"Some people say Jesus was there homeboy..well mine was moses..the blizzards comin' ya'll.."

I must say, even though i absolutely hate eMpTyV and all that it stands for, I was actually entertained last night by that MPLS kid on MADE who wanted to be a rapper.

It's still not going to be as cool as when Pat Croce Moving In comes to our house and Pat Croce tries to get me and Jewett to stop drinking and Ando to do his laundry. Or when the Sluggies get on The Real World.

The Top 10 Wrekords that are getting the most spin in my house yeah my house..

1. "Get Behind Me Satan" - The White Stripes
2. "The Kings Of Hip Hop" - DJ Premier and DJ Thing
3. "Nobody's Darlings" - Lucero
4. "The Rainbow Children" - Prince
5. "Virgin Ubiquity Vol. 2" - Roy Ayers
6. "The Grind Date" - De La Soul
7. "Itstrumentals" - Prince Paul
8. "The Turnaround" - Hank Mobley
9. "Steal This Album" - The Coup
10. "In The House" - Kenny Dope



Around The World In A Day....

I had absolutely nothing to do today so I started it off by playing some basketball at 4:50 am at the park. It was actually pretty nice having the whole court to myself. It was cool outside and there were no fools in gigantic bright colored ekko jerseys hogging the blacktop. Then I came home and watched UHF until I fell asleep.

Checked out the Andy Molonakis show the other day. I still don't know if I like it or not. I loved the part where Biz Markie gave him rap powers and he went downntown new york and started freestyling on people, but some of the other stuff was kind of blah.

God, my life was boring today.


Do it till' your tattoos dizzy and the stud in your mouth turns gold...

Future Rhythm at 7200

"Hair" Graham Central Station
"I have to keep dancing(to keep from crying)" Smokey Robinson and the miracles
"I second that emotion" Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
"Mad" Prince
"My Doorbell" White Stripes
"In Time" Sly Stone
"Babies Makin' Babies" Sly Stone
"I Believe In U" Graham Central Station
"I'll House You (kenny dope remix)" Jungle Brothers
"The War" Lucero
"Crusin" Smokey Robinson
"The Good Life" The NPG
"Mad Sex" Prince

I've officially decided that Uptown is the wackest place on earth. Straight Booshee! It is banned and I will never set foot there again. Yuppiefest. Northeast is the new uptown.


I got so much funky sh*t inside my brain, I couldn't explain...

I was talking with Travis the other day and he brought up the great question of how much of our brain space is occupied by song lyrics? Right away I thought that I probably can recite every lyric from Prince's second album all the way to "Musicology". And every Ice Cube album from "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" to "Death Certificate" straight through. He also mentioned about how many horrible/guilty pleasure songs run through the brain. I can sing all of "Cuts Like A Knife" by Bryan Adams for gunny sacks!

Why does R. Kelly continue to make songs? I saw the video for "In The Closet" today and it may be the worst thing I've ever heard and seen at the same time and it's a 5 part song!!!!??!!! All he does is sing a conversation he's having with himself about hiding in a closet. This takes the cake over the Mr. Biggs saga. I'm surprised Ron Isley didn't pop up in this one. Plus, is his trial ever going to start? That was like 10 years ago or something.

Well that's my rant for the day.

Little Silver Heart....

If you dig bands like The Flying Burrito Brothers, Wilco, The Replacements, Uncle Tueplo, or The North Mississippi All Stars, I suggest you check out the best alt-country band you've never heard of..


Lucero is such a damn good band. Listening to "Little Silver Heart", "Sixteen", "Nobody's Darlings", or "My Tears Don't Matter Much" will make you want to grab whatever last beer you have in the fridge and whatever half smoked smoke is in the ashtray and think back to when you were fighting the sky on a Saturday night.

Hell, one magazine called them a country version of the Replacements. P.s. if you dig them, which you will, me and natz have stamps on them.

Get Behind Me Satan...

This post is dedicated to the brilliant new album by the White Stripes that I cannot stop playing.

the origin of the title....

The reply of Jesus when Satan offered him all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him. Jesus spoke these words on another occasion. He told his disciples that he would have to be killed and then raised from the dead, and Peter objected that this should not happen. Jesus saw Peter as a tempter, trying to talk him out of doing what he was put on Earth to do. He then spoke the same words, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” to Peter.

My fathers response after hearing the album....
"Yeah, it's pretty good, but they look like a couple of weirdos...what do you call that? Starts with a G or something? Grathic? Oh yeah, Gothic. That second song sounds like Hawaii."

My favorite tracks..
"My Doorbell", "I lonely but I ain't that Lonely Yet", "As Ugly As I Seem"

My question.....Is this album the White Stripes "Around The World In A Day"?

Any thoughts, leave a comment.

by the way...Hookers and Blow play the Fine Line on Friday Night and live band Kareoke at Gluek's is the sheeit.

This album may overtake "Elephant" as my favorite.


You don't miss your water..untill your well is dry..

The first pool party of the summer took place yesterday and it was a pretty fun time. Kicked it by the pool from 11am untill 7pm. Heard George Bensons greatest hits and it reminded me of driving downtown in 1999 with ando and Graham listening to "Give Me The Night". Played some lawn darts, fell in the pool with my clothes on, and got my head shaved by the hot tub. Nothing but great times.

