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Me and April before we went to Jake's after Valleyfarm! Obviously I had had a few before this picture was taken. Afterwords we went to Jakes for the Valleyfarm afterparty and jumped on a trampoline. Thanks to Natz for sending me this pic earlier.

Amerikkkas Most Wanted....

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Wow! The year was 1990 and I was just starting 7th grade. I met somebody who would be my best friend that year, his name was Joe Madden. He was a black person who went to my elementry school but I didn't really know him then. He came on that bus the first day and had headphones with a tape by Ice Cube called "Amerikkkas Most Wanted". He sat with me and gave me one of the headphones as he took the other. This album blew my frigging mind out! Back in the early 90's, Cube had just left NWA and was still in the political mindset that fueled his first efforts. Fuck dancing! Ice Cube wanted to show the suburbs what was going on in South Central Los Angeles. As Joe gave me those headphones he played the track "Endangered Species" featuring Chuck D. from Public Enemy. I was 12 years old and I heard the line..."You want to free africa I'll stare at ya'll cuz we don't have it too good in America." then.."the nine millimeter went straight to the temple." I had never heard this ever..it honestly changed my life! He had the song.."The N**ga you love to hate" where he said "Fu*k you Ice Cube". He knew people hated him because he was telling the truth and this truth would become true when the L.A. riots happened. After that, reporters looked at Ice Cube and Ice T as if they were some sort of profits who spoke like psychics of what was about to go down. I was honestly in culture shock! People get shot on the album, People get their car stolen at McDonalds in the drive threw, and it will definitely scare anybody who has never listened to hip hop. In the title track, Ice Cube states that he is "the bi*ch killer, Cop Killer". This blew my mind!

This album was a landmark in my musical history. For some reason I pulled it out tonight and I don't know why but I listened to it straight through! To this day I can rap along to about 90% of the album, but I have to give Travis his respect because he can recite the album from start to finish. This album should be a part of college history classes, as it would probably scare white bread america as much as it blowed my mind back in the day. I thank God that I got a chance to listen to this album when it came out and I reccomend it to everybody. It's sad that Ice Cube has become a Hollywood star and has made kid movies even! Just look at the picture above and buy "Amerikkkas Most Wanted", "Kill At Will", and "Death Certificate" and you will get a history class you never knew exsisted.

Mutherfu*k you and top 40.

Essential Ice Cube:
"The Ni**a You Love To Hate"
"Who's The Mack"
"Amerikkkas Most Wanted"
"Once Upon A Time In the Projects"
"Gangsters Fairytail"
"Jackin For Beats"
"Endagered Species"
"Get Off My D*** and tell Yo" B*** To Come Here Remix"
"Steady Mobbin"
"Givin Up the Nappy dugout"
"My Summer Vacation"
"True To The Game"
"Turn Off the radio"


Night Fever, Night Fever....

last night was interesting. My roomates father came over to invite us to dinner tonight and it turned into drinks and old stories. We kicked it for hours talking about old times, Mexico and bars past Ham Lake. We also got into a conversation about how many cd's we had and we found out that Anderson's dad has more discs then my roomate Jewett does. Got some interesting phone calls and text messeges too. One text messege from my friend April in all capital letters saying "I WANT TO WATCH GRAFFITTI BRIDGE NOW!!!". I also talked to Cody Stevens. Weird since I haven't spoken to him since Millers Bday. Turns out he talked to me via sattellite from Chicago. We're supposed to have a beer on New Years Eve.

Speaking of New Years Eve, I still have no idea what to do. I've heard Lyon's Pub thrown in the air and some other things, but we must decide quickly.

Can't believe benchwarmer bobs closed. My Benchwarmer Bob story has to be from 1991 or 92 when I went there with my parents and my roomates anderson and natzel for my bday. Bob Lurtsema himself came up to our table to wish me a happy one and while he was there reached onto my plate and grabbed like 5 french fries, used my ketchup and shoved them in his mouth. He said Happy Birthday and walked away.


And you can reach me on the internet...

Someone at okayplayer.com posted this site once. I think it's pretty strange. I don't know if it's supposed to be a joke or if these people are actually serious. It's called blackpeopleloveus.com. It's about a white couple that is extremely proud of the fact that they have so many black friends. Check it for yourself....


P.s. I linked it to the page where they have the pictures of them hanging out because some of the captions under the pictures are just goofy.

A Contest.....

Since Jake said he thought "the rainbow children" by Prince was boring and I totally disagree. I've decided to hold a contest. I have two copies of "the Rainbow Children" and I will give a used copy to the person that answers this trivia question correctly.....

