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Went and saw Prince's new protege' Tamar with him as the special guest on Saturday night. As my friend April and I were enjoying a drink in the lobby, we were handed passes to the afterparty at Paisley Park by Prince's security guard which got us amped!

The show was fantastic! Much more than I expected. Prince didn't really do much more than play guitar and sing back up, except when he did "Partyman" from the Batman Soundtrack and a few covers. But, his guitar work was spectacular and he definitely tore the house down with his soloing on Tamar's "Red Headed Stepchild". Tamar was equally impressive with a voice that could hang with any of the Mariah Carey's or Whitney Houstons. Her sound is very soulful with a heavy rock side. She has two gorgeous twin dancers that with her look very similar to the old Ike and Tina Turner review.

The afterparty was pretty cool. Arrived at Paisley Park about 11:30pm and walked inside. Hadn't been there for two years so it was nice to be back. DJ was on point! She played Kanye's "Golddigger" while mixing in "I Got A Woman" by Ray Charles which "Golddigger" samples heavily. "The Combo" played a very funky and very long set with a bunch of funky covers. Jellybean Johnson from The Time guested. Prince and his band just sat at the top of the stairs watching the whole time. Ran into a lot of old friends and met a few new ones during the party. Had me a great time!


Man I hate makin' movies..but I like that money..think i don't?..

I've been winning a lot of dvd movies at work lately. While that is kind of exciting and an interesting incentive to make me work faster and more accurate, I guess I'm not a big movie guy. There's only a handful of movies or tv shows I think I'd rather keep and watch over and over again. Of course I got my "Arrested Development" sets and "Purple Rain" which I've watched a million times and will probably watch over and over again. But, my copy of "Road Trip" that I won has been sitting on my shelf for months without a view. I guess I'd rather own a million cd's and records than a million movies that I'll watch once and never see again. Might be a good day to make a cheapo run, sell those bastards and pick up some records with the cash. YEAH!

I"d buy those "Wildboyz" dvd's though if they didn't repeat them almost everyday on MTV2. I love that show. Those two crack me up.


If you ain't hip to the mad housequake...shut up allready..damn!

What a crazy weekend this shall be......


NPG Party

First Avenue


VIP Room

"Black Sweat" premiere at midnight.


Tamar and PRINCE at the Orpheum!

I'm going to be all funked up!


Everybody Hates Christian....

I have watched every episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" and I think it's a great show! One thing I love about it though, is the music! Last nights episode contained "Warm It Up Kane" by Big Daddy Kane and"White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five! Every episode contains classics from the old school! I love this show.

I don't wanna dance so hard...but this is a groove...

A record guy reviews Prince's new album "3121" track by track after hearing it at the listening party for record execs and gives it one hell of a review! He called it better than "Musicology", the Camille voice shows up for two songs, and what sounds like the return of Sheila E.?

Read for yourself if this is any interest to you..


In related news Prince said he'd be bringing along some old friends on his tour this summer and last night he played the brit awards with Wendy, Lisa, and Sheila E. as part of the New Power Generation! I will not miss this tour for the world!


Barstool Open 2006

Barstool Open was one of the greatest times ever! The holes were actually pretty challenging. I got a hole in one at the Imperial Room and got to slide down their firepole! We ended up finishing 16th out of 100 teams! Highlights of the day included meeting a team of two husbands and wifes that kicked it with us most of the time. Very fun people! Eating Pepporoni zaa at Pizza Luce with a 16 oz can of Pabst at 10 something in the morning waiting for our turn at the hole. Trying to steal a picture of the fonz from the Imperial Room for the second day in a row.

I am definitely doing this again next year! Met a lot of cool people and had a blast. I was wating to post about this because the event took about a hundred pictures of us because of the outfits we wore and they were going to post some on thier website I think. I"ll post a picture of our team as soon as they post them.


Remember Who You Are...

So I get home and look online for some Grammy news since I heard the rumor that Sly Stone was going to make his first public appearance since 1993 and I couldn't find anything. Most sites just had pictures of Madonna and John Legend. Finally I found a small blurb that he showed up at the tribute. What the hell? One of the biggest innovators of funk music shows up in public for the first time in 13 years and he gets not one mention? F*ck the mainstream!


Ain't no fury like a woman scorned...

Prince absolutely tore up Saturday Night Live. He played a new song from 3121 called "Fury"! Totally guitar driven with lots of energy! Very GoldXperience esque! This has me amped with anticiaption for 3121!


You'll be screaming like a white lady when I count to 3...

Just saw the video for the new Prince single "Black Sweat"! Finally..Prince released a funky ass single! The video is pretty decent too compared to his recent vids. The song sounds like a refreshed version of old Prince. My favorite part is towards the end with the synth groove. It has Prince singing in his nasty falsetto. "Te Amo Corazon" had me kind of bored but this song definitely gets me amped for 3121 and all that's coming with it. You can check the video online at http://www.mtvoverdrive.com.


You make me feel like dancin'..we gonna dance the night away..

You make me feel like dancin'..we gonna dance the night away..
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So I've been pretty pumped about Leo Sayer lately. I recorded his video off of VH1 Classic for "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and I watch it pretty much every morning. It makes me laugh in that Dan Fogelberg album cover kind of way.

The Barstool Open Lineup has been set and Lady and The Tramps is playing it's first hole at 10:30 am at the Lone Tree Bar next Saturday! Good thing I'll be in a mpls hotel all next weekend.

Speaking of which...I am checking in a undisclosed hotel in mpls next friday afternoon and chilling by poolside until Aprils bday goes down. You might catch me at Lyon's Pub eating a hamburger for lunch if your down.

Everyone should come watch us at the Barstool Open because spectators get the same drink specials we do at the participating bars.

Purchased the "Remain in Light" by Talking Heads reissue for 10 bucks! The bonus tracks are pretty cool. Nice to hear the album remastered. Give me a ring this weekend cuz I ain't got nothing planned.