1994 And Some Itunes Beef

I can't remember a time since I was in High School where I'll be buying three new releases on the same day.  On May 18th I will be purchasing or have allready pre-ordered "Brothers" by The Black Keys, "Compass" by Jamie Lidell and "This is Happening" by LCD Soundsystem.  This is an occurance that used to happen all the time back in the mid 90's.  I remember picking up 3 to 4 cd's sometimes on Tuesdays.  Of course the mess the music industry is in probably has something to do with it.  As i've been anticipating these releases I've noticed something awfully fishy going down on Itunes.  All three of these releases have bonus tracks only available on the Itunes preorder.  The Hold Steady release last week had the same deal. What the hell?  Is it the record companies doing this? Or is this a trick by the band to get people to buy the album twice? Or maybe it's a big ploy to shift people to downloading music?  The Hold Steady offered their bonus track as a extra 45 for vinyl pre-orders and The Black Keys put up a download of "Ohio" for free so that was cool.  In any case, i'm looking foreward to Tuesday!