Have A Drink On Me....

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Happy Birthday to the only Rolling Stones fan on earth that digs techno music and owns the "Milkshake remix"! My friggin pop. He turned 22 today. Everybody drink a Miller Lite for my father tonight.

The harder they come...

I'd have to say my favorite song of the moment is "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff. For some reason I get pumped whenever Hookers & Blow covers it. I've been playing it constantly the last couple days. Just kind of a feel good song to me. I don't listen to much reggae music, but throw on this song or "Waiting In Vain" by Bob Marley and you have my attention. And of course "Dolly My Baby" or "Ghetto Red Hot" by Supercat.

I don't dig no phonys....

Hung out with some co-workers last Saturday afternoon and had a frigging blast. Won 350 dollars on Pulltabs! Won a gift certificate to Majors and I won a pack of steaks! Also found out my co-workers are quite the fun bunch to hang out with. Picture coming very soon!

Won a best buy gift certificate from work for our office being the best in the company for the 3rd straight quarter. Also won the movie King Kong which I'll never watch.

My ipod is the greatest thing ever. I'm at 240 songs and I hook it to my stereo and groove for hours. Playing at this moment.... "I Don't Know" Slum Village

To whomever it may concern....a couple cliches for you...You burn too many bridges, pretty soon you have none to cross. Sometimes the truth hurts. Hate me forever..it won't bother me.



Everybody go purchase the new Prince record "3121" today. Trust me, you won't be sorry!

I broke down and bought an Ipod Nano that holds 500 cuts. I got 79 on there so far and I love it.

I got nothin' else.


Got "3121"! Really digging "3121", "Love", "Black Sweat", "Satisfied", "Lolita" and "Beautiful, Loved, & Blessed"! "Love" is my jam right now. "Lolita" sounds a tad bit similar to "Soft & Wet", and I must say I'm a little bit dissapointed with the studio version of "Fury". Still a cool song, but I think I got spoiled and expected to much from it after seeing him perform it on Saturday Night Live. I'm still trying to feel the rest of the album, but I like it better than "Musicology". Cool to see Michael B. and Sonny T. play on the title track.


Every heartbeat is a soundtrack to your life........

Just saw the lineup for Lalapalooza in Chicago! Wilco, Ryan Adams, Common, Lyrics Born, Omega Watts, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queens of The Stone Age, wack arse Kanye to name a few.....I might have to go for a 3 day pass only costing 130 bucks. They're advertising it as 1 dollar per band since there are 130 bands. Who's with me? First week in August I think..



U can come if u want 2..but u can't ever leave...

-Heard the title track to Prince's new album "3121" and it's a type of funk that gives me the same feeling "Days of Wild" did when I first heard it. This song sounds so different then anything he did in the 90's and "Musicology". It's almost like he realized that trying to sound like the times ain't working and he decided to do his own thing again. The song "3121" has the camille voice, funky bass, weird guitar, and Prince sounding like he's f*cked up or something!

-Work is complete hell this week. Working massive overtime, having to miss the Time show, and having to work on St. Patricks day. Major overtime pay equals no fun for me, myself and eye.

-I decided I like club sandwiches.

-I ran into Tad Chilli's girlfriend Corrine at Klaudas Irish Pub in Maple Grove on Saturday night. No sign of the Chilli Mac though.

-Last weekend was the first weekend in about four weeks that I didn't head downtown mpls. I really didn't miss the people and I might just have to make that a habit from now on. Going to find a new joint to tear apart.


the SUGAR diss...

On Saturday night me, my roomate ando and a few other people stayed at The Graves 601 hotel in block e in mpls. Inside the hotel they have a club called Infinity. Since we were guests at the hotel, they put us on the guestlist at the club which meant while a million people wait to get in, we get to go in a private line and walk right in which was kind of cool but the club was so frigging packed! The non guest line went so far out the door on to the street. So after we get in the club, which was wall to wall people with nowhere to move, a lady working there said we could get into the VIP room if we bought a 200 dollar bottle of vodka. HELL NO! Well, I couldn't take the place anymore so I said screw it and started to leave. as I got closer to the door I ran into the guest of honor at the club and we stood face to face. IT WAS F*CKING SUGAR RAY LEONARD! Yep the boxer! He was the exact same height as me, but he was built like a mf! Being that I had a few Coronas in the hotel room, I yelled.."Yo Sugar Ray whats up man!" Sugar Ray Leonard then gave me the dirtiest, saltiest look I have ever recieved in my entire life and he didn't even say a word. He just gave me that look for about 20 seconds and started walking away. If I could read his mind from that look, he was probably saying to himself "who the hell is this guy and he's lucky that i'm not doing the wind up with the right hand and punching him in the face with my left. The sad thing was after he passed, the lady he was with gave me the exact same look and followed him to the VIP room. So, I got dissed by Sugar Ray Leonard. Probably not as cool as meeting The Road Warriors at the Zubaz display at Brookdale back in 5th or 6th grade but definitely on that level.