Ain't nobody buyin' my groove, but I got one....all the artists play for radio, but cheat the fan....Let me on the stage and watch you move your big butts..cuz everybody, everybody gettin' funky in this band.


9:30 gettin' dressed Ihad a couple sips of wine..oooo I swear 2 god my suit was hangin' fine..

One more night of work utill the freakin' weekend. Tommorow I will go on a qwest to Emmit's shoes on Washington Ave. to hopefully find the holy grail of Stacy's. For the squares, Stacy's stands for a brand of shoe called Stacy Adams that are so damn smooth and funky, you can't help but snap your fingers. If Morris Day wears Stacy's, I wear Stacy's! Check out the collection at www.stacyadams.com.

I don't know what it is, but I can't sleep anymore. I get home from work and putz around designing things on my mac, watching reruns of "The Office", listening to records or stare into the middle of the ceiling from my bed. Maybe it's my new found love of coffee at work? Speaking of which...

I frigging love coffee. I never drank coffee willingly in my life untill I went to my friend April's cabin. I used to complain about the smell and taste up untill now. Now I find myself driving to Super America every Friday-Sunday morning to buy a large Vanilla latte'. God I sound like a fu*king pu**y.

Hope to see everybody this weekend.


A whole lotta superstars on this stage here tonight, but I want u to know 1 thing..this is my house!..

Finally watched The VH1 Second Annual Hip Hop Honors show. Kind of a bland show. I always kind of dislike shows like this and that MTV ICON show because they always pick popular artists to take part it seems so everyone will watch the show. It was cool to see Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Big Daddy Kane and Ice T get their due, but why Salt N Pepa? I know I might get angry comments about this, but why B.I.G. too? Aren't there like a million more people that should be honored? What about Afrikka Bambotta and the Soulsonic Force? Gangstarr? The Beastie Boys? Hell, why not Prince Paul, De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest? And why was Boyz In The Hood the first movie to be honored? What about Wild Style and Krush Groove? The coolest part of the show for me was Big Daddy Kanes performance. Holy sh*t does he still have his chops! The Roots were bad as hell playing the beats, Black Thought was dope, and Common doing a windmill was surprising, but watching Kane rhyme was crazy! Then when he went into the dance routine with the dancers, that blew the whole stage apart! Would have liked to have seen a little "Ain't No Half Steppin'" thrown in, but it was still classic!

Is D'angelo becoming the new Sly Stone? One of my favorite artists of all time hasn't put out an album for about 5 years, was arrested on drug possesion a few months ago and now just got into a huge accident where he was thrown from his car? Will he ever put out a new album?

The Office is officially my favorite show on Hellivision. I like how they push the limits and I haven't seen a show this funny in a long long time!

That is all you get for now suckaz.


Tell me what u need and I'll take heed and lead u in the right direction for affection...

Saturday night was definitely a great time. Most of the whole crew came out in full effect. Started off meeting at the house for a little pre-party. Everybody signed my work shirt and either left me a nice message or a dirty one. Started off at Nye's. Somehow we found this room there way in the back that was playing some pretty funky music and was pretty empty and hidden. It was almost like we had our own private party room. I ordered a Tom Collins for the first time in about 4 years and it may have made it to the top of my favorite hard drink list again. From there we had one of the tightest car rides ever to Ghastoffs. There was about 7 of us in Kates tiny car. Many a laps were sat on. We rocked Oktoberfest at Ghastoffs for a bit. I drank a "Tied To The Bedpost" and decided that was enough for me to drink for the night. I took one of the biggest spills known to man on a wet spot in front of my whole group of friends. Amber told me it looked like I was just break dancing so that made me feel a little better. After that we returned to the house for a small afterjam. It was a very fun affair.

For some reason, I can't get the songs "Natural Selection" by Natural Selection and "Nights Like This" by After7 out of my head. That's not necessarily a bad thing I guess.


It will be so untight if you don't go....

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

As some may know and some may not know, Saturday afternoon is my last day at the Farm. I talked with Peet a little bit about it, but I am organizing a Christian is leaving the farm jam Saturday night! Everybody better step up and go. I would like to start out at either Nye's or Vic's on Saint Anthony Main. If we get sick of those places we could head to Ghastoff's or Mayslack's or wherever N.E. palace will let us in. We will all have many a bers and reminisce about the days of farm past. Everybody I know is invited to go. Invite anybody you want! If you are down, and you better be, give me a call sometime before Saturday. All farmers must attend...and that means you Kramer and Tad Chilly!

