Glad and Sorry...

What a gloomy week. Earlier in the week, I saw my friend Melissa who I haven't seen for awhile and she asked if I had lost more weight since the last time I had seen her which I have. She told me I look deathly skinny? Then at work last night, this girl I used to work with came in to say hi to everybody and she asked if I had lost a lot of weight since the last time I had seen her and she told me I look deathly skinny? Is something wrong with me? To make things worse, I've had this deep pit of nervousness in my stomach and I have no idea where it came from. Who's down for a drink this Friday?

Read an interesting article about the band Velvet Revolver. I read they have been opening their live shows with a cover of Prince's "Controversy"! I'd actually like to hear what that sounds like. In the article Duff McKagen says that "1999" is one of his favorite albums of all time. Who knew that Slash could play some chickengrease on his guitar?

I also signed a petition against Ashlee Simpson by a New York group called "HOPE" that's trying to do away with popcorn music. I guess they held a rally where they traded cd's by real artists for peoples copies of Ashlee's cd. On the petition page they have an interview Ashlee Simpson did after she got booed at the National Championship and her excuse for getting booed was that she was facing the Sooners fans and that she was a USC fan and those were probably the people that booed. What an idiot. By the way, I was the 74,506th person to sign the petition!