To The Left...(Edited)

Those jerks at Angelfire won't let me post my picture on here. Jerks.

Body Language....

O.k. I know I'm going to get made fun of probably forever for what I'm about to say but.....

I was hipped to a cd that could be my pick for funkiest of the year. What is this disc you ask? Well, for starters it has 80's type synths, Linn drum claps, Camille esque vocals!!!! Fonkey arse bass lines with catchy hooks. A female singer???!! Yep...and she's pretty smokin' and has some pretty risque lyrics. .....Oh my god I bought the new Kylie Minouge cd "Body Language". If I didn't know any better, this disc is like an 80's funk revival. Upon my first listen I could have sworn Prince somehow leaked an unreleased Vanity 6 album that none of us had ever heard before, but nope, it's Kylie Minouge. This cd is soooooooooo damn funky that I had to stop on my three hour trek home at a small town Target to get it. So let the laughing begin..I really don't care.

Erik's Cabin...

Went to Erik's cabin with my peoples from High School and St. Clone State. Had a frigging blast. Started by driving up at 3pm after work and picked up J.P. who I hadn't seen in years! Made the three hour trek to Battle Lake, MN and started ripping the place up. Tipped a few Pabst's back and talked about the old days. Made everybody become an Eagles of Death Metal fan. The next night was even crazier as we drove into the town of Cliterol where they were holding their yearly street dance. Kicked it at a bar called the sportsman where I amazingly found "Whoomp! There it is" on the jubebox. Had to play it. Probably got a few funny looks from the locals. Danced all night to a cover band called Kanine Zowie. Danced to almost every song and to my amazement they played "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Warrant after the crowd yelled for it. They finally funked it up a bit by playing "Brick House" by the Commodores and after dancing by the stage, the guitarist broke his string and gave it to me. This was followed by heading back to the cabin and blasting The Darkness, Judist Priest, and Robert Palmer!????!?? untill the sun hit the lake. Ahhhhhh..good times.


Purple movies...

Picked up the 20th Anniversary re-release of Purple Rain and Under The Cherry Moon on DVD today. Both are spectacular. I didn't think Under the Cherry Moon would have any extras, but it came with videos of "Kiss", "Girls and Boys", "Anotherloverholenyohead", and "Mountains". On the Purple Rain dvd, the Appolonia 6 video for "Sex Shooter" is interesting to see. It's cool to see the MTV Premiere special on the Purple Rain dvd. I recomend both to anyone who digs Prince.

The Windy City...

Like an Eskimo,chill........INCREASE THE PEACE...Love is a wonderful thing....Brothers gonna work it out.....Live Like You were dying....Blame it on the rain..

Ok.i'm done.

Good night ladies and gentlemen....

Ok. If I hear one more person say that Larry the Cable Guy thing I'm crackin' skulls. At both my jobs, my bosses and supervisors keep saying that one line (which I won't mention) and it's driving me mad. When is the word Chickengrease going to catch on?


Honky Tonkin'....

Going to a cabin with a bunch of peoples on Friday. Should be good times as the Pabst Blue Ribbon will flow like lake Itasca in the spring time.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes...

"You drink Pabst Blue Ribbon now? Those are the beer cans you see floating in the lake up north." - My father.

No Whammy No Whammy...STOP!....

Thanks to Travis for telling me about the following story. I can't believe they're going to make a movie about this staring Bill Murray. I used to watch this game show all the time...

If you were ever a fan of Press Your Luck..check this link for what I'm talking about....


In Case You Missed Us We're Back!!!....

Sorry I haven't posted lately. The man keeps me from doing that. First to clear up an urban legend.....Cody got a black eye because he ran into a shelf in our garage. The girl he arm wrestled showed up with a shiner allready on her grill. Last weekend was pretty fun. My fantasy football team will own everybody.



Went to a bonfire at Nate's house last night and it was the best bonfire ever. Sat and talked untill 3 in the morning. Good times.

50 Funkiest Albums.....

Here are the 50 funkiest albums chosen by me. With exception to the top 10, these albums are in no particular order.

