I got so many styles I can start 3 fads....

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Well, I thought about it long and hard tonight and after an ice cold soymilk I've decided that the vegetarian gig ain't for me. I was pretty proud of myself that I made it since January 1st on eating only soy chicken patties and such, but I can't do it. I did think of a solution though. I've decided that I just need to work out more. I need to start doing my sit ups and push ups on a regular basis. But, as of now, the vegetarian schtick is over.

In other news, we have Direct TV now at the house. I love having VH1-Classic again. It is probably the most watched channel on sattelite for me.

I heard a rumour that Jake E. might try to take "Perfect Strangers: The Musical" to MTV's MADE or else it may be a Cable 12 Community Television Production. Either way, I'm going to be at the auditions. I was even online tonight trying to learn the theme song for the intro.