What straight to video release did Prince release commercially in 1994?

Just leave a comment if you know the answer..the first one to get it right based on what time the comment was left wins a free copy of "The Rainbow Children" by Prince.

*Winners must live in the Minneapolis Metro area.


New Years Eve...

I still have no idea what i'm doing for new years eve. I had plans but they may be busted. The weird thing is, my dad invited me and my roomates over to shoot squirrels and drink beers on new years eve. It will be a jam somehow.


Say It Ain't So Cody Stevens!!!...

I was messing around with google and typed in Cody Stevens name and this news story from today popped up! All I got to say is NO FRIGGING WAY!!


I think we all have to talk to Cody about this.


Christmas Eve..

Had a pretty nice Christmas Eve. Hung out at the parents and watched the Vikings blow another one. Moms had shrimp and chicken legs as I savored one of my last meat eating journeys. Went to BP Lutheran at 7pm and then I went with my mom to St. John Of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis at 10pm. I guess St.John Of Arc is in the paper constantly because they've been denounced by The Pope. Not that I give a care what he thinks. After going there though I can see why. It is so damn liberal. Some of that is a good thing I guess. On the way there my mom and I were bumping some XM Satelite radio. This could be one of the greatest inventions ever. I checked out the old school Hip Hop station and I guess on Fridays they have dj's do sets of old classics. I heard a mix of "Juice(Know The Ledge)" by Eric B. and Rakim, "Ain't No Half Steppin'" by Big Daddy Kane, and "I'm Still #1" by Boogie Down Productions! Big Daddy Kane was hanging in the studio with the dj and did some shot outs! Whenever a song comes on it tells the artist, song title and album title! Gotta say I'm lovin' it.

Forgot to mention that my parents gave me and my roomates a 1.75 liter bottle of Crown Royal with four Crown Royal encrusted glasses as a house christmas present. Me and Natz decided last night that we were going to stay in, drink some whiskey and make "A Players Lair Christmas II (The Colabo)" We put together quite a disc I must say. Got some replacements, Wilco, etc. on Natz selections. I tried to dig deep for this one. I can't remember everything I put on there but what I remember is "Pumpin It Up" P-funk All-Stars featuring Sly Stone, "Let's Play House" by Parliament, "Cramp Your Style" by All The People, "Chickengrease" by D'angelo, "Hot Burrito #2" by The Flying Burrito Brothers. That's all I can remember but it's a pretty smokin' set. The inside cover has one of the best collages of pictures from this last year that I've ever seen. Holler if you want a copy.



My Christmas Letter...

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Every year my parents get some letter from somebody they know that tells a little about everything that happened to their family and such so here is mine. This was quite a year for me. I must say it was probably the most fun I've had in my entire life. One of my favorite things of the year was just lounging with my friends. Whether it was going to the Lyon's Pub with a total of 30 of us or sitting in the lake at Miller's cabin, it always seemed that the weekends were always a good time!

One interesting thing I learned this year was how certain people you meet in life tend to fade away while others come in. There are people I used to see almost everyday that now I barely get a chance to talk to for whatever reason. It's too bad that has to happen, but I can remember my father telling me that it does years ago. I also realized that pretty much everybody that I've gotten to know in the last few years is very creative in some kind of way. It's interesting to see how you are drawn to certain kinds of people.

One thing that was a negative/positive thing this year was the presidential elections. I can't remember a time where I got into so many disscussions and arguments with people about politics. Some of those arguments got pretty heated, but with the people I'm talking about, we always shook hands at the end.

Blogging became a daily thing for not only myself, but for a lot of other friends this year. I never knew blogging could be so fun. It's cool to read what your friends are up to if you don't get a chance to see them a whole lot. I also have talked to some interesting people who have checked out my site from across the globe.

My opinion of music this year was kind of lukewarm. Of course everyone who read this site knows that my favorite artist of all time made himself a household name again with the most attended tour and a best selling album! Of course there were other fantastic albums by Handsome Boy Modeling School, Interpol, and Mos Def to name a few, but I still can't stand this pop sh*t. My parents gave me the coolest gift ever of satelite radio for the anniversary of my bday, so I will never have to listen to that garbage again.

As far as my style this year, I started wearing a fadora hat all the time and try to wear at least a tie everytime I go out. This change in style is attributed to my hatred for 2005 hip hop culture. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of hip hop culture from it's start to about 1996, but I can't take it anymore. I hate going out to seeing MTV and BET clones wearing exactly the same thing that they saw in a Fat Joe video and trying to replicate that person. If you look at old footage of James Brown shows or videos from that era of music, people dressed to the 9's when they went out. They knew they were going to see a true star give his all, so they wanted to dress like one.

