The Glow Of Love

Change - The Very Best Of  *** out of 5 Stars

I picked this album up after hearing the Change song "Change Of Heart" on KMOJ somewhere in the early 00's.  After hearing it, I did some research on the band and found out some interesting things.  On their first album, a young unknown Luther Vandros is on lead vocals.  He later left the group as he became popular.  Also Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were involved in their later productions which adds a Minneapolis sound element to Change's later albums.  Change made some very funky/disco music,but a couple tracks stand out for me due to my interest in sampling and where beats came from.  One track in particular is "The Glow Of Love".  It's from Changes first album and features a young Luther on vocals.  Upon hearing this song, you will recongnize that the music is exactly the same as Janet's "All For You".  With Jam and Lewis's traditional one song beat jacking for Janet's albums you can give a A-HA! after finding out that they were involved in Change's production.  One other funky joint is "A Lover's Holiday".  I remember a friend of mine had that R.Kelly album that had a red and black cover and I remember one of the first tracks being really funky.  The song is the same music as "A Lover's Holiday". The Very Best Of Change also contains the funk synth workout "Change Of Heart" and the tender ballad "Say You Love Me Again" where you might think Jam and Lewis thought about this song when writing "Let's Wait Awhile" for Janet.  Change was a pretty funky group and probably underrated as far as 80's dance music goes.  Check them out if you're looking for some funk!

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