Don't need refer..don't need cocaine..purple music does the same to my brain...

First Ave.

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Friday Dec. 30th



Hypodermically shooting up your feelings...

I was checking out some online auctions today trying to find some old hip hop cd's I used to have in high school and sold or lost for whatever reason. Some of them including Kokane "Funk Upon A Rhyme", Masta Ace "Slaughtahouse", and K-Dee. I cannont find these albums online for less then 55 dollars!? Are there really collectors out there that will pay this much for these albums? I was tempted once to pay 35 dollars for "Kill My Landlord" by The Coup but didn't.

Also, Travis will be kind of amped that for some reason I had that rapper Goldy that you discovered back in high school in my head. I believe the album was called "Goldy In The Land Of Funk"? He was produced by Ant Banks (Yes, the big baddass) and I remember that album being pretty funky. I still have the 12 inch vinyl single for "Whipped Cream, Nuts, and Cherries" and I remember it having like 3 bsides? I'm gonna look for that one too.


I buy gold by the ounce....I write a check and the bank bounce..

I would like to give a huge shot out to whoever signed me up for Maple Grove Singles.com! They've called me twice now and the number comes up private so I have no idea their calling.

I watched a Tivo'd episode of Family Guy from a couple weeks ago. It was one where Stewie has a babysitter he thinks is hot. I loved the part when her boyfriend came over. I loved the rant he goes into. He talks about how the kid was going to go back to his dorm to watch his beloved downloaded Simpsons episodes and he sarcastically says how everybody loves mr. plow and knows the stupid song. I got a kick out of this because I actually hate the Simpsons. I remember I had a class in college where everybody would talk about Simpsons episodes about everyday and they asked me mine. When I said I wasn't really into the show somebody said shame on you and made a cross with their fingers. F*ck the Simpsons! I"d rather watch South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Family Guy any day then those wankers.

I have no idea what I'm going to do for New Years Eve yet. Probably will involve a bottle of champagne, a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a Tilt for good measure.

The new Ryan Adams album kind of puzzles me. The first song "29" is this crazy rock n' roll song and then the entire rest of the album is slow, sad piano ballads. I kind of like it even though I think "Cold Roses" was better.

I bought the Kool Keith dvd "Global Enlightenment" which even though it is very short, it is quite entertaining. The "98 year old refridgerator" segment is pretty funny where Keith said he started drinking seltzer water all the time because homies would come to the crib or at the restaurant would steal his Yo-Hoo's and Hawaian Punches. But, nobody steals seltzer water so he drinks that. He then goes into a rant on how to stock your fridge so nobody steals your sh*t. There's also a commentary about why he likes Popeye's chicken so much and how they don't sell the quarter juices in a plastic bottle anymore like they used to. Pretty entertaning dvd for 10 bucks.


Every christmas for 7 years now I drink bannana daquris till i'm blind...

I am off to Wisconsin untill Monday afternoon.

Codman - Sorry I missed your homecoming Northeast belated bday jam. Hopefully we can have lunch on tuesday or something.

Nate - Sorry I'm missing the Sweater or better party. Maybe next year.

Everyone else, hope to see you on New Years Eve or in the new year.

May the lightest of lights shine upon everyone.


Bop gun....

Bday was the jam. tore up lion's pub..I think. Believe Ileft my phone in Kate's car so I'm without a phone if anyone is trying to call me.



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I found this picture on "Cocaine, Blunts, and Hip Hop Tapes". www.cocaineblunts.com. After having a couple grey weeks lately, looking at this picture actually made me laugh today. It also reminds me about how amped I am for the Farm christmas party tonight and hanging out 2morrow night. I'm interested to see what the people who still work at the farm are up to? Did Mike T. really buy a hummer? Does he really have a girlfriend now? Is Bruce going to buy a hundred dollars worth of beers for everyone again? Will Peet and Miller plan a goocher, get zanked and scream their two weeks notice at the higher ups? Farm parties are the best. Thanks CocaineBlunts!

By the way, for some weird reason unknown to man, I have "Fly To The Angels" by Slaughter stuck in my head. I know your wondering and yes I am about to hit Itunes to download it.


Only spinnin dialouge tryin to get the room number thinkin we was Angela D. and H.Rap Brown

Well, just when I thought I was going to take a break from posting do design a better layout for my blog, I decided to just keep posting while I"m doing it. Some random things...

-Even though after having the video debut and the Press Conference yesterday, I hate to say that after seeing the new Prince single "Te Amo Corazan" on Vh1, I really think it's kind of cheezy and very adult contemporary. I don't understand why he seems to release ballads as a single ever since about 1994. Except for "Musicology" that is. I'm excited for the new album "3121" this spring though. He also said there's plans to tour but wouldn't give any details except for saying "I've invited some old friends to join me." Hopefully that means old band members. I'd love to see Sheila E. or Wendy and Lisa join him. Even Brown Mark would be cool. He's a jehovah's witness too so who knows?

