These are the days of wild..

What is going on this weekend? I have my homie Frank Bryson's wedding early evening on Friday, but I"ll probably leave that early. Then I have off of work untill Monday. I've heard a few rumblings of happenings but somebody let me know because I am down for whatever.


Get your girl in the mood quicker, get your jimmy thicker with st. ides malt liquor..

Everyone go check out thelowendtheory.blogspot.com and thank dj haze for what he posted on his site. He posted a site with every St. Ides commercial for download! I"ve been looking for most of these forever. Thanks DJ Haze and let me know if you want me to take this link down.



Come on baby, let's do the romp.....

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Found this picture thanks to The Low End Theory...thelowendtheory.blogspot.com. Had to say that it made me laugh this morning. Thought I'd share.


Like a splendid open ended celebate friend pretending not to know it when I blow it in your eyes...

Natz hooked me up with a copy of the Billy Bragg and Wilco album "Mermaid Avenue" and I love it. I played the track "One by One" four times on the way home from work today. What a great song!

For those wondering the new picture up on the left is Graham Central Station. GCS is so bad and when I say bad I say not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. When Larry G. hits the fuzz switch on his bass, it sounds like a dang earthquake. The song "Tell Me What It Is" from their first album is so funky it's rediculous and their cover of Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me' is so different they make it their own. I love Graham Central Station. I met Larry Graham once and on my cd he wrote "To Christian, your friend forever, Larry Graham." Even though Larry's never had me over for dinner, I would be Larry's friend forever.


I rock the party north, east and south, in the west 17 horns blowin....

Had a great weekend. Went to the MPLS Community Balloon fight with Peet and tore some sh*t up. Had a great time at Cody's going away party. Played some cuts, talked about old times and watched Cody swig a flask of Southern Comfort all day. Met up with some friends downtown to top it off and had a great time. Ended up taking 20 pictures yesterday so I should have some to share probably next weekend. I hear the last supper is on Tuesday at Davanni's. I wonder who's gonna cry? Pretty fun, but back to the grind.


Gotta bring food to the food fight..hit you with a bacon and egg samich....

Got the following email from Peet (Lampshade) the other day....

"there's gonna be a big giant water balloon fight on the 20th of august. i
think that's a saturday. a whole ass load of people are meeting at
pillsbury park at 2pm. there are posters up all over the city and
everything. this is big time, the real shit. i'm not exactly positive where
pillsbury park is, though. anybody know? i think it's near the stone arch
bridge on the east side of the river. anyway, we're all resourceful
semi-adults, and i don't think it should be a huge ordeal trying to locate
the place. i'm goin, goddammit."

Well, I talked to Peet (Lampshade) last night and I'm frigging going. I"m bringing a bucket of my own water balloons and I am going to show these mpls mf's the reign of the tek. Who's with me and the lampshade before Cody's throwdown?


The Office.....

There was a guy at my work tonight who brought his own cd's in and at one point, he played "Benny and The Jets" by Elton John 3 times in a row. Who the hell does that? If I played "Purple Rain" three times in a row around anybody I know, I'd probably get slugged.

Then there's this girl I work with who acts so gangsta even though she lives in Little Canada MN and is the farthest thing from it. For some reason she will only say one phrase to me each night. Apparently I"m not hip hop enough. I once got my Old School B-boy pass from Shyheim and his friends so I know I am, but the only thing she says to me every night in her hip hop voice is "Yo Christian....ish break time yo." Lovely.

Nothing can stop us now..i'm gonna show you how..show you how to work..

This morning I start the great Nordic Track workout. A half hour from now it will be 6 am and I'll be nordic trackin' like you mf's have never seen. 1 more day of work until the freakin' weekend so I'm gonna grab my rollerskates cuz it's a Saturday.


The reason you're so cool is you're from the old school and they know it..

First day at the new job went pretty well. A little frustrating learning everything, but I guess that's how all new jobs turn out to be at first. But, last night, I tore it up. Everything ran smooth and the time flew by like nobody's business! I am starting to love the transition.

I almost have a feeling of a rebirth with all that's been happening in my life lately. It's actually a very refreshing feeling. A feeling that I'm pretty close to getting all my sh*t together.

Saturday will probably be a mixed feeling day. It's cody's going away party and hopefully not, but probably one of the last times the whole Farm crew will all kick it together. It seems like just yesterday and not years ago that we all piled into the Cody's van, autographed our names on the ceiling and broke all the windows. It will be a funky blast regardless but it will be weird without the Codeman around.

Also, forgot to mention that Peet played me the new Ween rarities disc at the Farm the other day and there is a little different version of "Monique The Freak" that is dope and a song called "Boys Club" that is so hillarious and weird that I actually kind of liked it.

