Looks like Bush wasn't the only idiot....

God bless Tim Russert and "Meet The Press" for digging this up. Sounds like all this flip flop stuff is true about Scary Kerry....

On “Meet the Press” in late August, Tim Russert played a tape of Kerry addressing the Senate in October 2002 with a hard-line speech declaring Iraq “capable of quickly producing weaponizing” of biological weapons that could be delivered against “the United States itself.”

Kerry insisted: “That is exactly the point I’m making. We were given this information by our intelligence community.”

However, as columnist Robert Novak noted, “as a senator, Kerry had access to the National Intelligence Estimate that was skeptical of Iraqi capability. Being tricky may no longer be as effective politically as it once was.”

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Return of the lamp...oh my god....return of the lamp..oh my god...return of the lamp..oh my god! superfunkihalloweencalifragipartyissexyononemogain

code this first using your decoder ring before calling your friends cuz not just anyone can come....



For Jake E.

For some reason I can't post comments on your site so...

"(Cat Stevens)Yeah, I'm sure a world famous singer (and legendary man of peace) is gonna commit acts of terror." -Jake E.

Maybe you don't remember but Mr. Stevens spoke in the media and supported the bounty hunt and murder of Salmon Rushdie back when he wrote "The Satanic Verses". This was even on his Behind The Music. So, if thats your definition of "a man of peace", you must be a liberal. Heh..heh.

Just remember..we're all in the same gang.



Saw the new Prince video for "Cinnamon Girl". It's actually pretty good for Prince standards. Usually his videos are based on his live performance so it just usually shows him performing, but this video tells a story and actually looks pretty cool. I think this will be a good single for him.

On Friday i'm going to see an old kung-fu movie that some people dubbed in dj's mixing to it. It's at the Oak Street Cinema. Should be a good time.

Vikings won which is great.

I can't stop playing "Innervisions" by Stevie Wonder.

Can't wait to get my new De La Soul cd in the mail next week which is coming with a bonus extra disc of unreleased cuts from the new album.

Two of my roomates are going to Atlanta thursday so that leaves me and my roomate Jeff home alone for the weekend. It seems everytime that happens, something mischevious ends up happenening. We'll see.



What a night! A bunch of us went to see a band called Hookers & Blow at the Cabooze Friday night and it was one of the best times I've had in awhile. The band is made up of local musicians from bands including the Honeydogs. They did Stevie Wonder, Faces, Parliament, and a bunch of other great songs. The highlight of the night was when we were all on the dancefloor and they did a cover of "Soft and Wet" by Prince. As you probably know I had both fists in the air and ran to the front of the stage. I sang every lyric with the singer. After the song was done the lead singer pointed at me as they went into a Parliament song. Next thing I know he extends his hand down and pulls me up!!! So I am the only one on stage dancing with the band to a Parliament song! My roomates and Amber and Aprils jaws hit the floor! After a few minutes my friend Dan Miller somehow ends up on stage with a cowbell!!?? He is playing the cowbell straight out of the Will Ferrel sketch! It was surreal. Then they pulled a couple girls up on stage and we were all up there for about three songs. The opening band the Diplomats were funky too. They reminded me of the Meters.



This blog is not Brandon J. Quade approved.


I'm ain't the 1....

Went and saw Kip Blackshire at Bunkers last night. This cat is one of the funkiest mf's I've ever seen. He plays his own stuff which includes a funky jam called "Another Day" that Prince wrote for him. Besides his own stuff he did covers of "Release Yourself" by Graham Central Station and "Just Friends" by Musiq. He is definitley worth checking out and I will be going again. Ran into a lot of people I know their too. Some from High school, some from Paisley Park parties, some from random parties. Also saw Jellybean Johnson of the Time and Michael Bland, former drummer of the New Power Generation checking out the show.

A year ago Peet Quist got me into a band called The Black Keys. I must say their new album "Rubber Factory" is some of the funkiest blues rock soul I've ever heard. I really dig the lead singers voice. he's got a lot of soul.

Ever had a night where you had a couple beers and decided to make a phone call? Yep that was me last night. I regret the messege but I guess the truth is on the table.

I'm ain't the one.


It's De La Cratic.....

Got this info about my favorite hip hop group ever....

AOI 3, the third and last installment in the Art Of Intelligence trilogy will be released some time in the year 2005. Dedicated to the DJ, and the art of DJing, Maseo has been hard at work putting together an album that will succesfully portray the influence DJing has had on hip hop. To hold De La Soul fans over until then, the trio is releasing "The Grind Date" a twelve song album featuring a host of guests including Ghostface, Madlib, 9th Wonder, Common, Flava Flav, Dilla, DJ Premier, MF Doom and more. "The Grind Date" will be in stores September 28th, 2004.

New album September 28th!!! If you go to Spitkicker.com you can hear the first single with MF Doom.

Doin' what i'm doin'.....

