Rebel Soul Music...

Finally picked up "Rebel Soul Music" by Martin Luther today. One of the best soul/rock albums i've ever heard. He has a very soulful voice and knows where to put his guitar in the right places. "New York City Girl" and "Rise" sound like Prince/Earth Wind and Fire esqe while "Sleepwalkers" is very early Funkadelic like with it's distorted guitars. I definitely reccomend it.


Rock..Steady...Steady Rockin' All Night Long..All Night!!...

I just read Jakes post about Rock Stars. It made me think of an interview I read with ?uestlove of the Roots where he talked about this very subject. There are no rock stars anymore. When I grew up in the 80's I had...David Lee Roth and Prince. Back in the days...Rod Stewart led The Faces, Mick Jagger led the stones, etc. In the interview, ?uestlove made a valid point.."When Prince had the Revolution, you could name everyone in his band." I still can name everyone in the Revolution and I bet the music lovers I know like Jake, Jeff, Travis, and Nate can probably name everyone in that band also. I know everyone knows Wendy and Lisa. How many bands today can you do that to?

F*ck the Radio...Satellite is the future!
ps...Eddie $ is the jam.


Left of the Dial....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Been in kind of a weird stale type of mode that I'm trying to shake. So I thought I"d post about last weekend. Friday, me, jake, jeff, and N8 decided to do a belated birthday celebration for Jeff at Gasthoffs in Northeast. Pretty darn good time all around! I ran into an old pal Rob from St. Clone apartment days. Seems like I run into him at least once a year in a random setting. After learning Jeff had to be up at 5 am to work, I was amazed at his willingness to drink a "Tyed to the bedpost" (strongest, tastiest drink ever), a Jag shot, and doing sniff snuff from the German girls in skirts. After casting our rods on the dancefloor for a bit I told Jake that I wanted us to go to Grumpy's across the street to show him that they have the best jubebox in the Northeast neighborhood. We walked in and he definitely agreed. The only song I remember him playing that I really dug was "Left of The Dial" by the Replacements. I played "Sex Machine" by Sly Stone (Yes Sly STone's version) and "Alex Chilton" by The replacements. The Birthday Boy who was very very very tipsy at the time talked about how he hated Grumpys. Me and Jake tried to hype it up and he told us that we'd never go there again. Me and Jake said that we were going there next friday and Jeff bet me $10,000 dollars that I wouldn't. I don't know if Jeff remembers making the bet, but if he wants to nullify it that's fine because making $10,000 couldn't be any easier.

so whats going on this friday?


For those that don't know..

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For those that read "Virtual Bacon and Egg Samich". This is the kind of gay picture Travis was talking about with me, him, my roomate Anderson and Scott. I think some lady we ran into talked us into taking this picture. I think she was dead set on taking a picture of us in front of that garden like we wanted to or something.


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This is me (left) and Jeff Hill (right) at Coborns in St. Cloud. This was after we got out of the bar and I wanted Pizza Rolls real bad. For some reason Jeff thought that was a ticket to tackle me and somehow I was able to get up just enough to lean on the window where the pizza rolls were. For some reason this picture turned out all abstract. If I ever make an album, this is the cover.


Birthdays was the worst days..now we drink champagne when we thirsty....

I didn't know it was Jeff A. Hill's Bday on Tuesday? Happy Anniversary dood. I guess if we go out for a drink tommorow, Hill gets to pick. I am definitely down! I will be there with a tie on. Just have to put in a farm shift untill 8pm. I was going to post a cool picture of me and Jeff from ST. Clone at coborns but my photo hosting service is down at the moment so that ain't working.

To N8: Thanks for the advice about weightloss.

Lastly..I was at the liquor store tonight in Fridley and noticed that they sell mini bottles of Crystal. There was no price tag on them so I don't know how much. They come in 6 packs though. I was trying to think if a person drank one of these bottles that is probably the size of my pinky finger, would it be...

A.Kind of Funny (Hey..that guys drinking a bottle of mini crystal! or Hey look at me, I'm pouring Crystal on my friends head like Damon Dash!)

