Rollin' in a benz..gonna see the twins..play at the dome..police are checkin' my mobile phone..

Went to the Twins game this afternoon with my roomate Ando and had the best seats I've ever had! 14 rows up from the field on the left side of home plate. Great game! Radke had a complete game shut out and the twins won 9-0. Gardy yelled at the ump and kicked dirt on home plate and there was a bench clearing no fight!

My only beef......I am getting a new license this weekend. Since my last license picture, I have lost 50 lbs. I order a beer from one of the guys walking up and down the aisles and he starts asking me questions about my license. He's like..."This doesn't even look like you!!" He frigging screamed it. Asked me to name things off my license to make sure it was me. I told him i've lost some weight and then he thinks he's funny by saying "You should be drinking the light stuff so you don't gain it back man...congrats on the weight loss." He's yelling this to me while it's all quiet with the Twins at bat. Frigging jack ass.

It's too nice out to be working. Working is over rated.