One of the greatest nights ever....

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Wow! Last night my roomate Jewett and I were bored so we decided to go out for a beer at Buffalo Wild Wings. The place was pretty dead, but it was still a good time. As we were sitting there, I spotted a very familiar face playing songs on the jubebox. I asked my roomate if that guy looked a hell of a lot like Michael Anthony from Van Halen? Jewett said that it kind of did so after a couple beers I mustered up the courage to go ask. I mean, why would he be kicking it at buffalo wild wings in Fridley of all places? Sure enough it was! Me and Jewett have never been more excited in our lives! We asked him what the hell he was doing in Fridley and he laughed and said that he was doing some session work in town for a friend of his at some studio in Minneapolis. While I was talkin to him, Jewett bought him a beer and we got a chance to talk with him a little more. He talked about how he misses David Lee Roth a lot and how Sammy is kind of an ahole trying to promote his Tequila all the time. I thought that was kind of funny. He talked about the old days in 84 and all the parties they had. He told me I couldn't repeat some of the things, so I'm sorry about that. Then I asked him to sign a napkin for me, and instead, he pulled out the picture above from his travel bag thing he had with him and signed it! The above picture is a scan of my new autographed Michael Anthony picture!! Friends forever Michael Anthony, Friends forever!