The Mission and interesting tidbits....

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I know I"ve posted the picture above a long time ago, but this weekend I've decided to go on a mission. I'm going to find my friend Shyheim. He is the person on the left and my parents old neighbor. I've lost touch with him, and I need to find him. I kind of remember where his house is, and I'm going to drive there this weekend to see if I can catch him or his father outside.

In other news...

I picked up the remix to Common's "the Corner" feat. Mos Def and Scarface thanks to somanyshrimp. Pretty much the same as the original with Mos and Scarface on it. Don't think I heard Kanye anywhere. I love Mos Def's verse.

Me and the roomies are taking a road trip to Milwaukee for Summerfest to see The Black Crowes. Summerfest is some big three day festival with free bands and bands you have to pay to see. We looked up to see what free acts are playing and low and behold DIAMOND DAVID LEE ROTH IS PLAYING FOR FREE!! I get to see one of my hero's for the second time!

The picture above also reminds me of the Bar B cue my dad threw last year on his deck (where that pic was taken). I have the entire memorial day weekend off of work so I plan on hanging out, playing lawn darts, having some pabst's, playing funk and hip hop wrekords, and getting some sun for four days straight!

"Life is just a bunch of gaps between fUnK wrekords." - Matt from St.Clone.