The Rope Of Silicon......

Went with Travis to Star Wars Episode III last night. The movie was everything I expected and more. I was surprised at how evil Annakin became and how evil they made him look. I'd like to talk about some of my favorite parts, but I don't want to ruin it for the other people. After I got home, my roomate and I talked about people who dress up as movie characters for movie premiers. Why do people feel the need to bring their lightsabers to the theatre? Or like Kramer told me yesterday...."The really large ladies who dress like Princess Leia." To me it's kind of stupid. Oh and by the way, Brooklyn Center Regal Cinema if you read this blog, you need to make a few more exits to your theatre. It was fun waiting in the parking lot for over 45 minutes to get out watching people have light saber battles. I walked to Super America at one point and the line of cars I was in still hadn't moved when I got back.

And with that said...the records I'm currently spinning...

"Silent Alarm" Bloc Party
"Back On The Right Track" Sly Stone
"Cold Roses" Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
"Mr. Hood" KMD
"Reproduction" Playgroup
"The Rainbow Children" Prince
"The Turnaround" Hank Mobley