50.Eagles of Death Metal "Love Peace Death Metal" key track: "Whorehoppin"
49.Playgroup "Playgroup" key track: "Number One"
48.Graham Central Station "Mirror" key track: "Do yah"
47.Nikka Costa "Everybody Got their Somethin'" key track: "Like a Feather"
46.Pharoah Sanders "Karma" key track: "The Creator Has a Masterplan"
45.Miles Davis "In a Silent Way: key track: "The Ghetto Walk"
44.Digital Underground "Future Rhythm" key track: "Hella Bump"
43.Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame key track: "You meet my approval"
42.Prince "Come" key track: "Race"
41.Betty Davis "Anti-Love Song" key track: "Anti-Love Song"
40.Ohio Players "Pain" key track: "Players Balling"
39.Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" key track: "Inspiration Information
38.Stevie Wonder "Music of my Mind" key track: "I love having you around"
37.Sly Stone "Small Talk" key track: "Loose Booty"
36.Funkadelic "Funkadelic" key track: "Mommy..whats a funkadelic"
35.Parliament "Trombipulation" key track: "Let's Play House"
34.Praxis "Transmutation" key track: "Animal Behavior"
33.Bootsy's Rubber Band "Player of the year" key track: "Roto-Rootor"
32.The Time "The Time" key track: "Cool"
31.Talking Heads "Remain in Light" key track: "Once in a Lifetime"
30.Dj Shadow/Cut Chemist "Brainfreeze" key track "Set 1"
29.Sly Stone "Back on The Right Track" key track "Remember who you are"
28.James Brown "In The Jungle Groove" key track "Funky Drummer"
27.Ice Cube "Death Certificate" key track "Summer Vacation"
26.J.B.'s "Food For Thought" key track "the grunt"
25.Sly and the family stone "Stand" key track: "Sex Machine"
24.Zapp "Zapp" key track: "more bounce to the ounce"
23.Jesse Johnsons Revue "Jesse Johnsons Revue" key track: "Special Love"
22.Meshell N'Degeocello "Peace Beyond Passion" key track: "god shiva"
21.Prince "goldexperience" key track "Eye Hate U"
20.Jimi Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" key track: "Who Knows"
19.Grant Green "Blue Breakbeats" key track: "ain't it funky now"
18.Jamariquai "Synkhronized" key track: "Black Capricorn Day"
17.Funkadelic "Electric Spanking of War Babies" key track "Electro Cuties"
16.The Coup "Party Music" key track "Nowalaters"
15.Graham Central Station "ain't no bout a doubt it" key track: "Water"
14.Prince "Dirty Mind" key track: "Head"
13.Bob Sinclar "Paradise" key track: "Disco 2000 Selector"
12.Sons of Allmighty "the great Tribulation" key track: "Save me"
11.Prince "The Rainbow Children" key track: "The everlasting now"
10.Stevie Wonder "Songs In The Key of Life" key track: "As"
09.Graham Central Station "Graham Central Station" key track: "Hair"
08.The Time "Ice Cream Castles" key track: "My Drawers"
07.Herbie Hancock "Headhunters" key track: "Chameleon"
06.Stevie Wonder "Talking Book" key track: "Superstition"
05.Graham Central Station "Release Yourself" key track: "I Believe in You"
04.Prince "Sign of The Times" key track: "Strange Relationship"
03.James Brown "Revolution of the Mind" key track: "Escapism"
02. Prince "1999" key track: "D.M.S.R."
01. Sly & The Family Stone "There's a Riot Goin' On" key track: "Poet"


Bubba Ho-Tep

Finally got around to renting Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD the other day. Stopped by my dad's and watched it with him. All I can say is that is the strangest movie I have ever seen. I still don't think my dad knows what the hell he watched. I kind of dug it. I'd probably give it a B- if I had to review it. If you haven't seen it....It's about Elvis living in a rest home where he meets a black guy who says he's J.F. Kennedy and they dyed him black as part of a conspiricy. So J.F.K. is a black guy in the movie. Together they battle an evil mummy who is sucking peoples souls out of their backsides at the rest home.

Messin' my mind with the Eye Patch.....