With the new year coming soon, I have made some resolutions that some people will probably think I'm crazy. The first is becoming a vegetarian again. This past year I found myself eating fast food on a regular basis because it was quick and easy. My goal for the end of the year is to have a washboard stomach and fast food isn't going to help that one bit. Plus, I remember when I used to be one and I remember feeling just better all the time. The second resolution I am doing is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Starting the second week of January, I am going to listen to only Jazz music. I will do that for the remainder of the month. This means I cannot go to bars or clubs that play any other type of music, the only cd's I can play are of jazz artists, and the only cd's I can purchase are jazz artists. This resolution was made because I love jazz music very much. Artists like Pharoah Sanders, Headhunters, Alice Coltraine, Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan, etc. make fantastic mind blowing music, but I always forget about it in the funk I'm usually digging. I also want to see what this does to my head. I have also decided that I really need to work hard to find a new job.

With this letter I have posted the above picture from when I went up to hang with the deer hunters in November. I have posted this picture before, but it is a strong contender for my favorite picture of the year. It also looks like I'm drinking a beer with Santa Claus so I thought it was appropriate for this post.

I hope everybody had as fun of a year as I did in 2004 and I hope to see you all soon!

"Here's to the confusion of our enemies!" - Frank Sinatra


Super Downsize Me...

I finally watched that movie Supersize Me the other day. Like I was told, it made me never want to eat fast food again. I can't believe that guys liver was worse then an alcoholics after eating Mcdonalds everyday for 20 days! So to celebrate, I'm on a mini-fast. Since Sunday, all I have eaten is two cookies that my roomates mom made. I weighed myself today and I have lost 5 lbs in three days. I'm going untill Friday. Right now I weigh less then I did my first year of college and I feel great!

Related kind of to the topic above, I have 10 days untill I become a vegetarian again. I am actually kind of excited about it. Nothing but soy meat, soy milk, soy cheese, soymania! Can't wait to make soy tacos again!


First Batch of Bday Jam Pictures are in...

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My roomate emailed me some pictures from my bdayjam that he took with his digital camera. The first one above is My roomate Natzel, Me, and Rhiannon at the house pre-party.

Scroll down to see three more.

There will be a lot more on the way once all of us develop our film.

Ando on the Cowbell..

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My roomate Brian was pulled on stage to play cowbell Blue Oyster Cult style.

Jewett on the Dancefloor..

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My roomate Jewett found out that if you wear plaid pants to see Hookers and Blow play, you can meet some interesting women on the dancefloor.

Waking up to the Bird..

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This is J-bird in the morning singing "She's gone" by Hall and Oates.


The pickup...

Got a best buy giftcard from moms and pops, went straight to Best Buy and picked up the following...

The Isley Brothers "Taken to the next phase"
Interpol "antics"
Prince "For You"

Isley Bros disc is dope (thanx to hill for the tip), Interpol is great (thanks to jake for the tip) For You is decent...Realling digging "Crazy You".

The aftermath...

Last night was the bday jam..I'm sorry to those who showed up late..It was quite a wonderful night though. With that said I leave you with this...

This feeling's so good in every single way
I want it morning, noon and night of every day
And if by chance I can not have it - I can't say
But with it I know heaven's just a kiss away
Anyone that's ever touched it,
they don't want anything else no they don't
And I got to tell the world,
I just can't keep it to myself
All in life becomes easier,
no question is unresolved
And I'm not afraid

See you soon.


Apparently college dropouts don't have enough education to write rhymes..

I just got done reading an article claiming that "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West was actually ghostwritten by a MC in chicago that Kanye West knew in the 90's. The article said Kanye West purchased it from him. According to the article, this could be trouble for Mr. West because it forefits all his grammy nominations. Another example of how great the entertainers that reign in the top 40 are.

On a side note, standing in line once on break from work, me and peet quist were at a Mcdonalds and saw a guy in baggy North Carolina gear in front of us ordering food. The guy had his headphones on while he was ordering food. They were blasting some weak flavor of the month rapper and it was so loud everybody around in line could hear it. As the employees got his food ready he bobbed his head ridiculousy to the music. I looked at Peet and at that moment he created the phrase "Sh*thopper". A "Sh*thopper" is someone who listens to horrible rap music such as Lil Flip, Ja Rule, anything on No-Limit or Cash Money records, or basically most everything that MTV plays. Also, a "Sh*thopper" tries to dress and act like he/she lives that same lifestyle even though they grew up in some fancy suburb.