B.Make you look really stupid like most of the Ludacris, shithopper, FUBU obnoxious jersey wearing clone mf's? (Bitch please! That bottles the size of a pinky finger!)

C. Make me look like the ish! Gangsta Glam!

Please leave your comment as to which you would think.

Instant Funk...

I was listening to the CHROME station on XM radio yesterday and I heard a song I had, but hadn't listened to forever. It's called "I got my mind made up (you can get it girl anytime)" by Instant Funk. This was an early 80's roller skating favorite that was sampled by De La Soul at the beginning of "Saturdays". I urge everyone to check it out.

Speaking of XM, I was at Best Buy today checking out their XM Boom Box's because I've heard mixed reviews regarding the volume control. I messed around with it for awhile and it sounded great to me! I will be picking one up next payday! It will be perfect for nights where we all just hang out and have a couple.


Glad and Sorry...

What a gloomy week. Earlier in the week, I saw my friend Melissa who I haven't seen for awhile and she asked if I had lost more weight since the last time I had seen her which I have. She told me I look deathly skinny? Then at work last night, this girl I used to work with came in to say hi to everybody and she asked if I had lost a lot of weight since the last time I had seen her and she told me I look deathly skinny? Is something wrong with me? To make things worse, I've had this deep pit of nervousness in my stomach and I have no idea where it came from. Who's down for a drink this Friday?

Read an interesting article about the band Velvet Revolver. I read they have been opening their live shows with a cover of Prince's "Controversy"! I'd actually like to hear what that sounds like. In the article Duff McKagen says that "1999" is one of his favorite albums of all time. Who knew that Slash could play some chickengrease on his guitar?

I also signed a petition against Ashlee Simpson by a New York group called "HOPE" that's trying to do away with popcorn music. I guess they held a rally where they traded cd's by real artists for peoples copies of Ashlee's cd. On the petition page they have an interview Ashlee Simpson did after she got booed at the National Championship and her excuse for getting booed was that she was facing the Sooners fans and that she was a USC fan and those were probably the people that booed. What an idiot. By the way, I was the 74,506th person to sign the petition!



Went to a record show yesterday for the first time in ages. Noticed that the new thing is bootleg shows on DVD. I picked up a really cool dvd of all The Replacements television appearances. It even has all of the members solo videos and interviews. One of my favorite parts is from 1991 when Paul Westerberg is on Saturday Night Live. At the very end, Charleton Heston the host, starts to thank the cast and he looks at Paul Westerberg and can't remember his name and never thanks him. The band starts playing the Saturday Night Live outro song and while Heston looks away for a moment, Paul spits in his hand and when Heston turns around Paul gives him a big shake and a smile. Classic! Also picked up a live show from some other artist I like.

Found out some horrible news today. One of my favorite artists of all time, D'angelo, was arrested for drunk driving and marijuana and cocaine possesion. From what I read, it sounds like he won't come out with an album for a very long time. It's already been about 5 years since his last one. When I saw D'angelo at the Orpheum in 2000 during the Voodoo Tour, it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. At one point he jumped into the crowd. It was an all out soul review. Oh well.

I've been kind of down this week. Almost like a holiday hangover. Seems like nothing much goes on lately. We might need to change that.


Purple Reign...

This was my Super Bowl. The Vikings smoking the packers yesterday was one of the greatest things I've ever seen. The day before, I heard on the radio how it seems in every workplace in Minnesota, there is always 2 or 3 packers fans who love to run their mouths everytime green bay beats Minnesota. But not yesterday! I got to talk some trash to a guy I work with who ran his mouth twice this season and wouldn't let me forget about it.

As far as the Randy Moss thing goes. I was listening to ESPN radio on the way home and the host on there said that Howie, J.B., Terry, Jimmy, Berman and T.J. were all wrong to call Moss's antics dumb and classless. The host mentioned how in the stands there were green bay fans with shirts that had obscenities talking about the Vikings and that fans were yelling things at Moss since the introductions.

The Afros need to stay. Moss told ESPN that AFROS stands for "America's Finest Recievers On Sunday." Bryant Mckinnie said they might do it next week.

It would definitely be something if they could do the same to the Eagles. It will be almost a month since they've played so it could happen.

