Old Friends 4 Sale....Get em' while the gettin' is hot..

I was looking around online for some out of print funk cd's and I came across amazon.com which had some top 10 funk records lists selected by people that were supposed to be these great well known dj's. What caught my eye was that in the dj's introduction he wrote that people need to know there's more to funk then James, Parliament/funkadelic, etc. even though they are fantastic. So I checked out his list only to find a bunch of compilations that I allready have or have had. Not to egotrip or anything, and I know there are a lot of people that know more then me, but I actually think i'm kind of an expert on funk music.

Interesting to see that the Queens of The Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal concert got cancelled/postponed. Maybe I can actually go if it ever comes back now.

Read a review on the Handsome Boy Modeling School tour and it sounds kind of lukewarm to me. Prince Paul and The Automator on the turntables with a live band with cartoon carictures on a screen doing the vocalists parts. The review said it was excting for about 10 minutes and that's about it.