Gotta bring food to the food fight..hit you with a bacon and egg samich....

Got the following email from Peet (Lampshade) the other day....

"there's gonna be a big giant water balloon fight on the 20th of august. i
think that's a saturday. a whole ass load of people are meeting at
pillsbury park at 2pm. there are posters up all over the city and
everything. this is big time, the real shit. i'm not exactly positive where
pillsbury park is, though. anybody know? i think it's near the stone arch
bridge on the east side of the river. anyway, we're all resourceful
semi-adults, and i don't think it should be a huge ordeal trying to locate
the place. i'm goin, goddammit."

Well, I talked to Peet (Lampshade) last night and I'm frigging going. I"m bringing a bucket of my own water balloons and I am going to show these mpls mf's the reign of the tek. Who's with me and the lampshade before Cody's throwdown?