Songs I spun before work yesterday....

Sly Stone "Loose Booty"
Nikka Costa "Just Because"
Donny Hathaway "Open Your Eyes"
The Flying Burrito Brothers "Hot Burrito #2"
James Brown "Superbad (live)"
Kenna "Vexed and Glorious"
Vanity 6 "Drive Me Wild"
Natural Selection "Natural Selection"


America loves the way we swing.........

Ok, not only did this absolutely creep the heck out of me, but I can officially say that i've probably seen it all. Thanks to Natz for letting me know about it.

See for yourself...


I can't believe these guys are so dang serious. Mimes are so frigging creepy. God...I'm done.


Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'.....

Had a great weekend off before the first day of work. Consisted of Mayslacks, Hookers and Blow, Cab Rides, Mayslacks, and PRACNA. Can't really think of anything to post besides that.

The recent playlist....

"Call My Name" Prince
"Escapsim" James Brown
"What Is Hip" Tower Of Power
"Song of The Flesh" Black Crowes
"Be Real Black For Me" Donny Hathaway w/ Reberta Flack
"Get Out My Life Woman" Lee Dorsey
"Roni" Bobby Brown

p.s. Thank you A. Hope to see you soon at Musicapolis. ; )


Anna Stesia.........

Start the new job on Monday! Staying at the farm for now, even though I think the number of hours I get will probably dwindle heavily since I won't have the 3 day off thing anymore, but oh well.

Got my certificate that certifies me as a Reverend from the Universal Life Church today. Once I go register with the city of Minneapolis I will be able to marry people, do funerals, and baptize people. Oh yeah, you can call me The Reverend Christian R. Abrahamson now. Don't be scared, I ain't gonna change.


New Position....

So yeah, I haven't posted in a about a minute, but there hasn't really been much going on the last few days. Really haven't been doing anything but playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out and waiting for my new job to call me on Thursday to give me a start date.

Went on a bike ride tonight. Stopped by Millers house to say what up. He made me jealous with a Prince and The Revolution poster he got at ARCC. Rode up to Palmer Lake and then back to the house.

Worked my last night at my old job last night. Kind of interesting. Apparently they are going to have a happy hour get together for me in a couple weeks. Was going to be sooner, but I guess a lot of people want to come so they had to make it later for people to ask for time off. I didn't know that many people liked me there.

Got to put in a couple hours at the farm tommorow afternoon, so I"m hitting the sack.


Hot like a sauce and I dip every nugget..cuz i can bug it and still come off rugged.

Picked up 2 classics today. First, I got a copy of "Breaking Atoms" by Main Source in the mail. This album is going for 70 bucks on Ebay cuz it's out of print and I found it for 17 bucks! What a classic album. Large Professor is just too funky. "Looking at the front door", "Just Hangin' Out", and "Live At The Barbeque" are classics.

Second, someone online hooked me up with mp3's of The Knuckleheadz album. This album was supposed to come out in 1991-92? They were a part of The Hit Squad with EPMD, Redman, Das Efx, K-solo, etc. For some reason, their album never saw the light of day. I have a tape of The Hip Hop Countdown and Report that I recorded off of KMOJ from that year and The Knuckleheadz track "All She Wanted" is on that tape. I have been looking for that track really hard lately and from posting on some message boards that I frequent, I finally found the whole album!!! Thanks to cocaine, blunts and Hip Hop.com for the hook up!

Finally, last night was one of the craziest nights of sleep ever. After falling asleep, my phone rang at 2 in the morning from someone I haven't talked to in about a year. Then at 3 am I wake up hearing two raccoons outside of my window fighting each other. They kept hissing, screaming and wrestling. After that fiasco, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was possessed by something and raccoons kept biting off my toes and fingers. I got so mad that I turned into a nintendo gameboy with eyeballs and started zapping them??!!?? Where the hell did that dream come from?


Less concerned about fitting in the world...your world that is...

Holy sh*t!!! Mckesson offered me a job this morning!!! I got a new job!! I'll be getting Saturdays off again!!! What a great day!


MC's get hung with they own gold chains....

Heard the song "The Mask" featuring Ghostface Killer by DangerDoom. DangerDoom is a collaboration project between MF Doom and Danger Mouse. Dangermouse got famous for making "The Grey Album" which was Beatles music matched with JayZ accapellas. Well I am loving "the mask" and I cannot wait for the album. One kind of weird thing about this is that they got permission from Cartoon Network to use any samples from Adult Swim shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and stuff. Should be a great release.

Got my second interview with McKesson Pharmecudicals tommorow! Might have a new job by the end of the week!