And people thought Prince was weird....

Everyone knows my hatred for the anti-prince. We could go on for days of why Prince could knock m.j.'s ass to the middle of next week, but I was sent a dj mix from a friend of mine. It's called "The King Of What's Poppin'" and it is a mixtape of a bunch of old m.j. songs chopped up with other beats. And you know what, I have to admit it's not that bad. I actually dig M.J.'s first couple albums. "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" actually have some allright songs on them. And on this mix, getting remixed makes them even better. Don't get me wrong though, I still can't stand the guy.

Prince in an interview....

Interviewer:"So what do you think of michael Jackson's new album?"

Prince: "Instead of calling it "Bad" he should have just called it "Terrible"."


Purple Music...

The Minnesota Vikings are my favorite professional sports franchise ever. The first year I can remember watching them and being real into it was in 1984. I saw on the news that the sale finally got finalized. They said the new owner is going to be in Anoka/Blaine today talking about building a stadium there with the city. On the news last night he said that he wanted to have an open roof stadium because it would be an advantage to the team. Man, I don't know. My dad told me stories about going to the old Met stadium to see the Vikings play back in the day in the icy cold with it snowing and everything. He said people would sneak in bottles of hard alcohol and take bumps the whole game. All morning I've been trying to imagine what it would be like to sit and watch a Vikings game in below zero weather with a nasty wind chill. I mean, I hate going out in the morning and scraping ice off my window at 6 am when it's that cold. But, I suppose if you have about 12 beers in you and 10 layers of Cosby sweaters that it probably wouldn't matter. The only thing I care about is that this guy doesn't move the team.


Star Wars Disco...

Allright, for those that don't know or do know, Travis recently posted the following post on his site...

"Last night me and Christian decided to turn Wild Wednesday into Fag Wednesday and go to the midnight showing of Star Wars. It was actually a good movie, but I don't think I'll go to anymore Star Wars midnight screenings should another one be made. There were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many fucktards there! Not to mention that it took a half hour to leave the parking lot after the movie. There was also this really awkward moment when, during one of the romantic scenes, Christian forgot who he was with and tried to hold my hand. It made it uncomfortable for the rest of the movie."

To set the record straight, this post is a farce. I never tried to grab his hand. Plus the romantic scenes were so dawsins creek it wasn't even funny.


I looked all morning for a autographed photo of Morris Day on Ebay and came up with nothing. Then I tried finding and email on his record companies website and they told me they don't accept requests for that kind of thing.

"Who's crib is this? My Crib..Who's wine you drinkin'? Mine! Who asked your ugly ass what time it was? Nobody! I'm doin' fine!" -Morris Day


If it ain't heavy, sweet and nice,I'll put a little sugar on it..

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Oh my god she's finally back. Everyone go out today and buy Nikka Costa's new album "Cantneverdidnothin'". Sure to be one of the funkiest albums of the year, if not the funkiest! Otherwise go to Itunes or her website www.nikkacosta.com and download her single "Till' I Get To You". I think she is one of the most underrated funk singers in the galaxy and have been a fan since the first album. I've seen her live and she is one amazing perfomer. GO GET IT TODAY!


Listen Up Mean Gene..You Get To Be The Special Referee Tonight..

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Well since I have this next Sunday off of work, I'm going to drink some Grain Belts and go watch my co-worker and former MPW World Tag Team Champion Tad Chilli aka Mark Jesperson wreck havoc on the MPW! Who's with me?!?

Braggin' Writes....

Last night was probably the worst night of work ever. I feel like I just worked out at a gym for 11 hours and can't move. I have never been more excited for my work week to end. I took some vacation time and starting Wednesday, I will be off for 6 days. Bar B Cue's and a Lucero concert in that time!

Got a call from my old friend Bolous last Friday. He's a friend of mine from Toronto that I met at Paisley Park in 1996. He came to town for the millinium show at Paisley in 1999 and we went together with some people from the chicago nation. If you have the Rave In2 The Year 2000 dvd, he is the dude that has a hat like Jamariquai that gets pulled up to do "The Bird" during The Time's set. I remember in 96 the reason I even started talking to him in line was that the canadian license plates on his car read "FUNKED".

