Porn Depot...

I stopped by Home Depot today to pick up some materials to add to my cd shelf and when I walked out to my car, I noticed something stuck to the windshield wipers. At first I thought it was one of those stupid flyers to have my roof reshingled or something, but nope. It was an actual kodak picture of two doods getting it on. I looked around to see if I could find a culprit, but there was no one in site. I ripped the picture up and threw it on the ground. It felt a little creepy. Fridleys a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Damn..that's some good Colt 45 and yes, it works everytime.

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I was reorganizing my room today and low and behold I found my Lando Calrissian action figure! I had thought that Steve Miller stole it from a Halloween party at the house, but he was found in a jar full of pennies. I sold all my Star Wars action figures to Andrew Kramer, but I had to keep Lando. Lando was the smoothest dood in Star Wars and anybody who is a fan of Colt 45 is a friend of mine. Also, a couple years ago, Matt gave me a VHS copy of the movie "Double O Soul" which stars Billy Dee Williams and is a classic! Is there anything Billy Dee can't do that makes him look so smooth?


We love the whorehoppin' that ain't no lie..and you can tell by the devilish look in our eye..

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So like, Jeff Hill told me that Eagles of Death Metal are opening for Queens of The Stone Age when they come. I reacted by my look in the picture above. Sh*t, I"m going.


That sissy tony danza was on that show Taxi....

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I have a new love lately and it's called Taxi Cabs. Taxi Cabs save the day on Fridays. I bet I have taken a Taxi at least four out of the last 5 weekends. I have heard many horror stories about people getting D.U.I.'s and I would much rather split a 15 dollar cab with a couple homies instead of paying six grand or whatever it takes to get out of a D.U.I.! Plus, Taxi Cab drivers can be pretty interesting people to talk to. The last one we had told us some pretty raunchy stories of things that happened in his cab and one we had a few months ago told us he takes backroads when going to Northeast bars because he's had some run in's with the cops there. Crazay as Jesse Johnson featuring Sly Stone!

Lyrically we're even stevens....

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Got bored this morning and decided to mess around in Photoshop. Came up with this new logo for my blog. Iron on's are available for 5 bucks. Email if interested.

Callin' Out....

It's been a long time since I could relate to the lyrics of a hip hop song, but I recently found one. The lyrics to Lyrics Born's "Bad Dreams" is basically an explination of my personal life right now.

Barely Breaking Even records makes me love them more and more with news that they are releasing "The Kings Of Funk" with deep out of print funk tracks selected by Keb Darge and The RZA. They are also releasing "The Kings of Hip Hop" with out of print hip hop tracks selected by Kenny Dope and DJ Premier. CAN"T WAIT!!!!



Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymmore but somedays I wish I was a kid again..

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This picture was given to us by Soup. He found it in his drawer. It is from my roomate Natzel's High School Graduation party in 1998. From the left: Peet Quist, my roomate Ando, and my roomate Jeff with the tucked in shirt. For some reason Peet has a comb in his beard and thats back when Peet rocked the long hair.


I need to get out of this city..I need to get you out of my head.I need to get away from the words that you said to me..

So would I look better wearing red and white? Or would I look better wearing just a swimsuit twenty four hours a day?

I don't wanna be a poet, cuz I don't wanna blow it..I don't care to win awards.

Prince won two Grammys! He even beat Usher in one category! Probably due to the lyrics at the end of D.M.S.R. he didn't bother showing up to collect.


Coming from the projects on the hill in my monkey green ragtop seville..

Went to see Hookers and Blow on Friday night at the Cabooze and it probably ranks in my top 5 greatest nights out ever! Seems like the whole crew showed up. DJ Jezus Juice did a dj set to open the show and I went up to him to ask what record he was playing because he was playing some funky/jazzy type stuff that me and ando were totally digging. Band was on fire! There were 5 of us doing choreographed moves in the front row that the band was loving! Me and Jeff Hill did the Kid and Play dance at one point. During the break between sets there was a mad freestyle battle going on between N8 and Jeff that got two girls very interested. During the second set, Me, my roomates ando and jewett, Jeff Hill and N8 got pulled up on stage to dance with the band! Some of us got instruments and each of us GOT A TURN ON THE MIC!!! I sang something and yelled chickengrease! Jeff did part of "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire!! Met many new people on the dancefloor. I wore silver polyester pants. One for the books I tell ya. I think it is pretty much safe to say that we owned the Cabooze friday night.

Bought the new Beck single off of ITUNES. I am really digging it. "Hell Yes" gets funkier every time I listen to it.

Thanks to DJ Jezus Juice, I got into a group called Jetsofunk.


Resevoir Dogs...

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Jake posted this on his site, but I liked the picture so much I had to post it also. The angle of the picture is pretty dope and it looks like we're walking through a shady appartment building getting read to whack somebody. The look on everybodys face is dope too.

Discotheque Dancing.....

After work today I finally picked up a stack of CDR's so I can start making some mixes again. Decided tonight to put a mix cd together. It would probably be more of a mix cd ep since I kept it to ten songs. All stuff I 've been spinning a lot lately. Short and sweet. I have named it Discotheque Dancing..

