Like a splendid open ended celebate friend pretending not to know it when I blow it in your eyes...

Natz hooked me up with a copy of the Billy Bragg and Wilco album "Mermaid Avenue" and I love it. I played the track "One by One" four times on the way home from work today. What a great song!

For those wondering the new picture up on the left is Graham Central Station. GCS is so bad and when I say bad I say not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. When Larry G. hits the fuzz switch on his bass, it sounds like a dang earthquake. The song "Tell Me What It Is" from their first album is so funky it's rediculous and their cover of Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me' is so different they make it their own. I love Graham Central Station. I met Larry Graham once and on my cd he wrote "To Christian, your friend forever, Larry Graham." Even though Larry's never had me over for dinner, I would be Larry's friend forever.