Can you feel it?

The following list is of songs and albums I am currently spinning non stop latley in no particular order..........

-LCD Soundsystem/Gang of Four...punk funk like Material used to make.

-"Blue Orchid" White Stripes....I read an article about how their new album "Satan get in the back of me" that comes out in June is supposed to be more laid back? I guess that might have been a lie after hearing this. My roomate hooked me up with it and I love it. Jack White sings in a falsetto that is kind of funky in a way.

-"The Art Of Picking Up Women" The Dix....Another Prince Paul project that doesn't dissapoint. Somebody described this album as if Old Dirty Bastard would have started out with De La Soul instead of Wu Tang.

-"Let It Ride" Ryan Adams....Another track my roomate hooked me up with. In the same vein as "Love Is Hell". Alt-Country at it's finest.

-New York Dolls....After hearing bits and pieces before, I am really into them now.

-"The Body Rock" Treacherous Three..classic old school track that diddy stole the beat from for Mariah's "Honey".

-"the Get Down" Z-Trip feat. Lyrics Born....Jeff got me into lyrics born and I dig him. Z-Trip makes some good sh*t.

I see the natrix and It's a handsome thing are dead blogs now. I guess I'll never know what N8 is doing now?

Wild Wednesday part II starts tonight.