roomate Jewett and I were bored so we decided to go out for a beer at Buffalo Wild Wings. The place was pretty dead, but it was still a good time. As we were sitting there, I spotted a very familiar face playing songs on the jubebox. I asked my roomate if that guy looked a hell of a lot like Michael Anthony from Van Halen? Jewett said that it kind of did so after a couple beers I mustered up the courage to go ask. I mean, why would he be kicking it at buffalo wild wings in Fridley of all places? Sure enough it was! Me and Jewett have never been more excited in our lives! We asked him what the hell he was doing in Fridley and he laughed and said that he was doing some session work in town for a friend of his at some studio in Minneapolis. While I was talkin to him, Jewett bought him a beer and we got a chance to talk with him a little more. He talked about how he misses David Lee Roth a lot and how Sammy is kind of an ahole trying to promote his Tequila all the time. I thought that was kind of funny. He talked about the old days in 84 and all the parties they had. He told me I couldn't repeat some of the things, so I'm sorry about that. Then I asked him to sign a napkin for me, and instead, he pulled out the picture above from his travel bag thing he had with him and signed it! The above picture is a scan of my new autographed Michael Anthony picture!! Friends forever Michael Anthony, Friends forever!