The Baddest M.F. on the Planet...

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This was Prince at the People's Choice Awards last night. He presented the first award of the evening. Only he could pull off an outfit like that. I don't care what anyone says. He is the coolest m.f. on the planet.


In the Future there's going to be a Rhythm...

Well I am in love. In love with Satellite radio! Today was my first day having it in my car and it makes regular radio look like a chump. On my way to work I listened to Snoop Dogs radio show on the old school hip hop channel. I am not a Snoop dog fan, but he played some great cuts. He threw on David Ruffin, Mary Jane Girls, some other really funky stuff. Then on my way home from work I hear "Jackin' For Beats" by Ice Cube, "The Body Rock" by Trecherous Three, "Buddy (remix" by De La Soul, and "Ready To Die" by B.I.G. all in a row!!! I then listened to the alternative station and heard a 12 inch remix of "Rock me amodaus" by Falco, and some new group that sounded funky as a mf! I thought satellite radio was going to be just streaming music, but I was amazed at all the different shows they have at certain times and on certain days. PMD from EPMD has an hour hip hop show on the hip hop classics station that focusus on hip hop's second golden era from 95-97 which is pretty interesting. Another thing I love is that they play a lot of new bands which regular radio has pretty much given up on. There's even a channel called "Unsigned" that plays unsigned bands! Having no commercials is a great thing. The only talking you hear sometimes is a dj telling you whats coming up or what album the song is from or else you hear an artist give a shot out. This is definitely the greatest thing ever and I recommend it to everybody!


I got so many styles I can start 3 fads....

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Well, I thought about it long and hard tonight and after an ice cold soymilk I've decided that the vegetarian gig ain't for me. I was pretty proud of myself that I made it since January 1st on eating only soy chicken patties and such, but I can't do it. I did think of a solution though. I've decided that I just need to work out more. I need to start doing my sit ups and push ups on a regular basis. But, as of now, the vegetarian schtick is over.

In other news, we have Direct TV now at the house. I love having VH1-Classic again. It is probably the most watched channel on sattelite for me.

I heard a rumour that Jake E. might try to take "Perfect Strangers: The Musical" to MTV's MADE or else it may be a Cable 12 Community Television Production. Either way, I'm going to be at the auditions. I was even online tonight trying to learn the theme song for the intro.


I know you got soul..

Lenny Kravitz will freak because somebody made the album he's been trying to make for years and you all will feel the power of soul when you purchase...

"Rebel Soul Music" by Martin Luther


p.s. He's been the fill in guitarist for the Roots on their last tour.


New Years Pictures...

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Got some new years pics allready. This is me ando and the farm crew. Look below for more

Don't Ever....

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Don't ever bump into me on the dancefloor.

Uh Oh...

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April passed out on the table and the Bird is clowning while Amber tries to wake her up.

Caught at Midnight..

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Incriminating Evidence.

What Happened...

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Somehow my tie got undone and my shirt got unbuttoned.

Me and the Bird..

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This is me and Jbird before the bar closed.

No Jive in 2005...It was a doozy let me tell ya...

Well it was one to remember last night...House pre party was awesome. Wore the tux which I think I have to burn now. Went to Lyon's Pub and had the best New Years eve ever. Danced all night long. Later in the night Hill, Jake, Quade and his girl showed up and I have never been more pumped in my life to see them. Put my arm around the waitress that Hill bought a drink for once and did some bonding. Gave props to the guy that kicked me out of there once. got a kiss at midnight from a gal. When the bar closed and the lights came on, my roomate was getting beat down by four doods so me and Kristy's boyfriend ran to the dancefloor and I ended up punching a guy. We got thrown on the street by the bouncers. This morning, me, Jewett. the bird and Jessica went to Fridays and had a beer to toast the new year. There was a girl there with a Pee Wees playhouse shirt and Jbird bought her a beer. She said she had a pee wee doll and was a super fan. Jbird said "cool". Jbird called my dad this morning and had an interesing convo. Called everyone I know this morn and told them the fight story. I am scared for 2005. Just got a bad feeling. Hope to see everyone soon.

No Jive in 2005...It was a doozy let me tell ya...