Birthdays was the worst days..now we drink champagne when we thirsty....

I didn't know it was Jeff A. Hill's Bday on Tuesday? Happy Anniversary dood. I guess if we go out for a drink tommorow, Hill gets to pick. I am definitely down! I will be there with a tie on. Just have to put in a farm shift untill 8pm. I was going to post a cool picture of me and Jeff from ST. Clone at coborns but my photo hosting service is down at the moment so that ain't working.

To N8: Thanks for the advice about weightloss.

Lastly..I was at the liquor store tonight in Fridley and noticed that they sell mini bottles of Crystal. There was no price tag on them so I don't know how much. They come in 6 packs though. I was trying to think if a person drank one of these bottles that is probably the size of my pinky finger, would it be...

A.Kind of Funny (Hey..that guys drinking a bottle of mini crystal! or Hey look at me, I'm pouring Crystal on my friends head like Damon Dash!)

B.Make you look really stupid like most of the Ludacris, shithopper, FUBU obnoxious jersey wearing clone mf's? (Bitch please! That bottles the size of a pinky finger!)

C. Make me look like the ish! Gangsta Glam!

Please leave your comment as to which you would think.