I started off the weekend picking up some Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat Beer from 21st Amendment Brewery.  I was a little nervous on how this would taste but I was feeling pretty good about my purchase after first sip.  The description of the beer is "Summer In A Can" and I can agree with that.  I was afraid it would be an overbearing watermelon taste but it's just a nice little watermelon aftertaste.  This would go great on a superhot day hanging outside.  A six pack is available at Mcdonalds Liquor and Haskels for about 6.99. 

I made a Electric Fetus run this weekend and picked up the following...

Prince - "Let it Go" 12 inch Vinyl Single
LCD Soundsystem - "Sound Of Silver" Vinyl
Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" Vinyl
The Shams - "Please Yourself" Vinyl
Kon and Amir - "Off Track Vol. 3: Brooklyn" cd

The biggest suprise of my finds is The Shams.  It's some pretty sleazy rock n' roll just how I like it.  In the same vein as 70's Rolling Stones.  A pretty consistant album all the way through.

I'm counting the says untill May 17th for The Black Keys "Brothers" and Jamie Lidell's "Compass"