Heard a great new cd by a band called Platinum Pied Pipers. It includes a former member of Slum Village and I am really digging it. Very soulful/funky album. ?uestlove of the Roots describes it by saying he locked his friends in a room and made them listen to it 26 times in a row he loved it so much. Jay Dee is also involved with it which is cool.

Prince Paul's new album "Itstrumentals" is also pretty interesting. Supposed to be some old beats he did in the 80's along with some new stuff. MC Paul Barman guests on a couple songs including one called "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me" which is kind of spooky and for the first time that I've ever noticed, MC Paul Barman sounds kind of depressed during one of his rhymes.

I gotta admit I really dug Star Wars Episode III even though almost everybody keeps saying the dialouge sucked. I didn't care. Annakin becoming evil was cool enough for me and the end was very interesting getting a taste of how most of the people led into the old three.

Last but not least, I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and why does the Brooklyn Center one stink so bad? I've gone there many times looking for books and magazines, but they never have the one's I want. I always ask at the help counter and they tell me no but then i'll go back and it will be in stock like three weeks later. I was looking for a book by the experience music project called "Yes Yes Ya'll" it explains hip hop in the late 70's and early 80's with tons of pictures of flyers for block parties and show photos. By the way, I was browsing the music section there and I swear fetus boy works there? It must have been him that asked if I needed any help. Don't think he recongnized me since I was in disguise, but I think it was him.


Egads I got so many styles I start three fads...

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Finally got around to buying "Madvillan" with MF Doom and Madlib. Pretty good album. Right now I can't stop playing "Americas Most Blunted". That made me break out my KMD albums and of course a spin of "The Gas Face" by 3rd Bass.


The Rope Of Silicon......

Went with Travis to Star Wars Episode III last night. The movie was everything I expected and more. I was surprised at how evil Annakin became and how evil they made him look. I'd like to talk about some of my favorite parts, but I don't want to ruin it for the other people. After I got home, my roomate and I talked about people who dress up as movie characters for movie premiers. Why do people feel the need to bring their lightsabers to the theatre? Or like Kramer told me yesterday...."The really large ladies who dress like Princess Leia." To me it's kind of stupid. Oh and by the way, Brooklyn Center Regal Cinema if you read this blog, you need to make a few more exits to your theatre. It was fun waiting in the parking lot for over 45 minutes to get out watching people have light saber battles. I walked to Super America at one point and the line of cars I was in still hadn't moved when I got back.

And with that said...the records I'm currently spinning...

"Silent Alarm" Bloc Party
"Back On The Right Track" Sly Stone
"Cold Roses" Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
"Mr. Hood" KMD
"Reproduction" Playgroup
"The Rainbow Children" Prince
"The Turnaround" Hank Mobley


One day you'll be the death of me....

Got tickets to the midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith today. Travis made a good point this morning wondering if it's going to be like waiting in line at Paisley Park. Like the Prince retards that wear capes with the symbol on it or the three ladies that think since they went to a show out there in 94 that they should be at the front of the line everytime. I'm sure it will be somewhat like that. And no, I am not going to wear a costume.

By the way, job hunting stinks.


The Moment I Feared.......

I don't dream very much, or remember my dreams. Last night though, I had a dream that I remember vividly and I don't know why I had it. Maybe it was my new old school Def Jam shirt. Here it goes...(warning: it's kind of nasty)

I was watching Slick Rick's video for "Children's Story" and I was really digging the diamond in his tooth. I then decided that I wanted to get a diamond in my front tooth. I went to the dentist and had it done. After getting it put in, it got really infected. I went back to the dentist and he used some weird video camera to give it a close up so we could see what was wrong on some video screen. He zoomed in and there was this weird blue colored ring around the diamond and there were cracks all around it. It was bleeding pretty bad and looked just nasty. He told me to put my finger on it and feel it. The blue ring felt rubbery and just gross. Then I woke up. I have no idea how I dreamt this, but it was really gross. Thanks a lot Mr. Sandman.


My radio believe me I like it loud...

I purchased an XM Boombox today and I am definitely loving it. Been playing The Rhyme old school hip hop channel all day now. XM is the greatest.

Jake E. I think I left my cell phone in your car. Please call our house and let me know.


Rollin' in a benz..gonna see the twins..play at the dome..police are checkin' my mobile phone..