With that said, I want the sh*thopper culture to die! Die, Die, Die! I want the clown from soultrain to come out with the broom and sweep these zombies off this stage called earth. I can't take it anymore! It could be the thing that annoys me more then anything in this world. Seeing people in throwback jerseys who probably don't even know who the player is walking all hard through Brookdale Mall trying to scare people in the Orange Julius line belting out some wack ass rapper with Lil' somewhere in his name. All sh*thoppers get the GAS FACE courtesy of me.

"Before you can break the rules, you have to learn the rules first." -Scott Koontz


It's a good thing that I'm rappin'..cuz if it wasn't for the rappin' I'd be mackin'...

Well here it starts. I am know on vacation from work for 5 days! I am amped for FarmXmas2004. Dollar drinks, good food, good times, everybody doin' the walk to the Time's "The Walk".

Natzel emailed me yesterday and wants to colaborate on a mixtape project. Last year he made "A Players Lair Christmas" mix cd and gave it to people as a gift. This year he wants to make "A Players Lair Christmas Part II" and give it out, but he wants me to choose 7 songs and him to choose 7 songs. I have been digging deep in the crates to find obscure funky gems. So far I have had a few ideas and so far only two are concrete. My first song is "Let's Play House" by Parliament. For those that don't know, this song was the song Digital Underground sampled music and some lyrics from for "The Humpty Dance". and the second is "Lightweight" by JZone. I don't know yet, but I'm leaning towards putting "The Grind Date(Queen Mash Up remix)" by De La Soul on there, but i'm not sure. Should be pretty dope though!

For those asking questions about the Celebration on the 18th at the Fine Line (N8). I don't know yet. Thinking about going downtown around 8 or 9pm. I'll let everybody know on Friday.


Working 4 The Weekend..

I have never wanted a weekend to come so bad in my life. Can't wait for the Farm Holiday Party on Friday. Don't know what the rest of the farm crew is planning for the affair or who might or might no show up for that matter. I don't even know if i'm bringing a guest yet. I can't attend the sexual harassement meeting but I read on the agenda that you will all be talking about the holiday party so someone will have to inform me. I heard yesterday that all the catering captains are attending and Kramer is coming too. I guess they don't have to work it if they come or whatever.

Saturday will be absolutely banannas! Turns out two other people who I know through people are celebrating their bdays that night also and have decided to hit the Fine Line with us. Which means we will probably own the joint.

I decided that my favorite candy is Mint Hersheys Kisses. I ate 3,000 of them at work last night.

I decided I like egg nog too.


I know it's a longshot but....

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Dear Diamond Dave,

I recently sent you an email inviting you to my bday jam. This is my last ditch effort to get you to come. When I was in high school, in creative writing class, I wrote a story about how it would be the greatest thing ever to hang out with you and Huey Lewis for a night. Well, I would like to make this a half reality. I gave you my web address in my email, so maybe you might read this. I will do whatever it takes. A case of Jack Daniels? Surfboards? Little People? Let me know. So together we can make December 19th magical.


Kick out the jams M.F.!

Recently I found out about this band called SILVERTIDE and I am really digging them! I would describe their style as if the Black Crowes, The Darkness, and Van Halen somehow morphed together into one band. Their cd is only 8.99 and from the tracks I heard on their website, they sound excellent. They play the straight up rock n' roll that I really like and I urge everyone else to check them out.



Mark your calendars now......

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Saturday December 18th..The Fine Line, Downtown Minneapolis...Hookers & Blow is performing...email me or call me for info on what time, meeting times, meeting spots, pre-party?, etc.....

Hoodz Come In Dozens....

Went to St. Clone last Friday and had a great time. Hotel was fantastic and in a great location. Partied it up and the hotel and then hit D.B.s and the Red Carpet. Met a new friend who called me yesterday. Here's the best highlights of the trip...

-Miller accidently kicking his stool halfway across the bar making everyone in the bar go silent and tremble in fear of him.

-Seeing an old friend from college's name carved in the stall from his 21st bday in one of the bars.

-Dancing on the techno dancefloor.

-Hanging in the Red room at the Red Carpet with N8 and Miller listening to 80's hits.

-Jake telling me there should be a Prince Christmas album with one of the cuts being "I saw mommy funking santa claus".

-The ride back from Perkins.

In other news, check this site late Wednesday night/Thursday morning for a poster explaining a future happening. Look for the 7200blog coming very very soon!

