The reason you're so cool is you're from the old school and they know it..

First day at the new job went pretty well. A little frustrating learning everything, but I guess that's how all new jobs turn out to be at first. But, last night, I tore it up. Everything ran smooth and the time flew by like nobody's business! I am starting to love the transition.

I almost have a feeling of a rebirth with all that's been happening in my life lately. It's actually a very refreshing feeling. A feeling that I'm pretty close to getting all my sh*t together.

Saturday will probably be a mixed feeling day. It's cody's going away party and hopefully not, but probably one of the last times the whole Farm crew will all kick it together. It seems like just yesterday and not years ago that we all piled into the Cody's van, autographed our names on the ceiling and broke all the windows. It will be a funky blast regardless but it will be weird without the Codeman around.

Also, forgot to mention that Peet played me the new Ween rarities disc at the Farm the other day and there is a little different version of "Monique The Freak" that is dope and a song called "Boys Club" that is so hillarious and weird that I actually kind of liked it.

Songs I spun before work yesterday....

Sly Stone "Loose Booty"
Nikka Costa "Just Because"
Donny Hathaway "Open Your Eyes"
The Flying Burrito Brothers "Hot Burrito #2"
James Brown "Superbad (live)"
Kenna "Vexed and Glorious"
Vanity 6 "Drive Me Wild"
Natural Selection "Natural Selection"