Never we mind what you do, in moneyapolis I'm the mack..

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Me and my roomate Ando are going to the Twins game at noon tomorrow. He scored behind home plate tickets from this girl he's seeing parents.

I heard about this band called Bloc Party and they had a free download at amazon.com. The song is called "Banquet" and i'm kinda hooked! It's got that 80's post punk vibe like a lot of groups are coming out with and that I dig.

My parents went to Duluth last weekend and brought me and my three roomates home a shirt each..They are cheezy gas station up north shirts .Here's what everybodys shirt said with details..

mine - "buy me another drink, you're still ugly" with a picture of a martini glass.

ando's - "Beware Moose Dropping" with a bar full of Moose drinking on the back with one passed out on the floor with a beer in his hand.

Natz - "Full Moon Saloon...Open untill the crack of dawn" with a picture of a guy with his ass hanging out drinking a beer

Jewett - "Havin Some Fizz With the Grizz" A grizly bear drinking a beer.

Record show May 15th if anybodys interested. Check the MPLS/St.Paul record show link on the left for info. Apparently the biggest dealer of picture sleeve 45's is going to be there and some country artist is going to be there signing autographs. This is the last one untill fall, so you should definitely go if interested. Lots of good hard to find records/discs/dvds there.