Lastly, if any ladies out there want to be my date to the Earle Brown Heritage Center Christmas Party..leave a comment.


Mother Folker....

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My roomate Natzel walked in the door today with a copy of the Paul Westerberg show we saw at the Pantages a couple Fridays ago! Thanks man! The picture above is from that show. Here's the setlist if anyone else cares.... Waiting For Somebody.Final Hurrah.Kiss Me On The Bus.My Dad.AAA/Anyways All Right.Achin’ To Be.Mr Rabbit.Making Me Go.Let The Bad Times Roll.As Far As I Know.Little Mascara.Valentine.High Time.New Song/Untitled (solo electric).Sadly Beautiful (solo acoustic 12 string).Crackle & Drag (solo acoustic 12 string).If Only You Were Lonely (solo acoustic 12 string).Lookin’ Up In Heaven (acoustic w/ band).What A Day (For A Night) (acoustic w/ band).Love Untold (PW on electric 12 string).I Will Dare (PW on electric 12 string).I Think I Love You (Partridge Family cover).Alex Chilton.Left Of The Dial...ENCORE.MPLS (PW on blues harp).I’ll Be You.Folk Star/Jingle.Only A Hobo (Dylan cover).Can’t Hardly Wait


I was visiting Prince's official site today and learned that they have organized a monthly gathering at the Minneapolis Music Cafe for Prince fans every last Thursday of the month where they play only Prince music all night and a chance for fans to meet and hang. This got me thinking to my experiences with other Prince fans like myself and it makes me not want to go. Granted back when I was 16 I did some pretty weird things like driving to Paisley Park for the first time after hearing a rumor they were having a video shoot only to learn I wasn't getting in. Princes brother told me to hang out in the parking lot awhile to see if they needed anymore people. I waited over 4 hours and they let me in. People told me I was crazy. I think i've calmed down quite a bit though over the years.

Here's some interesting Prince fans I've encountered..

-Waiting in line for a party at Paisley Park Studios in 97 the woman in front of me started asking me how I got into Prince, etc. When I asked her, NO LIE, she told me that Prince is an alien and he lives in a spaceship in the lake behind her house. Needless to say I turned around.

-During a Paisley Park party in 99, a fan who drove from Chicago for the party wore a cape with Prince's famed symbol on the back. He parked in the parking lot, rolled down his windows and blasted every Prince album ever.

Looks like I made the news again..

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Found this while browsing through CNN.com. A scoop that would make N8 jealous.

Fantastic Voyage

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This is for all that are hopping in the DIP on a ride to St. Clone Friday night. We're going to be staying in a new hotel up there that is even closer and cheaper then the last hotel. this one is a suite with a kitchen!!! and two rooms!!! Can't believe it was cheaper. Check the room layout from the hotel site above.


Clearchannel...Clearing the radio of the funk....

I just read an article that Prince's single "Call My Name" from Musicology just set a record because it moved up from 48 to 22 on the Billboard R and B singles chart. Weird since I've never heard it once on the radio here in Minneapolis. I'm sick and tired of the radio here. The only station I can stomach is Drive 105. I think people are really going to be making a switch to sattilite radio in the near future.

New Position.....

I added some links down on the left. One from a Pro-Wrestler/Co-worker, one from a old friend from high school and one from a guy who owns a jubebox and can whoop anybody in dance dance revolution.

Also added a link to the Blogger Directory which yours trulely is now a member.

December First...

Can't believe it's December allready. Went to Cheapo last night (Must have just missed Jake and Quade) and parted with something that might offend Graham Johnson. I sold my Ben Harper "Pleasure and Pain" DVD. I'm sorry, I just can't take Ben Harper anymore. Don't get me wrong, the first four albums are the grease but "Diamonds on the Inside" just kind of turned me off. So did his romance with Laura Dern. At Cheapo I noticed the new MF Doom album is allready out! Going to have to wait though.

I still haven't heard word if the St.Clone trip is still in effect. I guess I will find out tonight.

Something weird is going on with me. I am actually enjoying going to work. They put out this suggestion box a couple weeks ago about how we can become a better team and ever since they've treated us like rock royalty. Last week they bought us pizza twice. This week they had free subs twice. They had free caramel apples two days ago and yesterday they had a big jug of Hi-C with a bunch of bottles of sprite to make a fizzy fruit punch type of drink.

Another thing about work and about life that really gets me angry is it so hard to say Hello back to somebody. I try to say hello to everybody at my work and for some people it's so damn hard to say it back. It's almost like some people are embarassed about it or something. Weirdos.