Left of the Dial....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Been in kind of a weird stale type of mode that I'm trying to shake. So I thought I"d post about last weekend. Friday, me, jake, jeff, and N8 decided to do a belated birthday celebration for Jeff at Gasthoffs in Northeast. Pretty darn good time all around! I ran into an old pal Rob from St. Clone apartment days. Seems like I run into him at least once a year in a random setting. After learning Jeff had to be up at 5 am to work, I was amazed at his willingness to drink a "Tyed to the bedpost" (strongest, tastiest drink ever), a Jag shot, and doing sniff snuff from the German girls in skirts. After casting our rods on the dancefloor for a bit I told Jake that I wanted us to go to Grumpy's across the street to show him that they have the best jubebox in the Northeast neighborhood. We walked in and he definitely agreed. The only song I remember him playing that I really dug was "Left of The Dial" by the Replacements. I played "Sex Machine" by Sly Stone (Yes Sly STone's version) and "Alex Chilton" by The replacements. The Birthday Boy who was very very very tipsy at the time talked about how he hated Grumpys. Me and Jake tried to hype it up and he told us that we'd never go there again. Me and Jake said that we were going there next friday and Jeff bet me $10,000 dollars that I wouldn't. I don't know if Jeff remembers making the bet, but if he wants to nullify it that's fine because making $10,000 couldn't be any easier.

so whats going on this friday?