The Moment I Feared.......

I don't dream very much, or remember my dreams. Last night though, I had a dream that I remember vividly and I don't know why I had it. Maybe it was my new old school Def Jam shirt. Here it goes...(warning: it's kind of nasty)

I was watching Slick Rick's video for "Children's Story" and I was really digging the diamond in his tooth. I then decided that I wanted to get a diamond in my front tooth. I went to the dentist and had it done. After getting it put in, it got really infected. I went back to the dentist and he used some weird video camera to give it a close up so we could see what was wrong on some video screen. He zoomed in and there was this weird blue colored ring around the diamond and there were cracks all around it. It was bleeding pretty bad and looked just nasty. He told me to put my finger on it and feel it. The blue ring felt rubbery and just gross. Then I woke up. I have no idea how I dreamt this, but it was really gross. Thanks a lot Mr. Sandman.