Back to the Grill again...

I purchased two fantastic albums today. I can't remember the time I bought two albums and had trouble deciding which one to listen to after playing them because I dig them so much. If that makes any sense.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Cold Roses
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

The Ryan Adams album is fantastic and it definitely an album I'd play having some beers on the porch, on a road trip by myself, or in the autumn. Very much in the same vein as "Love is Hell" which I really dug.

I can't describe Bloc Party. All I can say is I can't get the song "Banquet" out of my head and it is a jam.

Can't wait for next Tuesday when Prince Paul "Itstrumentals" and "the kings of hip hop" mixed by Dj Premier and Mr. Thing come out!

Stopped by Ultimate Electronics today to see if they had deals on XM boomboxes and yes they do. Since they are going out of business they got some great deals going on everything. If I don't hear from Mr. Lourse, I am most definitely picking one up friday. Pool Parties here I come.