Braggin' Writes....

Last night was probably the worst night of work ever. I feel like I just worked out at a gym for 11 hours and can't move. I have never been more excited for my work week to end. I took some vacation time and starting Wednesday, I will be off for 6 days. Bar B Cue's and a Lucero concert in that time!

Got a call from my old friend Bolous last Friday. He's a friend of mine from Toronto that I met at Paisley Park in 1996. He came to town for the millinium show at Paisley in 1999 and we went together with some people from the chicago nation. If you have the Rave In2 The Year 2000 dvd, he is the dude that has a hat like Jamariquai that gets pulled up to do "The Bird" during The Time's set. I remember in 96 the reason I even started talking to him in line was that the canadian license plates on his car read "FUNKED".

Heard a great new cd by a band called Platinum Pied Pipers. It includes a former member of Slum Village and I am really digging it. Very soulful/funky album. ?uestlove of the Roots describes it by saying he locked his friends in a room and made them listen to it 26 times in a row he loved it so much. Jay Dee is also involved with it which is cool.

Prince Paul's new album "Itstrumentals" is also pretty interesting. Supposed to be some old beats he did in the 80's along with some new stuff. MC Paul Barman guests on a couple songs including one called "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me" which is kind of spooky and for the first time that I've ever noticed, MC Paul Barman sounds kind of depressed during one of his rhymes.

I gotta admit I really dug Star Wars Episode III even though almost everybody keeps saying the dialouge sucked. I didn't care. Annakin becoming evil was cool enough for me and the end was very interesting getting a taste of how most of the people led into the old three.

Last but not least, I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and why does the Brooklyn Center one stink so bad? I've gone there many times looking for books and magazines, but they never have the one's I want. I always ask at the help counter and they tell me no but then i'll go back and it will be in stock like three weeks later. I was looking for a book by the experience music project called "Yes Yes Ya'll" it explains hip hop in the late 70's and early 80's with tons of pictures of flyers for block parties and show photos. By the way, I was browsing the music section there and I swear fetus boy works there? It must have been him that asked if I needed any help. Don't think he recongnized me since I was in disguise, but I think it was him.