Went to the Twins game this afternoon with my roomate Ando and had the best seats I've ever had! 14 rows up from the field on the left side of home plate. Great game! Radke had a complete game shut out and the twins won 9-0. Gardy yelled at the ump and kicked dirt on home plate and there was a bench clearing no fight!

My only beef......I am getting a new license this weekend. Since my last license picture, I have lost 50 lbs. I order a beer from one of the guys walking up and down the aisles and he starts asking me questions about my license. He's like..."This doesn't even look like you!!" He frigging screamed it. Asked me to name things off my license to make sure it was me. I told him i've lost some weight and then he thinks he's funny by saying "You should be drinking the light stuff so you don't gain it back man...congrats on the weight loss." He's yelling this to me while it's all quiet with the Twins at bat. Frigging jack ass.

It's too nice out to be working. Working is over rated.

Back to the Grill again...

I purchased two fantastic albums today. I can't remember the time I bought two albums and had trouble deciding which one to listen to after playing them because I dig them so much. If that makes any sense.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Cold Roses
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

The Ryan Adams album is fantastic and it definitely an album I'd play having some beers on the porch, on a road trip by myself, or in the autumn. Very much in the same vein as "Love is Hell" which I really dug.

I can't describe Bloc Party. All I can say is I can't get the song "Banquet" out of my head and it is a jam.

Can't wait for next Tuesday when Prince Paul "Itstrumentals" and "the kings of hip hop" mixed by Dj Premier and Mr. Thing come out!

Stopped by Ultimate Electronics today to see if they had deals on XM boomboxes and yes they do. Since they are going out of business they got some great deals going on everything. If I don't hear from Mr. Lourse, I am most definitely picking one up friday. Pool Parties here I come.


Never we mind what you do, in moneyapolis I'm the mack..

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Me and my roomate Ando are going to the Twins game at noon tomorrow. He scored behind home plate tickets from this girl he's seeing parents.

I heard about this band called Bloc Party and they had a free download at amazon.com. The song is called "Banquet" and i'm kinda hooked! It's got that 80's post punk vibe like a lot of groups are coming out with and that I dig.

My parents went to Duluth last weekend and brought me and my three roomates home a shirt each..They are cheezy gas station up north shirts .Here's what everybodys shirt said with details..

mine - "buy me another drink, you're still ugly" with a picture of a martini glass.

ando's - "Beware Moose Dropping" with a bar full of Moose drinking on the back with one passed out on the floor with a beer in his hand.

Natz - "Full Moon Saloon...Open untill the crack of dawn" with a picture of a guy with his ass hanging out drinking a beer

Jewett - "Havin Some Fizz With the Grizz" A grizly bear drinking a beer.

Record show May 15th if anybodys interested. Check the MPLS/St.Paul record show link on the left for info. Apparently the biggest dealer of picture sleeve 45's is going to be there and some country artist is going to be there signing autographs. This is the last one untill fall, so you should definitely go if interested. Lots of good hard to find records/discs/dvds there.


The Mission and interesting tidbits....

Picture 013
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I know I"ve posted the picture above a long time ago, but this weekend I've decided to go on a mission. I'm going to find my friend Shyheim. He is the person on the left and my parents old neighbor. I've lost touch with him, and I need to find him. I kind of remember where his house is, and I'm going to drive there this weekend to see if I can catch him or his father outside.

In other news...

I picked up the remix to Common's "the Corner" feat. Mos Def and Scarface thanks to somanyshrimp. Pretty much the same as the original with Mos and Scarface on it. Don't think I heard Kanye anywhere. I love Mos Def's verse.

Me and the roomies are taking a road trip to Milwaukee for Summerfest to see The Black Crowes. Summerfest is some big three day festival with free bands and bands you have to pay to see. We looked up to see what free acts are playing and low and behold DIAMOND DAVID LEE ROTH IS PLAYING FOR FREE!! I get to see one of my hero's for the second time!

The picture above also reminds me of the Bar B cue my dad threw last year on his deck (where that pic was taken). I have the entire memorial day weekend off of work so I plan on hanging out, playing lawn darts, having some pabst's, playing funk and hip hop wrekords, and getting some sun for four days straight!

"Life is just a bunch of gaps between fUnK wrekords." - Matt from St.Clone.