Discotheque Dancing
1. I don't think we've met - Nikka Costa
2. I got my mind made up - Instant Funk
3. E-Pro - Beck
4. A part in that show - Chris Joss
5. Crossword Puzzle - Sly Stone
6. Not tonight - Macho
7. It looks like love - Vincent Montana Jr. f/ Goody Goody
8. World of soul - James Brown
9. Make Me Happy - Cooly's Hot Box
10. Don't you worry bout' a thing - Stevie Wonder

and no Macho is not that Macho Man. It's a 80's underground disco group.

Went out for my friend April's Bday last night with Jewett and Ando. Pretty good times.

Can't wait untill friday. Me and Ando are going to Spanish Harlem to get some gear for Hookers and Blow and it will be the jam.

For some reason tonight, me ando and jewett watched a two hour documentry that followed four professional scrabble players and their journey to the U.S. Championships. Sounds boring but it was actually pretty interesting and hillarious at the same time. Jewett has the Tivo set to record the Russian Bride documentry on Monday. Got to love Discovery channel.

For all interested there is a wrekord show on Sunday at the VFW in Uptown. It's fun to go there and walk through the giant clouds of smoke coming from the cigs in all the record collectors mouths as they page patiently through boxes and boxes of new and used vinyl. It seems as though most people who attend are music snobs sort of like myself. I tried talking to a guy who had a Prince video in his hand while we were waiting in line and he first blew me off and was kind of an asshole. Then he saw I had a "emancipation" shirt on and started asking me all these questions about Paisley Park. Everybody thinks they know more then you about records and such. But it's always cool to dig through the live shows on cd and dvd.

Untill next time....


"It's so sad but eye hate u..like a day with out sunshine.."

I officially hate my life today...........

First of all, not only has my job lost my application for promotion two times in a row now, here's what they pulled on me last night..
They had me training in new employee's for awhile which is called a "Peer Trainer". Since I have a shitload to do every night because I work with a bunch of lazy crackheads who can't finish their own work, they had me stop doing it. So I'm hard at work and my boss comes up to me all cheery and says "Hey Christian How ya doin? How was the peer trainer dinner?" After telling her that I had no idea what she was talking about, she replied "What! Nobody told you about it or you didn't recieve anything about it?" Again, I said that I didn't know what she was talking about and she said that she'd have to talk to somebody about this. I think she said it all huffy so I'd think she actually cared about it. I talked to another guy who was a peer trainer and he said they had this big dinner for them and gave away a bunch of shit. Fantastic! Not only have they lost my promotion application twice, they forget to invite only me to the awards dinner. Then, for the icing on the cake, I do my taxes this morning thinking I"m going to get a sweet refund only to find out that I have to pay a total of 300 bucks! Now ain't that some shit? It seems like I can't get a break if I try with the whole job thing. Sometimes I wish I could just dissapear or something. F.T.W.!


Red Eyed and Blue..........

Hookers and Blow play at the Cabooze on Friday evening. I heard rumours that this whole house is going.


Doin' it for the shorteez....

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For the shorteez.


My funky cut of the day for everyone to check out is "Body Music" by The Strikers. Very funky jam with a great chorus. Heard it on the Chrome station on XM Radio.

Honorable Mention..

That new Chemical Brothers song with Q-Tip.

Old School Cut of the day..

"Dr. Bombay" by Del tha funkee homosapien

"Drink me a 40 as I ride my rhinoceros."


Yellow smiley offers me X..Like he's drinking 7up..I would rather drink 6 razorblades from a paper cup..

I was talking with Travis last week and he brought up a interesting point. Vh1 has I love the 70's, 80's and 90's which is fun to watch because you see all these songs that we used to get real pumped about, but what about when they have a show called I love the 00's? What the hell songs are they going to show from this period? I mean in the 80's you had musical inovations like new wave and punk funk. You had Prince, Madonna, MJ, Bruce doing Born in the USA. In the 90's you had Nirvana and Pearl Jam breaking new ground. Late 70's early 80's you had Hip Hop's finest. It seems all we have in the 00's is Ambercrombie Punk and carbon copies like Ashlee Simpson. And if it's not Ambercrombie Punk it's some band that wears black shorts and black tshirts and sings about how life is such a bad place to be. What are people 20 years from now going to think of that?

Speak of the DEVIL...I checked out that first episode of The Ashlee Simpson show season two because I heard they were going to show behind the scenes stuff when she cries at SNL. This whole season two is FIXED I tell you. It's FIXED to try and make people feel sorry for her and forget the whole lipsync thing. There's a point in the show where she brings up how her voice wasn't feeling good that day and they show this voice coach in the SNL green room with her and he mumbles something to her and they post what he's saying on the bottom of the screen. How come earlier in the episode when they were all in that room you could hear what everybody was saying just fine? There were a lot more things like that on the show but I don't feel like wasting anymore of my time or anybody else's with this no talent.



Just saw the new video from Beck's upcomming album entitled "Hell Yes". The song sounds very much in the vein of the "midnight vultures" album. The chorus says something like "Your beat is nice, I'm coming correct, Hell Yes." I am really digging it. The album is entitled "Guero" and will be out in March. The video looks very much like some Atari game from the 80's. Look for it online. Apparently there's a remix ep of the single out now.


Way too far...

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In the new Geto Boys video, Bushwick Bill has a shirt on that reads "Hip Hop is Dead". You know..it might be.