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. Work is hell. But i'm back, the aristacratic black, my roof ain't got no crack, but i've got a hell of a band. With that said...i've seen mixed emotions from others about the party I attended last Friday. All I can say is I actually had a lot of fun. Had very interesting and entertaining conversations with the acne girl, vegan caterer, and the short haired girl who went to denny's with us afterwards. Even the guy who stood outside all night and said he couldn't stand anybody at the party said I was the only one he could stand after I asked what he was so mad about. I need to start remembering names. The funniest moment of the night had to be when I spied a certain party-goer from all the way across the house slipping a large Digerno pizza under his shirt or maybe it was when Miller told vegan caterer "Whoah..looks like you spilled on your shirt a little." It was mean but hillarious. One last thing..Why where there two pictures of Peet Quist on their fridge with hearts around them????

Well, I broke my promise about posting 10 a day about the funk list so I''m just going to post them all later tonight.

I took Saturday off this week due to the f.f. draft, so I start a four day weekend today. I need one after last week. I allready have 40 hours at that place and it's only Wednesday. Man!


Song of the day...

The song of the day is "Eye Patch" by De La Soul from the album "Buloone Mindstate".

See you all tonight.

50 Funkiest Albums 50-41

Here it is..the first ten of my 50 funkiest albums. I'm going to post 10 a day starting with 50-41.

50. Eagles of Death Metal "Love,Peace,Death Metal" Key track: "Whorehoppin"
49. Playgroup "Playgroup" key track: "Number One"
48. Graham Central Station "Mirror" key track: "Do Yah"
47. Nikka Costa "Everybody got there somethin'" key track: "Like a Feather"
46. Pharoah Sanders "Karma" key track: "The Creator Has a Masterplan"
45. Miles Davis "In a Silent Way" key track: "the Ghetto Walk"
44. Digital Underground "Future Rhythm" key track: "Hella Bump"
43. Steve Arrington "Steve Arringtons Hall of Fame" key track "you meet my.."
42. Prince "Come" key track: "Race"
41. Betty Davis "Anti-Love Song" key track "Anti-Love Song"


The funky drummer..

Because I felt kind of bad about stealing (wanksta) Jake's idea for a top 100 albums list, I'm going to do something a little different and do my top 50 funkiest albums. I will have it later tonight.

Had two of the hardest days of work ever the past two nights. Thank God i'm off for 3 days now. I'm trying to decide if I should purchase the South Park Season 4 dvd set or the Faces box set on Friday (payday). Any advice?


Don't need no refer..don't need cocaine..purple music does the same to my brain..i'm high..

Well Well...another message from somebody I don't know from Texas who is a Prince fan. Thank you for coming here.

I amped for this weekend. Staying at a hotel by mall of america thursday night and hitting the weak mall of america clubs. Then going from Bloomington to Mankato Friday morning to check out the Minnesota Vikings training camp. Me and a friend have been planning this for about three years now and it's finally going to happen. Can't wait to see Brock Lesnar in action.

I was reading Jake's site and he is doing his top 100 albums of all time. I might just have to steal that idea and give you all mine. Since i'm tired and just got home from work, I'll give you the top 5 in no particular order...

1. "Sign O' The Times" Prince key track: "Adore"
2. "There's a riot goin' on" Sly and the Family Stone key track "Poet"
3. "Revolution of the mind" James Brown key track: "Make it Funky"
4. "Release Yourself" Graham Central Station key track: "I Believe In You"
5. "Fear of a Black Planet" Public Enemy key track: "Fight The Power"

the rest of the list will come wednesday or thursday.

I'd like to give an anniversary of your bday shotout to Quade. Don't drink no Jagermeister.

Oh yeah, went to my new church for the first time last Sunday and got to say that I really dig it. People are very cool and they gave me a dozen cookies.



Broadway pizza buffet is fantastic! Ate lunch there with jake and hill. I will be back.

On my way to johanna's bbq in about 15 minutes.

Song of the day: "Longevity" by JLive


Oodles of O's....

Thought I was supposed to work at 7 this morning but later found out it is 7pm so I was up with a whole day to spare. Got the car washed, cleaned around the house, washed, went swimming! The swim felt great and it was a great day outside. Picked up De La Soul's "Rarities and Remix's" disc. Pretty good stuff. Could have had a better tracklist but oh well. De La Soul is probably my second favorite hip hop group in between Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest.

Downloaded all the Musicology bsides from Princes site:

United States of Division bside of Cinnamon Girl
Magnificient Bside of Musicology
Silver Toungue bside of Call My Name

all great tracks..can't decide which one I like the most.

