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My Thursday ramblings...

As a tribute to the Pope, I played "Pope" by Prince today.

I was at club Spin last weekend for a friends bday and all I can say is that it is the extremely worst place I have ever been to in my entire life. Worst dj I have ever heard. Worst crowd I have ever been around. They should either change the name to Spindry or Minnesotas sexiest cattle correl because it's one giant circle of people squished together having their friends lead them through circles of arrogant aholes to use the restrooms. And by the way I heard the same techno song for an entire hour! Spin is a sign of the apocolypse so burn it down now!

Congratulations to my cousin and his bride in New York on their upcomming child.

My favorite magazine ever, GrandSlam, went out of business so I guess I'll have to start reading waxpoetics which ain't a bad thing.

The new Beck album is fantastic! "Scarecrow" is my favorite jam at the moment.

Download the new smokin' Prince song "Glass Cutter" at www.npgmusicclub.com for 99 cents! Trust me, it's worth it! One of the best guitar cuts he's done in a long time!