Everybody give me a call and let me know. I want this to be like the time we ran 30 deep to Lyon's Pub.

tonight we're gonna get way down, tonight we're gonna ball, tonight we're gonna hit the bomb ya'll, talkin' bout the Northeast Crawl!


New Jack Hustler....

At my new job, if you don't have any errors with your orders at the end of the week, you win a free DVD. Well last night I won a copy of "New Jack Hustler" special edition! It has all the videos included including "New Jack Hustler" by Ice T and "I Wanna Sex U Up" by Color Me Badd! I was pretty pumped!

For all that were at April's cabin and in on the hour long Ghostbusters conversation, the black doods name was Winston. I thought it was Washington so I was kind of close.

One more week left at the farm. Me and Peet talked about having a no more christian at the farm party at Nye's next Saturday night. Let me know if any of ya'll would be interested. Peet's having a housewarming party the end of October. I am there.


People call me rude, i wish we all were nude, i wish there was no black or white, i wish there were no rules.

Well, I put my two weeks notice in at the farm. After a combined almost 8 years of service, i'm done. Everybody always tells you that you'll be back, but not for this funky mf. It will be kind of sad not to see the usuall suspects there as much. Hopefully we can all kick it sometime or have some sort of happy hour deal after I'm done in a couple weeks. That leaves the original veterans down to 2.

My roomate Natzel hipped me to this funky arse site called www.thriftyhipster.com which tells you what drink specials are going on at every bar/club in mpls every night. Check it out if you plan on hitting anywhere in the MPLS area.

Prince put up a new single to download on his site www.npgmusicclub.com called "S.S.T." It was written and recorded at Paisley Park in one night after Katrina hit New Orleans. The song is about the whole fiasco. It is a 99 cent download and all the proceeds go to hurricane relief. It's actually a pretty good song too! So if Prince is at Paisley Park at the moment, when are the parties going to start again? I miss hanging out in the love4oneanother room listening to a dj spin actual good music or watching a funky ass early morning jam session. It's been awhile.

Where is R.S.R.?

That is all for now.


The Purp....

Yesterday, my roomate Ando scored 2nd row from the field tickets to the Vikings game. Even though the Vikings pretty much took a sh*t, it was still cool to be that close to the field on opening day. We sat right behind the Vikings bench, kinda. The best sign I saw all day had to be a guy a few rows up who was a gangster looking dood who's sign read exactly this..."HEY RANDY, I SMOKE THE HOLE SEASON". I wonder if he knew he spelled "whole" wrong? Another great moment was walking back to the car, my roomate had to use the restroom so bad he had to go into a gay bar called "The Eagle" to use it. Heh heh.


Noddin off, sleep to a jazz tune..I can hear his head bangin on the wall in the next room..

See you at Sophia.


The morning papers.....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Had one of the most fun labor day weekends in my life. Went to my friend April's cabin and had a great time. A weekend that consisted of finding friends at random bars, ghostbusters conversations, fires, mad dog/purple rain, shotgunning beers, lawn darts, fishing, doing the dishes, kareoke, and good times. There was honestly not one moment where I didnt' have a frigging blast.

The NFL starts tonight! I can't wait until Sunday to see the purple reign havoc on the bucs. I also can't wait to see my boy Jim Kleinsasser back in effect.

I"m thinking of quitting the farm. I love the farm, but I think it may be time. The original crew has dwindled down to me, peet, and miller. I want to try and stick it out until christmas so I can go to the christmas party, but it's really messing up my sleep schedule and weekends. I"ll have to give it some deep thought because that would be the end of an era.

See you all someday.


A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey..

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May the lightest of lights shine upon the friends and family of R. L. Burnside. The greatest bluesman of all time in my book is dead. I had the pleasure of seeing R.L. Burnside numorous times at First Ave. in Minneapolis. They were some of the wildest and craziest concert experiences ever! Peet and I were even in a mosh pit at one of the shows. After one of the shows I was lucky enough to go backstage and meet him. He was pretty tipsy and told me a story about a dog in Iowa. He also seemed like he had kind of a crazy side. In one biography, they said a live mic caught him saying "the devil is who I serve" as he walked by. Tonight I will drink a 7 and 7 in your memory..god bless you R. L. burnside.

In other music news..I am really diging "Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand. It's almost funky in a way. Wait, it is pretty funky. "I love your friends..they're all so artsy." Nice.

On rotation in the grand am...

"Brooklyn Queens" remix -3rd Bass
"1nceAgain jackin for beats remix" A Tribe Called Quest
"Do You Want To" Franz Ferdinand
"Two Doors Down" Meshell N'degeocello
"the morning papers" Prince
"Scarecrow" Beck
"Remember Who You Are" Sly Stone