West Coast Poplockin'

Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock

The one thing that makes me want to talk about this song/record is something that keeps occuring at work.  During our first break at 9am, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is usually on the television.  She has a part in her show where she gets the crowd to dance with her.  They have a selection of about 8 songs that they rotate everyday.  One of those songs is "California Love" by 2pac.  Everytime "California Love" is the song played, a 23 year old coworker always says "Damn..they're going old school." This single statement goes with the time 5 years ago where I asked the guy at Cheap Skate in Blaine if he could play "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton and he told me that they only bring those songs out on adult skates.  They both make me feel like i'm getting old.  Anyways..Old school? Are you kidding me?  I for one do not like 2pac. There are so many other legends that were about 20 times better then him that deserve the credit, but that's for another day.  "California Love" samples "West Coast Poplock" by Ronnie Hudson and The Street People.  This track is from 1982-83 and it would go perfect on a summer throwdown mixtape/playlist.  Upon first listen you will recongnize the chorus Roger Troutman sings on "California Love" with instead of "We keep it rockin'" it's "we're poplockin". Another funky treat is Mr. Hudson singing about Poplockin' in Howard Johnson's and Holiday Inn's which sounds like if this was a dream I was having it might be one of the best dreams i've ever had.  I mean come on..Poplockin' in hotels, keepin' it rockin..california sun!! It's a lot faster then "California Love" and a lot more funky.  Why do I keep comparing "West Coast Poplock" to "California Love"? Because if you can't stand 2pac and people who's music listening is based on what Clear Channel tells them to, then throw "West Coast Poplock" on at the party and it will get the real people on the dancefloor.