Not much going on with me lately. My cousin Natalie from NYC came into town this past weekend. I hadn't seen her in 11 years so it was nice to hang with her for a little bit. The Vikings were willing to do the work and destroyed Dallas which was great. I asked for the whole weekend of one of the greatest hollidays ever, Halloween, off so I am amped for that. The new Paul Westerberg album "Folker" is great and I can't stop playing it on my commute to work. Should be a busy weekend coming up with all the farm shifts. The band Toast stinks. My pop kicked it with Cody at Menards. Me and Miller hung with a Friday's waitress named Samantha. I rock therefore I am.


Staight back to back every time I grab the mic make a record bleed like a hemopheliac...

Came across this book put out by the Experience Music Project which I may try to purchase this pay day.....

Book Title: Yes Yes Y'all

The product of interviews conducted for the Experience Music Project’s Hip Hop exhibit, this book delivers what the people who created hip-hop have to say for themselves- a crucial and underrepresented aspect of hip-hop culture. It is entirely made up of first person anecdotes from pioneering DJs, breakers, writers, and emcees. The authors, Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn (Wild Style) act as curators, allowing the artists room to reveal the truth about hip-hop’s explosive beginnings in the South Bronx and the surrounding communities that generated a now global movement. In a drug-infested, near bankrupt NYC, the street gangs who ran the neighborhoods informed hip-hop style and battle culture. Check the 1977 NYC Blackout’s role in the DJ population expanding, as looters liberated decks from ransacked electronic stores. Read Flash marvel at Kool Herc’s selection, as well as Flash’s tales of a pint sized Grand Wizard Theodore, doubling breaks atop a milk crate. In addition, let Kool Herc tell you how he was not a DJ-for-hire, but the promoter, the tastemaker, the sound system constructer, and the DJ. Grandmaster Caz and Disco Wiz drop tales of bare-bones hip hop, rocking in the park, plugged into the light poles. The wealth of show flyers and unearthed pictures displayed throughout this text is reason enough to add to cart. With an introduction by Nelson George and the willing collaboration of so many pioneers, this is authentic source material. An essential read for anyone interested in who and what it took to create the climate and culture of original hip hop. Features a goldmine of original flyer artwork, as well a original photographs. -P Gorgeous

I don't care what Ice Cube says..Hip hop started in the east and that is where the greatest MC's are from.

Best funk, hip hop, soul sites...

I feel these are two of the best funk, soul, and hip hop cd and vinyl stores on the internet if your into that kind of thing....



Lots of hard to find stuff.

March of the Pigskin..

I am soooo amped for football to start. It is most definitely my favorite sport ever. I remember last year, me and a buddy of mine watched every televised game on Sundays. I am looking foreward to Sunday making a call into Papa Johns and lounging on the couch watching the purple march to the Super Bowl. God I love football.

Check you later summer...

Well summer is over. What a summer it was. Cabin trips, millers weird parties, valleyfarm, cody's sexy parties, forreston fun days, hanging on the porch on thursday nights, 3 Prince shows in 3 days! It will definitely go down as probably the most fun I've had during summer in the last few years, but I think I'm ready to throw on my coat.


Windy City Heat

If your name is N8. The movie I was talking to you about on Comedy Central is called "Windy City Heat". They have a profile for it on their website. Go there to read about it. It's hillarious.


Ralph Nader 2004

Declair your independence!!!!

Nader/Camejo 2004

Vote 4 what you believe in not what you fear!

-Stop illegal Iraq Occupation: get peace with justice by accelarrating true Iraqi soverignty!

-Fight Corporate Crime and abuse: exact personal responsibility from all corporate wrongdoers

-Reform the failed justice system and prison system : savings shøuld go to education.

-Repeal Patriot Act: restore civil liberties that you give sayj.

-Implement Universal Health Care: the United States is still the only western democracy without it.

-Enact true taxation: end the joy ride of the wealtiest corporations and super rich.

-Invest in America: repair decaying infastructure and provide good jobs.

-Fund human needs: over militarism and corporate greed.

-Fund civic education: millions of children are left behind every year.

-Redesign war on drugs: rehabillitation is non-violent and reduces demand.

-De-concentrate the Media: public airwaves belong to everybody!

-Enforce civil rights AND ECONOMIc rights for Minorities: discrimination is not the American way!


Newsie UPDATE!!!

Got an email back from my favorite news anchor today. Here's what it said...

Hi Christian!

First of all, I LOVE your name.. it's my favorite name.. no kidding!
And thank you so much for your sweet email.. Rick is like my older brother.. we fight and kid around.. but at the end of the day we have each others' back. It's the best.. I'm really lucky. And I'm glad you can pick up on that on the air!!
Thanks again for writing, it's so nice to know we have such great viewers!!

Take care!




My roomates and I were watching Kare11 news live from the fair on Sunday and we decided our favorite news anchor is Amy Hockert on Kare11. She zinged Rick Kupchela about 50 times which was hillarious and you could tell he was getting mad. He tried to zing her back but failed horribly. I must say that she is quite a stunning lady also. This might sound scary, but I emailed her and told her she's my favorite newsperson. I'll let you know if I ever get a response back or if I get locked up for being a news stalker.