Can't find the Faces box set anywhere. Checked all day today.

If anybody is into old school hip hop and funk like me..check out Grand Slam Magazine. It's a british magazine that shinders imports. comes with a cd of rare funk and hip hop.

Looking foreward to the bbq tommorow. Will actually hang with Graham and his wife for the second time in two weeks! Damn!


Friends..How many of us have them???..

Sooooooooo....I broke your heart? I crushed you??? It's not going to be the same??? Guilt trips???

How can someone who says they're fullfilled in faith not forgive one mistake???

If that's the case......count me out.

I don't need that negativity..

As my homie Trevor would say....YOU"RE F**ck*ing UP MY CHI!!!!

we fest es merocca...

Yep, Jewett and Ando are putting on their fake cowboy hats and going to that weak excuse for music country thing called Wefest. While the two C O O L roomates are staying home and ripping it up. Country music is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. The country on the radio isn't even country music. It's pop music with a twang written by wankers. Real country is Lucero, The flying burrito brothers, gram parsons, johnny cash.


Whats up to my homie Johanna coming back to the M.P.L.S. this weekend! See you at your pop's barbecue dood.


Got home from my overnight job this morning at 6:30am and looked at my farm schedule to see I work at 9am. Wow. I must be getting punished for my antics last week.

In other job news, I got offered a manager position at my overnight job. I have untill September to let them know if I want it. The pay is a little better, but I don't know. Maybe I was meant to wear a bullseye.


South Park Season 4 and Faces..

I just read the Natrix and I am jealous he got South Park Season 4 before I did. South Park could be my favorite show. Just watching the Chimpokomon episode almost every day make me smile.

I just saw that there is a Faces box set out!! Holy crap when did this surface???!!! It's called "5 guys walk into a bar". I need this dang it. Most underrated rock band of all time in my opinion.

Random Grease...

Went to Cody's party on Friday night and I must say I had a great time. Nice to see the whole crew in effect. There were some very funky joints played that night. One of my new favorites due to the party is "Fear of Music" by Talking Heads. Everybody waving their hands from side to side to the Greg Stevens album was definitely a highlight. Was told by Cody that some red haired girl was asking about me, who I kindly met and found quite interesting and nice. N8 had me rolling most of the night. I feel bad for Cody who had to clean up that mess and a half.

Wow, people from other places on earth actually check out my site. I'm flattered and better yet it's another purple music lover. I'd like to say whats up to Natalie holding the funk down in Texas! You will love the Musicology show, especially the acoustic part.

Is it just me or did August just sneak up on everybody? Seems like it was yesterday that we drove to Miller's cabin on the 6 am bus and that was back in June.

Travis called me the other night and told me a story about how he was at Applebee's and a group of people came in and everybody asked for waters. After they got their water they all pulled a packet of Lemonade Kool Aid out of their pockets and made lemonade. Then one of the ladies asked for a plate of barbecue sauce and a to go box. She then poured the whole plate of sauce into her to go box. Thought it was a weird and random story.

Is there anybody cooler then the Kool Aid man?

If we ever get this dodgeball team together, we should have a scrimmage with Peets team.

If your gonna bump...you best get your house in order...

After about a two year absensce, I am going to go back to church. Not the one I originally went to. I have done some searching and found one that is more my flavor. The pastors there are all younger and the way they look at things are more my thing. I've felt like there has been glue missing lately that is supposed to keep my life together and something tells me this may be it.


I've heard some buzz on the net that there is a Prince disc going around of some Gold Experience outtakes. It only contains 5 or 6 songs, but it is said to be perfect soundboard recordings. With completely different versions of "Gold" and "Shy" and a couple others. And what makes me more excited is there is a 12 disc box set coming soon of all of the Xcel shows and the Paisley aftershows. No word on the sound quality though. I'd kill for copies of the show and two aftershows I went to.

In other music news...I took a gamble and bought Gavin Degraw. All I can say is wow! This guy has so much soul in his voice and not only that he is a great songwriter and musician. And better yet the cd was a two disc set for 7.99!!! One disc is the original album and disc two is the whole album recorded acousticaly which I actually like better. I reccomend it to everybody.