The Coup...

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The Coup, one of my favorite hip hop groups ever is set to release a new album this year!

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Riley's reach could still grow with help from his newest label, Epitaph, which figures to be more sensitive to his politics and seems well situated to connect the Coup with audiences beyond the hip-hop domain. On his fifth album, tentatively titled Fuck You, Pay Me and due later this year, Riley promises a grittier, rawer sound -- "more Funkadelic than Parliament, more Dirty Mind than Purple Rain" -- shaped with help from former members of Sly and the Family Stone (the first single, "Show Your Ass," is out this summer). More promising still, Riley is working on a boatload of other projects, including the funk-rap group Defiant and the live funk band Baby Daddy. He's also hatching plans for a label he says will be a "revolutionary Motown."