Rock..Steady...Steady Rockin' All Night Long..All Night!!...

I just read Jakes post about Rock Stars. It made me think of an interview I read with ?uestlove of the Roots where he talked about this very subject. There are no rock stars anymore. When I grew up in the 80's I had...David Lee Roth and Prince. Back in the days...Rod Stewart led The Faces, Mick Jagger led the stones, etc. In the interview, ?uestlove made a valid point.."When Prince had the Revolution, you could name everyone in his band." I still can name everyone in the Revolution and I bet the music lovers I know like Jake, Jeff, Travis, and Nate can probably name everyone in that band also. I know everyone knows Wendy and Lisa. How many bands today can you do that to?

F*ck the Radio...Satellite is the future!
ps...Eddie $ is the jam.