-Went to the Prince tribute at The Fine Line last Saturday and it was way more than I expected. All of the bands were pretty good. It was cool to see different bands put weird twists on Prince songs. Like the slide guitar/bluesy version of "Raspberry Beret" or the punk band Action vs. Action doing baddass versions of "Let's Pretend We're Married" and "Peach". The best band in my opinion was one called Taje which backs up former Prince backup singer Kip Blackshire. They did "Shhh", "Controversy", and "Little Red Corvette" and they tore the house up. They should have closed the show. The weirdest moment was a band of all brass which included a Tuba and sounded like a marching band which did instrumental versions of "D.M.S.R." and "7". There was also somebody who was rumoured to be from Oukasts backing band who did a piano medley which included a great version of "Adore". DJ Dirty Cologne didn't dissapoint between sets either playing a version of Jay Z's "99 Problems" backed with the beat from "Get Off". He also played a version of "Frontin" with "SexyMf" as the backing music. Very fun show to see.

-Farm Christmas party on Friday. Even though I don't work there anymore, I worked there this year so I still get to go. Usually full of Shananigans and usually ends up with a trip to the worst night club in Brooklyn Center.....yep, Jams.

-My pal Cody Stevens just turned 21 last month and is coming back from Tennesse in a week and a half. He says he wants to experience Jams. I have no idea why. Probably because he's heard so many farm stories about it. I guarantee he'll never want to go again. Can't wait to hang with him though.

-Everyone in the world is invited to celebrate my 28 years on this planet saturday night. Give me a call sometime Thurs. or Fri. to get the final details. No more bus due to me thinking about it. It will be fun regardless and a chance to get everybody out together again.



Excuse me..but is this really goodbye?

Future Rhythm will return soon.


This Is The Dawning Of A New Spiritual Revolution....

Since a New Year is upon us I thought I'd give Future Rhythm a fresh start and completely change it. I got kind of bored looking at the same layout for almost two years now. Hopefully I will have more pictures for people to check out in the new year.

Prince Tribute
Saturday December 10th 2005
Fine Line Minneapolis
8 bucks


If there is no future...then there is no past....

Watched the new episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and loved it. When did Meatwad become such a baddass?

Was thinking the other day of how it's human nature when somebody hurts you in some way that the first reaction is to hurt them back. Sure vengence is sweet, but it kind of makes you feel salty after a few days. Oh well, old friends for sale I guess.


It's just cuz I'm old school like that..rockin' rhymes over soul loops like that..

Devastatin' Dave
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Got home from work this morning and started the weekend by listening to one funky ass mix...

"Crossword Puzzle" Sly Stone
"Celestial Blues" Gary Bartz NTU Troop
"Matrix" Dizzy Giliespie
"Fire Eater" Rusty Bryant
"Your Momma Wants You Back" Betty Davis
"Fat City Strut" Mandrill
"Brand New Orleans" Prince

"Fire Eater" by Rusty Bryant is such a g*ddamn funky groove! I played it twice in a row just to hear the guitar and sax solos again. Can someone tell me if it really was Graham Central Station backing up Betty Davis on her albums? And sadly, I haven't played any Devastatin' Dave yet today.


Dearly beloved...we are gathered here today....

On this first day of December, I hereby declare the word "Pimp" dead from my vocabulary. Hearing this word makes me cringe like no other.

In other news, I bought the first season of Arrested Development on DVD and I am totally into it. So into it, that I'm probably going to be on my way to the video store to rent season two. For some reason, I get a kick out of the character George Michael. Especially the episode where it's take your daughter to work day.

Holy Sheeit! I saw a commercial for a new episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force this Sunday! About time dangit!

Time may change me....but I can't change time......

I have had a very weird week. Last weekend had a crazy effect on me. I haven't smoked a cig since Saturday and hopefully never will again, and for the first time in weeks I feel the urge to go somewhere I haven't been for awhile by myself this Sunday.

I learned this week that my grandfather is probably going to pass any day now due to an abnormal liver. Even though I haven't had much of a chance to talk to him at all the last few years, I still think he is a great man and I love and respect him very much. I never really saw him drink alcohol, smoke or do anything considered bad or unhealthy as long as I can remember seeing him. I remember ever since I was in Jr. High or so he walked a bunch of miles everyday which is probably why he has lived so long. He was very involved in his church which I wish I could do, but can't. The news of this makes me realize even though I think he and my grandmother thought I was kind of strange and were probably scared to talk to me because of a tattoo, piercings, and a craving for the music of a certain purple mpls rude boy, it's only now that I wish I would have picked up a phone and tried to talk to them sometime. Now, I have to make a phone call today which might be the last time I ever speak to him. It's scary because I had thousands of chances to do so over the years and now it might just be limited to only 1. It kind of gives you chills ,you know?

I have also been thinking that I don't really do much with my time on earth. Sure, I have probably had more fun than most human beings in the last 3 years..but I get this feeling that I can accomplish much more. With this in mind, I plan to fill out an application for a homeless organization where I can either volunteer to teach a class on how to use the internet for homeless people trying to find a job, or be a help desk person at a homeless shelter for the same situation.

If anybody else is interesting in volunteering, please visit the following site and fill out an application...