Rambling and Such..

Well this weekend should be off the hook. Have Friday off and my boss told to not bother showing up for work Saturday night because we'd be leaving early anyways. So I got a free Saturday off. That just happens to be the night of my roomate Ando's birthday so that should be pretty interesting. It also means I have a four day weekend coming up.

What's the deal with playing poker? I've never played poker and I don't partake in much gambling. Sh*t, the three times I've been to Vegas, I think i've spent a combined 1 hour gambling. Although, I thought roulette was pretty fun. I mean is playing poker as fun as drinking a few Pabst Blue Ribbons and listening to "Revolution Of The Mind" by James Brown? If I see another celeberty poker tournament I think I might cut off my eyelids and feed myself sleeping pills as Raekwan would say. I keep getting invited to all these poker nights from some peoples from high school. Maybe I'll show up to the next one and see what all this fuss is about?

I made a funky ass mix a couple days ago that i've been playing non-stop. I can't decide if I like Al Green's or Graham Central Station's version of "Ain't No Fun To Me" better? Al Green did the original, but Graham Central Station does such a radically different version of it they almost make it there own. Depends on if you like it slow or fast I guess.

If you're into hip hop like I am, I suggest you check out the new link I posted for a site entitled "Cocaine, blunts and hip hop tapes". That site and "The Low End Theory", which I also have a link to, are becomming daily look ups for myself.

As I was making my mix the other day, I re-read some articles in one of my old Grand Slam Magazines. Grandslam Mag is a magazine out of england that focuses on old funk and hip hop. It is the greatest magazine I have ever read. I re-read an article on when funk met punk in the late 70's early 80's which is extremely interesting and I'll post more on later. But one article I really liked was on a photographer named Ricky Powell. He toured with Def Jam back in the day and took some great photos of Run-DmC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, etc. He tells some stories about a bunch of photos they printed in the magazine and they are great. You can check a link to grandslammag on the left.

One last thing...Found it interesting that I got an email from the guy who runs the Minneapolis/St.Paul record show and said he was looking online for anybody who had written articles on the show and he came across this webpage. Guess I got another reader.

currently playing:

"Reel To Reel" Grand Puba
"Surviving Elements" Pete Rock
"Kings of Funk" Rza and Keb Darge
"Dimitri In The House" Dimitri From Paris
"Virgin Ubiquity" Roy Ayers