I still am bummed about Summerfest. I thought about it and I honestly think everybody I know will be out of town that weekend. Plus, I've never been home alone before. It's gonna be weird.

Before I go, I thought I should mention something about the anti-prince. He lucked out again, but he still stinks. Made one good album in his whole career and everyones on his applesack about king of pop. Most overrated artist, I mean entertainer, ever!


slave 2 the system...

Looks like I'm not going to summerfest anymore thanks to the jerks at work not giving me the time off because all the older people who have nothing better to do that weekend asked for it off months ago. I"ll just sit at home by myself listening to "Slave" by Prince and wonder what foreston fun days will be like this year.


Just as the earth will spend a 1,000 years making up for what we do..so have I for you..

So last week I volunteered to teach a class on how to use the internet and email to homeless people. I still have yet to hear back from the lady or the shelter. Kinda weird.

My friend April showed me this.....www.awesome80sprom.com and hell yes I am going sometime this summer.

I had probably the lamest weekend of the summer so far. Worked every frigging day and had to work untill 2am friday night. I spent my evenings after work on the porch by myself listening to records. It was actually pretty entertaining listening to some stuff I hadn't played for a long time. "Reel 2 Reel" by Grand Puba, "live at the jazz cafe" by d'angelo, "Release Yourself" and "Mirror" by Graham Central Station, "The Four Horseman" by Ultramagnetic MC's, and some underground disco and funk stuff.

I don't know why but I'm really digging Wildboyz on mtv2. Those two just make me laugh constantly. They were somewhere in India yesterday where they make dance movies and they made a dance movie and it was one of the funniest things I"ve ever seen.

oh well, back to the hell I call work.


Future Rhythm at 7200.....

Gang of Four
Bloc Party
Prince "when u were mine"
D'angelo "voodoo"
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth "Mecca and The Soul Brother"
Prince "Automatic"
Nas "Illmatic"
Change "A Lover's Holiday"
Common "the hustle"
Prince "I would die4u/babyi'm a star"(live at first ave. 83)
The Dix "the art of picking up women"


Baby I'm a Star.....or I could be...

Got an email today from Prince's people saying Prince is making a new music video thats basis is a girl looking for a man on an online dating service. They want people to send in a picture of themselves and make up a fake profile for a dating service. They are going to use a bunch in the video for the lady to look at. So I thought, what the hell. I made up a fake profile for myself and sent in a smooth looking picture to go along with it. It said we had until June 14th to send them in so I'll probably find out if I made the cut sometime soon after that. In case there are other people who recieved the same email, I'm not going to post the profile I made up so what I made up won't get stolen. Cross your fingers!



Originally uploaded by funkymf.

A couple weeks ago, I told two of my roomates a story from the week before that I forgot to tell them before. Well, they didn't believe me and one of them called me "Moonman". The other one laughed and they just kept saying Moonman in a funny voice over and over again.

Fast foreward to this past week. When I got home from the bbq, I was a little tipsy and the next day they called me moonman and said I was in a galaxy far far away. So now whenever I walk into this house, they call me moonman. So I guess that's my new nickname. I frigging hate it, but there's no way I'm going to ever get rid of it. All day yesterday they made up things to go with it such as the next time I open my first beer, I have to say "Blast off".

I get all this for a true story I told and for being a little tipsy.

Damn moonman.


There'll be sad songs....to make you cry.....

Originally uploaded by funkymf.

So last night before me and Hill went out, we heard "Carribean Queen" by Billy Ocean on xm and talked about how Billy was one of the coolest mf's ever with some pretty smooth songs. Then we wondered what the hell happened to him? In the 80's he had a bunch of hits. "Get outta my dreams", "Loverboy", "when the going gets tough", etc. Well I looked it up today and I noticed a lot of other people had wondered this too. Turns out he got into drugs and ended up going to prison. Now he lives in Trinidad and has huge dreds and a big beard.

Anyway, last night was one hell of a fun time. Me and Hill went downtown by ourselves without any real plan of where to go at all and it turned out being pretty wild. We'd just make spur of the moment decisions on where to go. Started out at Harvey's and left early due to hearing two m.j. techno remix's. Then just started walking past block e and ran into former farmer Julius Stokes. Crossed the street and met two new friends that seem pretty cool. After talking with the new friends outside, we heard a pretty good band playing at Gluek's. They were an 80's cover band, but pretty good. We ended up meeting more new people there which was cool. After that walked to the Lion's Pub and requested "Cool" by The Time. After the bar closed we went to Luce and had a nice slice of za. Nothing but good times!



I think I'm hanging it up and i'm going to try and go join The Icy Hot Stuntaz...


Two thousand scrilla ya'll..

Bet you didn't know I know some Spanish...

Este fin de semana pasado era enteramente lo que necesité. Era agradable colgar realmente fuera y se relaja por unos pocos días. Pienso que tuve las la mayoría de las diversiones el lunes aunque. Apenas ahorcadura con mis amigos que juegan césped los dardos y tienen algunos beben en el sol. También, todos van a www.bleep.com y el cheque fuera Jamie Lidell. Pueda la luz de luces brilla sobre todo usted.